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The Kabbalah Centre Bookstore in Highland Park

and The Marder’s residence in Chicago

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High Holidays package in Chicago & Highland Park

Yom Kippur in Highland Park: September 18th-19th

On Yom Kippur, we refrain from certain activities of the body and become, for a moment, like angels. In this heightened state we are stripped of illusion. We have the ability to see things as they truly are and invite the energy of pure goodness into our lives.

Sukkot in Chicago: September 23rd-24th

Sukkot provides an opportunity to tap into a force of energy that helps us manifest our highest potential, individually and globally.

Shabbat Sukkot in Chicago: September 28th-29th

On Shabbat the Light force flows continually, giving us the opportunity to refuel energy and rejuvenate the soul for the coming week. The opportunity to spend Shabbat within the Sukkah amplifies an already meaningful and special connection.

Hoshana Rabba in Chicago: September 29th-30th

During an all night study we go against the ordinary needs of the body by not sleeping, tapping into the extraordinary energy of anti-matter.

Simchat Torah in Highland Park: September 30th-October 1st

The last goal is to capture as much joy and happiness as we can for the year ahead.

$190 (normally $240). Includes all meals & connections. Package includes: Yom Kippur 2 day connection ($42), Sukkot Dinner ($50), Sukkot Lunch ($40), Shabbat Dinner in the Sukkah ($50), Shabbat Lunch in the Sukkah ($40), Simchat Torah connections ($18). A total saving of $50 on High Holiday meals & connections.
Ticket sales end at 11am CT - Monday, September 17th

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The Kabbalah Centre Bookstore in Highland Park

and The Marder’s residence in Chicago

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