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High Performance Freestyle Clinic Series - Cary, NC

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Triangle Aquatic Center

275 Convention Drive

Cary, NC 27511

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Fitter and Faster, America's #1 swim clinics led by elite stars of the sport is proud to be producing a TWO CLINIC SERIES in Cary, NC focusing on High Performance FREESTYLE RACING.

Age group and adult swimmers can sign up for either clinic... OR ATTEND BOTH AND SAVE up to $59!

  • October 15, 2017: Sprint vs. distance freestyle technique
  • April 2018: Open water training in pools: technique and strategy

Scroll down to read details on the curriculum for each clinic.

Clinic #1: Sprint vs. Distance Freestyle Technique

Sunday, October 15th

  • Ages 11 & Under
    Check-in: 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    Event: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Ages 12 & Older
    Check-in: 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    Event: 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Freestyle is the stroke you swim the most, but do you know the differences in technique between racing short or long races? There are countless intricacies in freestyle racces. Attend this clinic with Olympic gold medalist Clark Smith and find the right technique for YOU as well as the changes you should make to your stroke depending on distance.

  • Hip vs. Shoulder Driven Rotation: Your rotation is the driving force behind your power and tempo in freestyle, but there are a few different styles of rotation that can help you create that perfect balance between power and tempo to help you DROP TIME in all of your freestyle races!

  • Arm Pull: Straight arm recovery? Bent arm? High elbow catch? Rounded catch? When you watch Clark Smith and other Olympians, you notice the differences between the fastest sprinters and the fastest distance swimmers. Their techniques have subtle intentional differences to have helped them to excel at that distance. Learn to maximize your pull no matter how many laps.

  • Breathing Timing and Frequency: When you start and finish your breath is very important in maintaining a fast and efficient freestyle. Correcting breathing timing can be challenging, but it can make your breathing stroke so much more efficient that you will be allowed to breathe more! Learn the correct timing AND frequency that works best for you.

  • Kicking Rhythm: Often times, you notice that distance swimmers don't maintain a 6-beat kick. Your legs burn A LOT of oxygen and energy, so maximizing your efficiency sometimes means changing your kicking rhythm to allow you to conserve energy. Learn to drive your legs when you need to, but also how to relax your legs and go for distance at this unique swim clinic.

Clinic #2: Open Water Swimming

April 2018

  • Ages 11 & Under
    Times: TBA

  • Ages 12 & Older
    Times: TBA

Open water swimming isn't always about who is the best swimmer (even though that helps). Most of the time it's about who can outsmart their opponent. Learn the strategy of the best open water swimmers in the world by working with Olympic open water swimmer Chloe Sutton and practice the skills, drills, and exercises that she uses in the pool that her get her hand on the finishing pad FIRST in the open water.

  • Freestyle Technique: In open water, your freestyle stroke must maximize every ounce of efficiency possible. Long, relaxed strokes are very important to being able to finish a long distance race. Learn how to maximize your efficiency and energy conservation technqiues for your freestyle so that you can swim long and fast just like Chloe Sutton

  • Sighting: When you swim open water, you have to lift your head to see where you're going. Learn to use aligator eyes to glance forward and sight landmarks so that you don't go off course in your next open water race.

  • Open Water Strategy: How should you position yourself in the pack during each leg, during the turn, and when should you make your move. A lot of the technqiue for open water strategy comes from knowing yourself and your opponent. Find out how to put yourself in a position to win.

  • Drafting: When you draft behind your competitor, you conserve up to 20% of your energy. You MUST learn how to body surf on your opponents wake in order to have the energy to blast past them at the end. Learn what it feels like to draft properly and how to get into that position.

  • Feeding: When and how you feed in open water is something that takes practice and skill. Learn to keep snacks in your suit as well as how to pass feeding stations so that you don't loose time or your position.

ASK QUESTIONS: Swimmers and parents are invited to ask the elite clinicians questions during a Q&A session. Gain insight into their training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.

WATCH THE CLINICIAN: Observe the elite clinicians swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast swimming.

PUT YOUR SKILLS TO THE TEST: Practice what you've learned by taking your stroke to your top speed with two of the best swimmers in the world! Hold on to your form while having the opportunity to challenge yourself

Take a photo while wearing the clinician's medals, get autographs, and a gift from TYR Sport!

Inquisitive, Educated Swimmers are Faster Swimmers! Sign up today!


There are spots available in the hands-on coaches program. If you are interested in meeting and working alongside our elite clinician during the clinic, please click the register button for the coaches program.

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Triangle Aquatic Center

275 Convention Drive

Cary, NC 27511

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