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High Performance Racing Strategies - Sterling, VA

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Life Time Athletic

44610 Prentice Drive

Sterling, VA 20166

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Give your swimmer the opportunity to improve their technique and drop time at this high performance clinic taught by Olympic gold medalist Shannon Vreeland and World Champion Tim Phillips! Participants at this event will learn detailed technique as well as leave fitter, faster, and more inquisitive.

Shannon and Tim will teach at 2 sessions designed for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Sign up for the approriate session today:

  • Ages 11 and under: Breaststroke and Breaststroke Pullouts
    December 17th, 2017
    Check-in: 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    Event 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Ages 12 and older: Butterfly Stroke Rate and Distance Per Stroke
    December 17th, 2017
    Check-in: 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
    Event: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

11 & Under Curriculum:
Breaststroke and Breaststroke Pullouts

This clinic is designed to be a fun, inspirational, and educational experience for swimmers to learn the details of fast breaststroke technique and improve their breaststroke pullouts! Olympic gold medalist Shannon Vreeland and World Champion Tim Phillips will teach your swimmer the KEY components to enhance overall race performance in breaststroke!

  • BREASTSTROKE: Breaststroke is the most challenging stroke technique to master. The technique in breaststroke requires an efficient pull, a powerful kick, proper timing, and an aggressive attack forward each stroke. Shannon and Tim will help each participant understand what perfect form feels like and they will also teach drills and exercises to practice these skills so that you can continue to improve for years to come!

  • BREASTSTROKE PULLOUTS: The breaststroke pullout is an important part of every breaststroke race. Not only is it one of the fastest that a swimmer will be moving, but it also has a lot of rules. Learn everything from the sequence of movements, to the proper body position, to tiny things that a swimmer can do that will make a big impact. See your swimmer surge ahead of the competition my improving on this key skill.

12 & Older Curriculum:
Faster Butterfly Racing

This clinic is designed to challenge swimmers to think differently about the way that they think about stroke technique and plan for their racing strategy in butterfly races. They will learn how to get more out of every stroke as well as how to plan for maximum improvement and performacne every time your swimer steps up on the blocks.

  • BUTTERFLY: Timing is everything in butterfly. When you kick, pull, and breathe must work together in perfect sequence in order to have a relaxed and fast butterfly. Tim and Shannon will go over not only a proper butterfly technique, but also how to hold on to your form throughout a race as fatigue sets in.

  • RACING STRATEGY: Do you know how your tempo, distance per stroke, and even your breakout distance effect your time? Tim and Shannon will go over the correlation between the statistics that you can gather after a race and how to use these numbers to your advantage. Your swimmer can find their best stroke count and rate to make the most of each race.

ASK QUESTIONS: Swimmers and parents are invited to ask Tim and Shannon questions during a Q&A session. Gain insight into their training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.

WATCH THE CLINICIAN: Observe Tim and Shannon swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast swimming.

GET UP AND RACE: Race two of the best swimmers in the world and watch their near-flawless technique - achieved by practicing the same drills they will teach you.

Take a photo while wearing clinician's medals, get autographs, and receive a special gift from our sponsors!

Inquisitive, Educated Swimmers are Faster Swimmers! Sign up TODAY!


There are spots available in the hands-on coaches program. If you are interested in meeting and working alongside our elite clinician during the clinic, please click the register button for the coaches program.

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Life Time Athletic

44610 Prentice Drive

Sterling, VA 20166

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