HEXICAN.vegas 1st HEX Meetup (6/24-6/27) LATEST REGISTRATION

HEXICAN.vegas 1st HEX Meetup (6/24-6/27) LATEST REGISTRATION

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IMPORTANT: Your HEXICAN.vegas Ticket includes your official T-shirt (late orders may have moderately different color or style and may have front logo only), mask (late orders may result in a non-HEX mask), HEXICAN.us lanyard and badge (late orders will not be customized) and discounts at participating meetup locations (in stock for late orders) and partner hotels (likely unavailable for late orders). The deadline to get a ticket is 06/25 but the actual event will happen on 06/24 to 06/27. The ticket shows the ordering deadline so the funds can be released to create the merch. You can pay in crypto to stay psudoanonymous (use Twitter or Telegram screen names) or with your credit card. Pick up is offered for those attending at Aria or Bellagio (even if you aren't staying there) - so enter the hotel address as your mailing address (found on Google or HEXICAN.vegas). Returns/refunds are not allowed due to the volunteer organization of this event.

HEXICAN.vegas 1st HEX Meetup (6/24-6/27) LATEST REGISTRATION image