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High Pressure Processing Short Course and Workshop

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Institute for Food Safety and Health

6502 South Archer Road

Bedford Park, IL 60501

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High Pressure Processing Short Course and Workshop

April 8-11, 2019

Short Course (April 8-11)

Day 1 AM Lecture - HPP Technology Overview and Equipment Engineering

History of HPP

Principles of HPP

  • Factors affecting inactivation
  • Impact of packaging – compression
  • Temperature increase due to adiabatic heating how to handle effectively this

Foods suitable for HPP

Components of the HPP system

Other topics of relevance

Day 1 PM Lecture - Food Microbiology Relevant to HPP, Validation and Challenge Studies

Microbiology relevant to HPP (inactivation mechanism)

  • Inactivation mechanism
  • Inactivation of vegetative cells
  • Inactivation of spores – role of temperature for Bacterial Spore Inactivation for Low Acid Foods
  • Cell injury, growth and its effect on shelf life
  • Effect of food formulation

Other topics of relevance

Day 2 (all day) Pilot Plant - Hands-on HPP Equipment Operation and Basic Maintenance

Operation of the equipment

Sanitation of the equipment

Tips on maintenance, operation and sanitation

Safety of the equipment

Cost saving tips (optimization of procedures, equipment, amount of sample processed, recipe optimization etc.)

Other topics of relevance

Hands on experiments

  • Pilot Plant/Lab - HPP Processing of Juices, and Viable Count (total plate count and Lactic Acid Bacteria count) Determinations

Day 3 AM LectureValidation, Challenge Studies, and Regulation

Validation and Challenge studies

  • Risk assessment – entire chain
  • Understanding the effect of food matrix
  • Strain selection
  • Preliminary studies – adaptation of the microorganisms to the environment (eg. refrigerated juice)
  • Incorporation of abuse conditions
  • Validation
  • Risk management

Regulations (eg. juice HACCP; low/high acid etc.) – requirements for FSMA and juice HACCP

Day 3 PM Lecture - HPP for Food Texture, Functionality and Other Applications

Impact of HPP on food properties

HPP’s impact on texture and functionalities

Leveraging HPP for product development and other novel applications

HPP on Sensory and Nutritional Quality of Foods

Other topics of relevance

Day 4 AM 8:00AM-11:00AM at LIBERTY COLD* (Bolingbrook, IL)

HPP Commercialization and Toll Processing Case Studies

Case studies

  • Including Recipe optimization
  • Cost saving tips


Regulations (FSMA, juice HACCP etc.)

Lab – Microbial Results from Day 2 and Analysis

Hands-on training, overall summary and Q&A

*Pending availability

11:45AM-12:30PM Lunch at IFSH

Day 4 12:30PM-5:00PM Hands-on Training at IFSH “Bring your own trial samples”

HPP treat the products of attendees (maximum size and number of samples need to be clearly specified; type of packaging to be used)

Chain of custody document

Q&A session at the HPP bay area

Resources available for moving product into marketplace

Other topics of relevance

Course Objectives:To provide an understanding of the HPP technology and its applications in food processing, including equipment engineering and maintenance, considerations in designing validation and challenge studies for microbial inactivation, and commercialization case studies.

Target Audience: Food technologists, food safety professionals, operation managers, and executive leaders from the refrigerated food and allied industries, toll processors, consulting laboratories, R&D facilities, universities and extension services.

Instructors:Kathiravan Krishnamurthy, Ph.D., Jason Wan, Ph.D, Alvin Lee, Ph.D., Josh Warren, and Gerald Ludwick

Also included in your registration:

  • Meals - continental breakfast and lunches will be served each day (kindly advise any dietary restrictions)
  • Round trip transportation on Day #4 from IFSH to Liberty Cold for hands on experience will also be provided
  • Bring your own samples – you can bring up to 3 samples.
  • Sample Guidelines

Bring Your Own Samples: Guidelines: The participants can test three samples of their own

  • For the participants who want to treat their liquid foods, IFSH will send three bottles (12 Oz each; fill volume should be between 10 to 11 Oz to avoid damage to the bottle during the HPP treatment). They can treat their products in the supplied bottles at IFSH, OR
  • If the participants want to treat solid foods, they need to contact IFSH staff for further instructions. Due to the variation in the packaging requirements, the information will be given once IFSH is notified, OR
  • For the participants who want to try their own packaging material, they can test 3 packaging samples (IFSH will be doing a leak test with water containing dye)
  • Attendees can choose three treatment conditions from the following: 600MPa, 1min; 600MPa, 3min; 400MPa, 3min; 400MPa, 5min. *If the attendees want to try any other treatment condition, it can be considered if the resources permit.

Hotel:Chicago Marriott Southwest at Burr Ridge,1200 Burr Ridge Parkway Burr Ridge, IL 60527.

For those requiring hotel accommodations a room block has been reserved at the Chicago Marriott Southwest at Burr Ridge | 1200 Burr Ridge Parkway, Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Book your corporate rate for Institute for Food Safety and Health

The Marriot will also provide transportation from the hotel to IFSH facility if needed.

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Date and Time


Institute for Food Safety and Health

6502 South Archer Road

Bedford Park, IL 60501

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