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Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel

1401 SW Natio Parkway

Portland, OR 97201

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Regular Conference Registration (*does not include hotel stay or meals)

About this Event

We are so excited that you are coming to Her Voice! We believe that you will be deeply impacted by the speakers, the messages, the healing, the worship and most importantly the presence of God! We believe that you will not be the same when you leave. Your voice will carry more weight as you walk out in greater confidence, greater joy and greater revelation!

HER VOICE CONFERENCE INFORMATION: In order to complete your registration, please read the information below, answer the questions, and read, agree to, and sign the waiver. After we receive your submitted form, we will send your Her Voice Conference ticket confirmation via email. You will also receive an email (at the email that you enter below) that outlines all of the information on this form for your future reference.

NOTE: Tickets are not refundable, but they are transferable until Nov. 30th. Please contact ADMIN at tetelestaiministries@icloud.com as early as possible if you wish to transfer your ticket to another woman.

IMPORTANT: THIS TICKET NO LONGER INCLUDS MEALS OR HOTEL STAY .. We are 100% full on the ticket option that included the FOOD & HOTEL room so this ticket has been adjusted in price to reflect a conference ticket included. Please make your own lodging plans AND your own lunch and dinner plans, there will be about an hour so you can bring a lunch or head to a local place.

Host Hotel: Marriot Waterfront Hotel (No discounted rates available- look online for the best prices)

Portland, Oregon

(503) 226-7600



How Did Her Voice Come to Be? A Note from Jenny...

"In 2012, I invited a handful of friends to come on an “unofficial” retreat to meet up with God. A bunch of girls gathered with food, prayer, an out of tune piano, and most importantly, a deep hunger to wait on God to reveal Himself.

What took place over the next 48 hours could not be put into words other than to say that His tangible and weighty presence was like none we knew existed.

Reports of what God did spread and several of us hopped on airplanes to meet with more women in more cities: from Juneau, Alaska to Orlando Florida, dozens of cities became hot spots for Jesus to work miracles. Most importantly, people encountered His love. Now, men and women both meet across the globe for what we call “Drenched.”

And then in the summer of 2016, I had a vivid dream and woke up with a burning image in my mind. Women, lots of women, had gathered inside a large space to worship together in Portland, Oregon. I knew that I knew this was an instruction from the Lord.

Shortly after that He told me “I want to take our moments to movement.” This is when “Her Voice Movement” took form and we knew that God was calling more people to carry his voice as a collective movement.

The first Her Voice Gathering was in December of 2017, and now, we will gather again with you and hundreds of others two years later.

I'm so excited to have you at Her Voice. I believe that you will be deeply impacted by the speakers, the messages, the healing, the worship, and the presence of God. Most importantly, I believe that you will not be the same when you leave.

Your voice will carry more weight as you walk out in greater confidence, greater joy, and greater revelation."

Speakers/Ministers/Worship Guests: We come in a posture of prayer and worship to magnify the name of Jesus, and although we are so honored to have our guest ministers, we are first and foremost excited about Jesus being our focus and He is our honored guest!


*Chris Overstreet

* Dara MacLean- Petty

* Pauline Wick

*Callie Shipp-Hargraves

* Laura Gallier

*Troy Brewer

* And many more. Visit back here to see the updated list!

ENCOURAGED OFFERING: Our gatherings are hosted through Tetelestai Ministries, Inc. , a non-profit organization whose only purpose is to spread the gospel all over the world. We have invited guests to minister and are so honored they have accepted! In these scenarios, it is biblically correct to offer monetary gifts to show our overflowing gratitude and take care of people who have ministered to us. Although it is not required or monitored, we encourage you to bring a monetary gift to offer on the last day. Please pray and ask the Lord what He would have you give.

We accept Cash, Check, Credit/Debit - checks can be made out to Tetelestai Ministries. Online donations can also be received on our website at www.HerVoiceMovement.com. We also have a Text-to-Give option. Simply text the number of dollars (type only the number, no dollar sign needed) to 360-703-9991. All donations are gratefully received and are also tax deductible.

WAIVER: A Liability Waiver is built into the registration site, you will need to type your name in the Waiver box to complete your registration. By typing your name in the box you are stating that you have read, understood and accepted the Waiver.

WHAT TO WEAR: We are in a "posture of prayer" and will be lying, sitting, standing; so it's best to wear flexible clothing.... there really is no need to dress up and most people will be wearing comfortable leggings, sweat pants, flexible cargo pants, etc. Bring a sweatshirt and a few layer options so that you can control your comfort in temperature. As the gathering comes closer, we will definitely send more information on what to prepare for and pack along with you!


*No children, except nursing babies, will be allowed. If your nursing baby needs to "talk" please step outside the worship room as needed.

*The minimum age is high school age. They will need to be fully paid and registered to be allowed onsite. (Please be aware that content during ministry will expose adult topics and speakers will deliver content based on an adult audience. Every minor, excluding nursing babies, will need an adult to sign their registration form assuming all liability.)

*For lunch and dinner accommodations, you will have an opportunity to choose a vegetarian option. However, there will be no special provision for a gluten free diet, peanut free options, or any other special nutritional needs.

*Please be aware that essential oils will be used during the event.

*Special general seating is provided that can hold up to a weight of 290 lbs per person. If this will not accommodate you, alternate seating (hotel chairs) will be available for your use.

*Healing rooms for prayer and inner healing will be available during the event. Our Prayer Team members offer biblical and spiritual resources to anyone who desires them. This is a voluntarily-sought prayer assistance ministry with no obligation to accept or reject any of the advice or help that may be received from the teams members of this ministry.

*One-day attendance option is not available. With the exception of an emergency, we discourage women from coming for only part of the time.

*The registration fee is $269 regular registration for every woman, for every circumstance. For example: if a woman does not stay, it is still $269 regular registration. There is a pay half now pay half later option available however they require higher fees.

*ALL Registration is NON-refundable, but may be transferred up to NOV. 15th. To transfer before Nov. 15th, please contact ADMIN at tetelestaiministries@icloud.com.

*IMPORTANT: Each and every person MUST register at this site and consent to the waiver to attend. (Waiver is built into the registration site, you will need to read it and type your name in the box to agree to the waiver). Thank you for understanding the formalities that must take place in order for us to have an amazing time together! If you are transfering your ticket to someone please contact ADMIN at tetelestaiministries@icloud.com for the proper steps.


Time In / Time Out

Thursday, Dec. 5th

9:30am - Four Conference Check in

10am-2pm - Four Prophetic Conference (Free for Her Voice Attendees/ $40 for community and men welcome)

3:00pm - 6:30pm - All attendee arrival for checkin/registration

6:30pm - Doors Open

7:00pm - All attendee START TIME in the Meeting Room!

Friday, Dec. 6th

8:00am Doors open to the Meeting Room

9:00am - all day in the Meeting Room

* Lunch and dinner will be provided for you



* Bible

* Journal

* A few pens

* Comfy Day clothes

* Water bottle

* Foods, Shakes, Snacks

* Optional offering gift (cash or check)

...and most important, bring an open and expectant heart!

CAN I INVITE FRIENDS? Of course! We highly encourage you to invite friends to get their life changed!

With great expectation,

JENNY & Her Voice Team

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Date and Time


Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel

1401 SW Natio Parkway

Portland, OR 97201

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