Helping I-Corps Teams Move Forward using Strategic Doing

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I-Corps (TM) teams have a rigorous learning process, speaking with customers and other key informants to get them to that critical "Go/No Go" decision. But then what?

Strategic Doing is an approach to strategy that's aligned with the I-Corps methodology: lean, action-oriented, and focused on continuous learning and adaptation. Dr. Lauren Goldstein of the Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University, has pioneered using Strategic Doing with I-Corps teams to help them move forward effectively in whatever way makes sense given their particular strengths and challenges.

Join this free webinar to hear Lauren talk about her experience, and to explore how the tool might be more widely used by the I-Corps community.

Please note: this webinar is not for people who want to learn more about I-Corps, a program of the National Science Foundation.

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