Her 1st Shots-Concealed Carry - Prosser, WA
Her 1st Shots-Concealed Carry - Prosser, WA

Her 1st Shots-Concealed Carry - Prosser, WA

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Lower Valley Assembly

22202 N Hinzerling

Prosser, WA 99350

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This Host Organized 1st Shots Course is open to the public and will take place in Prosser, WA.

The is the second of two courses being offered on the same day that are hosted by Lower Valley Assembly.

We are able to offer special, reduced pricing for Host Organized Courses and in addition to our usual family discounts, we extend discounts based on the number of course attendees. See discounts below.

For more about Kaery Concealed, please see our website at www.kaeryconcealed.com

Course description:

Through the use of innovative training, state-of-the-art methods, and professional firearm instruction, Kaery Concealed offers the most relevant and dynamic reality-based training for personal and home defense.

Her 1st Shots is a course designed for ladies with minimal or no formal handgun training who want the most effective knowledge and skills to confidently and proficiently defend themselves and those they love.

This one-of-a-kind, non-live fire course utilizes state-of-the-art SIRT training pistols. SIRT Technology is used by US Special Forces and countless law enforcement agencies because of its nearly identical representation to the actual handguns used in the field.

In the 1st Shots setting, SIRT Technology allows us train for a concealed carry lifestyle in real time and in real space without the loud, often intimidating, environment of a live-fire range.

Students enjoy this hands on, quick-moving course because it emphasizes safe gun-handling while developing the necessary skills to keep, carry, and control a handgun and be victorious in a personal defense situation.

Near the end of the training, students handle and evaluate a minimum of 10 different pistols that most women prefer for concealed carry. We prepare students with definitive criteria and precise evaluation methods to assist them in selecting THEIR ideal concealed carry pistol.

Throughout the course, students learn to draw pistols from several different holsters and learn to conceal with several different methods of carry. As a result, by the end of the course, the majority of our students have determined not only their preferred carry pistol, but also their preferred carry method and holster.

While most ladies (and the men who love them) are excited about selecting their self protection pistol and the carry method that works best for them — on the way home from the course, some ladies are eager to stop at their local gun shop to purchase their selected pistol.

Her 1st Shots is suitable for ladies who are between the ages of 12 years and 112 years.

All equipment provided.

Course topics:

  • mental & situational defensive alertness

  • defense under stress

  • aggressive disengagement

  • handgun & ammunition operation

  • safe gun handling, storage, carrying

  • practical defensive marksmanship

  • Shoot-to-Live fundamentals

  • practical, useful pointers to make consistent concealed carry a reality

  • learn to safely draw from a variety of concealment options (holsters, purses, KaeryBand™, KaeryWrap™)

  • learn how to use the KaeryBelt™ as a vital component of the most versatile, practical, and effective carry options

  • safe & lawful concealed carry

Sign up today for this vital course and prepare to develop a defensive mindset and practical defensive marksmanship while building the foundation for essential muscle memory.

Fees and discounts:

We offer special pricing for all Host Organized Courses and in addition to our usual family pricing, we also extend discounts based on the number of course attendees.

Course fee for individuals:

  • fewer than 20 course attendees—$85 per person

  • with 20 or more course attendees—$75 per person

Family pricing is available for two members of the same immediate family:

  • fewer than 20 course attendees —$150 per family couple

  • with 20 or more course attendees—$130 per family couple

If you are a family couple eligible for family pricing, please email us at info@kaeryconcealed.com and we will email you the link for your discount registration.

Ladies who register to attend both courses offered on the same day -- Multi-State Permit AND Her 1st Shots-Concealed Carry--will pay only $55 for the ladies only course ($35 off the regular price).

Ladies who wish to register for both courses will need to email us at info@kaeryconcealed.com for the discount registration link.

As you may have noticed, the course fee required for registration does not reflect group discounts (see below).

Once we know the total number of attendees, group discounts will be refunded on the course date to either the attendee’s bankcard or in cash as per each attendee’s preference.

Advance registration is strongly encouraged to ensure a spot in the course.

A pay at-the-door rate of $95 is available (bankcard or cash only) as space allows.

It is our pleasure to help you -- please contact us with any questions!

About Kaery Concealed:

At Kaery Concealed, we are passionate about removing barriers to obtaining affordable, professional, family-friendly firearm instruction. We do this by taking the instruction to our customers, and by offering top-notch self defense courses in unconventional locations like libraries, lunchrooms, community centers, conference rooms, small businesses, and even private homes.

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Date and Time


Lower Valley Assembly

22202 N Hinzerling

Prosser, WA 99350

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