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Come join us for our reading group to discuss Herodotus' The Histories this February, 2020

- Read the first book and the first history ever written...and one of the best histories ever written
- Great holiday gift to yourself or someone you know
- 2020 is the 2,500 year anniversary of key events chronicled by Herodotus (the Battle of Thermopylae among others)

"Cicero called Herodotus 'the father of history,' and his only work, The Histories, is considered the first true piece of historical writing in Western literature. With lucid prose, Herodotus's account of the rise of the Persian Empire and its dramatic war with the Greek city sates set a standard for narrative nonfiction that continues to this day."

Schedule - all monthly discussion calls are on a Tuesday at 8pm New York time

- Tuesday, February 25
- Tuesday, March 24
- Tuesday, April 21
- Tuesday, May 19
- Tuesday, June 23
- Tuesday, August 18
- Tuesday, September 15
- Tuesday, October 27
- Tuesday, November 17


Free for first-time readers.
We ask veteran members to make a contribution to help cover basic costs.

Toll-free phone numbers will be made available free of charge to all participants thanks to our sponsors Citrix Online and their OneVoice teleconferecing division.

Edition: The Landmark Herodotus: The Histories

The Reading Odyssey method

We have a method that makes the mind-blowing experience of reading great books possible for most adults.

You don't need to be a scholar. You don't need a master's degree of PhD.

What do you need?

To be curious. To know how to read. To skip stuff you don't understand. And to ask questions.

And you need to be willing to try reading a book - like Herdotus, Darwin, Seneca, or Plato.

So, how does it work?

* Community of adult readers

* Led by a moderator

* In partnership with leading scholars

* 1 chapter a month

* Phone-based monthly meetings (with toll-free phone number)

* Free (veterans may donate)

It's simple and we've done it a lot since we began in 2005.

Our guarantee

If you join us and do the monthly reading, skip the passages that confuse you, ask your moderator and our partner scholars for help, then you will finish a great book and be exhilirated and inspired by the experience. Or your money back.

We take no responsibility for the innovation and creativity that will come from time travel

We take no responsibility for what cool thoughts and ideas you will have nor for the new ways you'll think, see and lead after time traveling via reading a really good book with us.

Come discover humanity's best-kept secret

These books are one of humanity's best kept secrets - these wonderful, centuries-tested books have been masquerarding as boring, dusty, conservative, irrelavant old tracts. Come discover otherwise.

Bottomline: put down that remote and pick up a book and join us on this reading odyssey.

- Phil

Phil Terry
Founder, Reading Odyssey, Inc.

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