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Health & Wellbeing Accelerator Workshop

Trance Formations TM

Saturday, October 21, 2017 from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM (BST)

Health & Wellbeing Accelerator Workshop

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OPTION 1. Please use this ticket option if you are an Annual Member which means you have paid £197 for the year. If this does not apply and you are not an Annual Member please use one of the other ticket options. Thank you. The Live Workshop is taking place on Saturday 21st October from 9.30am - 6.30pm at the Jurys Inn Hotel in Watford which is 20 minutes by train from London Euston.
Aug 31, 2017 £47.00 £2.57
OPTION 2. Please use this ticket option if you are currently paying the £21 Monthly Membership fee. If this does not apply and you are not an Annual Member please use the early booking or full price fee Option 3 ticket. Thank you. The Live Workshop is taking place on Saturday 21st October from 9.30am - 6.30pm at the Jurys Inn Hotel in Watford which is 20 minutes by train from London Euston.
Aug 31, 2017 £67.00 £3.41
LIVE WORKSHOP Ticket for NON MEMBERS - Early Booking Price
OPTION 3 - Please use this ticket option if you are not currently a paid Member of my Facebook Membership Group. Being a paid Member means that you have either paid the £197 annual fee, or are paying £21 per month on either an ad hoc or ongoing basis. The Live Workshop is taking place on Saturday 21st October from 9.30am - 6.30pm at the Jurys Inn Hotel in Watford which is 20 minutes by train from London Euston.
Aug 31, 2017 £97.00 £4.67
Membership Group - Monthly Payments
To join us for a one off use this option. To set up recurring monthly payments via PayPal PLEASE USE THE LINK SET UP IN THE MAIN EVENT TEXT BELOW, the long 'cut and paste' version of which is:
Oct 21, 2017 £21.00 £1.48
Membership Group - Annual Membership Launch Price
This is launch price for the Membership Website. Your Membership is valid for 12 months from your date of joining.
Oct 21, 2017 £197.00 £8.87

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Event Details

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LIVE 1-DAY WORKSHOP: Saturday 21st October 2017



As I packed down the room following the free Mid-Year Supercharger Workshop that I ran for my Facebook #MembershipGroup on Saturday 22nd July, I realised that both physical and emotional health was such a key piece of what we were talking about, that it would probably be beneficial to have a day devoted solely to health and wellbeing.

I have studied various modalities over the years, starting with Reiki about 20 years ago, and then everything from NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, EFT, New Medicine, Medical NLP, and DNA Theta Healing, through to Huna, EmoTrance, Positive EFT, Energetic NLP, Soul Core Issue Therapy and a host of others.

I decided that it was time to bring all of these wonderful modalities and approaches together for a targeted day transformation focused on your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.  

This unique 1-Day Workshop is a culmination of what I have gleaned over the past 20 years that have helped both me and my clients transform, create more energy, and cultivate a different relationship with your mind and body.



The Workshop will cover elements of the above modalities, picking out those which can easily be used as standalone practices, and those which have made the biggest impact both in my life and the lives of my clients over the past 17 years that I have been in therapeutic practice.

We will look at the mind-body connect as far as dis-ease is concerned and share processes, tools and techniques that you can use to help and enhance your own wellbeing. 

These range from energetic and mind-set based, through to hands on practical techniques, many of which you can do in just a few minutes from the comfort of your own home. 

I will also share with you what I did to go from needing to sleep for 12-15 hours a day and still feeling tired;a condition that lasted almost 3 years even with medical intervention, to changing that literally overnight and being fine on 2-3 hours sleep during those busy times; and there are no lotions, potions, or weird pills herbal or otherwise required! 

It is not going to be a generic day, and will be tailored towards the needs of the people in the room. 



I introduced a few of these concepts at the Mid-Year Supercharger Workshop.  Here is what some of the delegates had to say:


"Incredible. Amazing. Fantastic. Phenomenal. Magical. Fun. Wicked. Educational. Thought Provoking. Helpful. Constructive. Diverse. Transformational. Inspirational. Soul Tribe. Relaxing. Adventure. Enlightening. Energising. Motivating. Freeing. Supportive. Inspiring. Experiential. Interesting. Extraordinary. Precious. Soul Food. Motivational. Creative. Marvellous."


"Loved this entire programme and the meditation processes/tools and techniques and ideas shared.  A reflective day regarding focus on aspects in my life that I will pursue with new goals + nurturing my soul and interests."


"Realisation of how small daily actions add up."


"Outstanding and so full of so much helpful knowledge." 


"Fantastic session. Well worth getting up early and making the effort to travel all the way from Scotland. It was brilliant and I loved every minute of it." 


"10/10 - Always go away feeling refreshed, recharged, spiritually fed and nourished and safe."


"Just loved everything! It was perfect!! I can't understand why more people haven't joined your Membership Group!"


"Feeling very blessed to have a guardian angel such as Marilyn in my life."



The day will be a mix of background theory, experiential work, energy transmissions, individual processes, and practical applications. 

On a practical level you will learn how to use:

  • The '3 Minute Healing Miracle’ tool, or as it is officially called, ‘The Healing Wand!’
  • Qigong Exercises based around whichever health area you are working on.
  • Access Consciousness for mind-set realignment and letting go of old beliefs.
  • A Huna Process to calm the mind and body.
  • My Intuitive Body Communication Process.


You will also:

  • Receive individual Huna energy transmissions.
  • Receive Chakra balancing energy work.
  • Have the opportunity to do some PH testing to get of idea of what is going on internally and I have a Registered Nurse to administer that bit! 
  • Experience a mixture of the healing modalities that I have studied over the years including DNA Theta Healing, EmoTrance, EFT, Kinesiology, Dowsing for Health, Geerd Hamer New Medicine, etc.



If you are an Annual Member of my Facebook Membership Group (as in you paid £197) your ticket to this event is £47.  Please use ticket Option 1.


If you are a Monthly Member in that you are paying £21 per month on an ongoing or one-off/ad hoc basis your ticket for the day is £67.  Please use ticket Option 2.


If you are not a Membership Group Member please use the third ticket option, the price of which will vary depending upon how early you are booking.  Please use ticket Option 3. 





"Thank you all the lovely people here.... this has been the best facebook group I have joined. Thank you universe for showing this as an answer to the question I asked. ' a supportive group of like minded individuals" - This is feedback from one of our Members  

Kay Westmorland "Worth every penny idea why on earth more people haven't joined!!! You are GOLD!!"


 "This investment in yourself comes in at less than 1/5 of the price of a daily cup of coffee because even a no frills latte is £2.55 a time and at the launch price it works out at about 53 pence per day.  Wow!"

The Membership Group offers ongoing support and regular access to the elements that my Workshop attendees and Facebook contacts find most useful and enjoy. Members will have access to:


  • Monthly Angel Tarot Readings via Facebook Live
  • Facebook Live Q&A Sessions
  • The Think Tank Thursday Consultancy Sessions
  • Topical videos and #LifeHack Tips
  • Links to mp3 recordings
  • Live Teleseminar Sessions
  • Special Offers on my courses, workshops and products
  • A wonderful community of like-minded people
  • My series of Coaching eBooks, and whatever else is requested and relevant . . .


In order to test out what people want, like, and find most useful, the first phase of the Membership Site will be run via a Private Facebook Group, which also affords us the ability to do the Facebook Live video sessions and share things and interact in real time.

If you would like to become a member during the launch phase it is £197 for for the year.  You can also opt for monthly ongoing membership which is currently £21 per month.

Below is a summary of some of the amazing feedback from Members together with an overview of the 7 Key Themes that run throughout each month. 



To set up the Monthly Membership Option via PayPal  CLICK HERE.




Below is a little taster of some of the feedback from Members:


"Being here gets better and better by the day and I was just now saying to my son that I have found somewhere I feel I belong! Thank you all!!"


"This Membership Group is incredibly supportive...and has been instrumental in helping me move on from the recent sad events in my life..."


"So much value in the Membership Group Marilyn, so thrilled I joined!!"


" first teleseminar and I zoned out..... Just coming back round. I know you said it might happen but I was so geared up to listen to it in full I was surprised at how drained I felt following the release exercise. I look forward to listening to it again tomorrow and hope I stay alert all the way through this time. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Marilyn. That was one helluva introduction to the membership group xx"


(Re Tarot Tuesday): "IT'S THE BEST DAAAYYYYYYYY!!! :) :) :) although Thinktank Thursday is pretty epic, too..."


"Yep. Don't know what it is with TarotTuesday, I love it."


(Re Think Tank Thursday): "Thank you, I have never been onto the live version (of Think Tank Thursday); it's fantastic, you are like a magician in action... oh wow."


And, you will need to sit down for the next piece of feedback because it is rather epic!


"Marilyn - first and foremost thank you for this forum and for always asking being receptive and/or incorporating our feedback as you evolve your forums, especially this one. 

I truly love all the theme days and it's been so hard to decide on my top three ( although I'm with Lisa and a few others that I know have Tarot Tuesday as their very top one ). There's just something about divination, your interpretations, method of doing it live and decks you use that are just so special. 
So my overall three are:
1. Tarot Tuesday
2. Think Tank Thursday ( which I continuously call Think Thank Thursday..LOL )
3. Sharing saturdays

However, I think I've mentioned before that depending on what my vibe is or particular experiences/challenges I'm faced with, the order may change. I may be going thru something during which I may find Wisdom Wednesday to have become more profound during that month or perhaps find xtra inspiration I needed during Motivation Monday etc. 

I can not think of anything I would drop or change or even offer as I think all all has evolved in such a balanced way and we are covering every great aspect of self-development thru motivation, inspiration, wisdom, bouncing ideas or problems off each other, feel good stories, goal setting and all with a touch of spirituality in the sense of incorporating divine beings and energies into the mix. 

As far as methods - although written posts I know are probably the most time consuming to execute with taking time to write it but it's still my fave way as I'm old school that way. It's great because then we can jump in whenever we like and as we go along. I know the same can be done with the FB live watching it after the fact but I feel like I've missed something in not participating live and then finding time to watch it for me sometimes may take a little bit longer. However, one of the things that makes it easier within this group is that the Themed days are not daily/weekly but just certain times of the month. I love that then we have time to mull over that themed day during that entire week and just focus on that. With schedules sometimes being so crazy, it makes it easier to follow and really get the most out of each post and be able to participate. All in all to get back to the favorite modes- you sometimes switch it up depending on what it is, for instance some themes on some occasions are better suited as a teleseminar or FB live and it always works out great. You know best ; )

I absolutely LOVE that you did the pricing as monthly or annual. I think for anyone that perhaps is a little strapped for funds and/or time during a certain month etc, they can take a break and not make the investment as they won't really get the true benefit of it and come back to it when they can. Just to equate it to dating websites ( I know I shouldn't know as much but I have dabbled on those sites from time to time ) you have the option of annual, monthly and sometimes quarterly with each tier bringing a certain level of savings for buying the longer period. You know one month will be slightly pricier when compared to the lump sum of an annual enrollment. I think for all your offering, the monthly price you've set is quite nice. 

Simply love the whole concept and it is very different from the other forums that will focus on different programs and trainings. To me it's like different classes in one University. This one may be akin to Humanities class that incorporates so many different social aspects. I think it's good to have it separate from let's say a group that would be more like Math class and you're focusing on economics and finances etc. I'm sure it may be more work for you but may serve a better purpose for participants. 

Lastly, ( gosh I'm so sorry this is long but I was trying to ensure I addressed all the questions you posed ) One thing I love is that there is the structure of you leading our "discussions" ( posts etc). I now we're free to share at anytime but I have it nice as our teacher forum leader that you remind us that week of the particular themed day we're focusing on and get us started with your thought, philosophy, inspiration etc. 

So again, Thank u thank u thank u for having us, for bringing this forum to fruition and for letting us help in its evolution...xoxo  Sonny ☼ "



We have a series of themes that run throughout the month which include:

#MotivationMonday - Something to get the month kickstarted.

#TarotTuesday - Where I do an Angel Tarot Reading for the month ahead and group members. As one member put it: "Tarot Tuesday is my favourite day of the month!"

#WidsomWednesday - Throughout the year we will be working our way through the ages exploring the wisdom of the great thinkers, philosophers and disrupters of our time, everything from Aristotle and Andy Warhol and Albert Einstein through to Zohar and Zeus. 

#ThinkTankThursday - Where you can submit a question about a situation or challenge you are facing and I will put both my Prince2 Project Management and creative hat on and come up with some thoughts, ideas and perspectives.  Like a mini version of my one-to-one Coffee Catch Up Sessions. 

#FocusFriday - A way to take stock of the month and decide upon your focus for the month ahead.

#SharingSaturday - Your Opportunity to share your learnings, great ideas, workshops or events you are running or anything great that you have come across of late.

#SoulFoodSunday - Something that provides delicious and nourishing food for your spirit and soul. 

If you click on the #'s above that have a hypertext link attached you can watch an example of one of the respective Facebook Live video sessions. 




"I've heard such amazing things about Marilyn Devonish's Magic and Gratitude program. She has personally inspired me to make many positive changes to my own life through tricky times. Often small and simple changes, but ones that gradually seem to add up and make a difference... but most of all, that have given me hope.


Thank you Marilyn for sharing such wonderful things with the world."  HELEN ALLEN



"Incredibly wise words from Marilyn Devonish - she's certainly the right person in the right place at the right time!
Great real world example - so true - we're all the same on the inside."




This is amazingly accurate. Thank you!  ELAINE

"Thank you!! I have had confirmation of being able to go to an event on Sunday which is going to be a blast while being on this call!!! Let the play begin!!!!  Absolutely brilliant!!! thank you. xxxxxx  DANIELA


"Haha this sounds spot on for me!"  FIONA 


"U r gifted! Itz amazing listening to u! Honestly."  MICA 


To watch one of the Facebook Live Angel Tarot Readings and read the feedback and live comments for yourself click here.




"Fabulous, thank you!  Perfectly timed and relevant call !"


"Beyond amazing! The shapes and colours when you were doing the Huna breathing were so wonderful. Thank you."


"That was really deep and worth it Marilyn."


"Amazing process. I was in another world.  Zoned out after the call. Highly recommend buying if you were not live.  Takes the Friday Huna/ Access session on Photoreading to a mind blowing level.  Warning! Powerful process thank youMarilyn X"

 SUE JOBSON, Project Manager/Holistic Therapist



All of the services & products offered by myself or via my website are for entertainment purposes only. We offer the best possible service but cannot be held responsible for any action taken. We cannot be held liable for any stress or reaction incurred. 

We do not take responsibility for you acting upon any advice given to you whatsoever. The outcome and responsibility of you taking any advice given is purely down to you as an individual. We believe each individual should take responsibility for their own actions. 

For all matters concerning health, finances, legal, professional or personal please consult a relevant expert before making any decisions or taking any actions.




If you have further questions or queries about being a member please email:


Main Website:

Have questions about Health & Wellbeing Accelerator Workshop? Contact Trance Formations TM

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Jurys Inn Hotel
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20 minutes from London Euston
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United Kingdom

Saturday, October 21, 2017 from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM (BST)

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