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Lisa F. Geiger Hypnotherapy

406 Main Street, Suite 117

Edmonds, Washington 98026

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Enjoy a HEALING SPA RETREAT FOR YOUR MIND - through hypnotic healing and relaxation.

I'm Lisa Geiger, and I combine my over 24 years as a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and over 14 years as a Clinical Hypnotherapist to provide science-backed, powerful healing experiences.

This small group experience will introduce you to the potential hypnosis has for your health and wellbeing, even to expand your consciousness.

You'll experience it directly in a series of trances.

And you'll understand it through a clear explanation of what it is and how it works.

You'll leave feeling not just rejuvenated, but with skills you can bring to your daily life to keep this healing experience going.

If you've ever been curious about the potential hypnosis in it's many forms can have on your life, this is the perfect introduction and real-life experience for you.

All in a sanctuary of peace and safety.

What can hypnosis do for you to help you heal mind and body?

Harvard, Stanford, and now the Mayo Clinic all highly recommend and utilize hypnosis.

Study after study validates it's efficacy. They continue to reveal more about this powerful modality for optimizing health and reducing stress.

As the Benson-Henry Institute states:

"We now know that roughly 60% to 90% of doctor visits are for conditions related to stress."

You may already be living this fact.

Yet, the reverse is also true... by learning the skills to relax and uncover the power of the mind.

In a fascinating study by Elvira Lang, MD, she was able to reduce the time for medical procedures, patient anxiety scores, and complications from interventional radiological procedures using hypnosis.

In another couple of studies, Carol Ginandes, Ph.D., showed significant healing effects of hypnosis:

"...the surgical wounds of the group receiving hypnosis healed faster than those receiving... only standard postoperative care. Statistically, the differences were so large that they would have occurred by chance less than once in a thousand cases."

So how about you?

Imagine how hypnosis could potentially impact your life.

That's what I'm going to show you and provide you the opportunity to start experiencing for yourself.

No woo-woo. Just practical skills to get you started.

Discover how hypnotherapy really works, what to expect, and experience for yourself the remarkable realm of healing it can bring you to.

All in an in-depth experience where you can feel the stress relief and rejuvenation for yourself. And take those skills back into your day to day life.

This opportunity allows you to:

  • Access deeper wisdom and create new possibilities
  • Learn new ways of quieting of your mind and experiencing greater ease in your life
  • Foster healing and rejuvenation that is now evidence based, backed by modern scientific studies
  • Build inner strength and self-awareness you can bring to life challenges

And to experience hypnosis in a safe and welcoming environment.

Consider what's possible. Discover the power of your mind and learn to use it to your advantage.

This experience is ideal for those who've been stuck or overloaded by stress or chronic health challenges.

I understand what it's like to feel stressed and maxed out as a mom, a busy professional woman, and someone who is committed to living their best life.

Are you stuck?

Is everything that you're carrying on your shoulders taking it's toll on your mind, body and even your spirit?

When multitasking and green smoothies or bulletproof coffee are still not enough... what's next?

That’s where a lot of us as working professionals and stay at home parents (or both) find ourselves.

You might be thinking:

"There isn’t another day or option for me..."

But there is, actually.

Just by learning some better strategies for experiencing a perspective shift. And realizing you don't have to do it alone.

And all that stress and overwhelm takes it's toll.

I've worked with many common conditions that many of us have had to face... including:

  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • autoimmunity
  • fertility challenges
  • relationship challenges
  • even a life challenging diagnosis such as cancer, or an unexpected life transition that is often associated with loss and grief.

Life is challenging enough, but then these are added to the mix...

How do you navigate it all?

How do you muster the capacity to still enjoy the moment every day with yourself, your children and your partner?

Do you want to learn hypnosis to access relief and also create better coping strategies, while also optimizing your life?

If this is you, I know how important and maybe even rare space for yourself and creating quiet time can be. Learning hypnosis and committing to the practice isn't a magic pill but it is magical. Hypnosis will give you the foundation to become more at peace.

Yes it takes some focus and concentration. And I'm guessing that you probably want to be an active part of that transformation.

You're already working to optimize your life and your health, but are perhaps caught in some old patterns that are hindering your progress, or that may be bringing you to an absolute halt.

Now you're ready to begin creating, imagining, and manifesting a better future.

  • For yourself
  • For your loved ones
  • For your health and peace of mind

Hypnosis can provide you the portal to reclaim your vitality and health while expanding your consciousness in the process.

It's a process of working with you as a collective while tapping into a realm of possibilities and wisdom.

Did you know that we all have this capacity inside ourselves?

Hypnosis can be like laying down a new path of railroad tracks in the layers of your consciousness. It's as if you've been stuck going down the same track over and over again. But now wait... there is a new path you can choose. You don't have to automatically follow those old pathways with no where else to turn.

You can create a new path of rails to travel down. It has the potential to create a feeling of relief and freedom, too.

A new possibility is already unfolding in your mind.

It's not just thinking something, hoping it sticks. You literally create new pathways in the brain.

It's neuro-science in action.

As a result, you are essentially consenting to replace an old behavior by creating a self-directed new behavior, because it's already in a deeper layer of your consciousness that is by choice more resonant with you. It can be as though the new pattern is already there and you just need your consent and then open access to it.

It's possible to discover more empowering ways of being and then create and activate them first in your mind, then in your body, then in your behavior.

You can find yourself becoming less reactive, less internally conflicted, and more easily following your path with newer options.This process frees you to be the authentic YOU.

Hypnosis naturally relaxes you and as a trained, qualified professional, I will teach you how to create and establish the necessary self awareness and protections through mind body connections that allow you to feel safe and in control because you are in control. That's why this is referred to as client-centered and solution-oriented hypnotherapy. You are revealing the keys to creating new possibilities for yourself.

And... again, as a result, people feel more in control because they are more in control.

You no longer respond automatically to something, but rather are aware you have a choice. To be honest, this is such a welcome OPPORTUNITY!

It's not magic. Yes, it takes some effort. It takes actively participating in your own healing and transformation. Yet, you can typically start to feel positive effects right from this initial workshop. I'll even explain why there is such a feeling of reduced stress in the body.

Everyone's experience will be unique and different. Through this experience, you can get a real sense of what's possible with hypnosis and then hypnotherapy.

You'll leave with not just a profound experience and deeper personal understanding of hypnosis, but additional skills to help you understand a path forward toward healing and more optimal living.

And you can choose to go deeper if you wish with a full understanding of how hypnotherapy can help you. For many, it's the perfect 'test the waters' opportunity to a larger world and the transformative power of hypnotherapy.

“In the future I only have one recommendation for this workshop. I don't think you charged enough for what it was that you did. Your years of training and your expertise far out weigh the fees that you charged. In all honesty, I would've paid double to get the amount of relaxation and insight that I received yesterday. “

“We all think that our troubles in life are unique and insurmountable at the time, when in reality they're much smaller than we build them up to be.”

“Thanks again, I had a blast yesterday.”


It's an opportunity to recalibrate old patterns, while calming your mind and your body.

Optimize your life, experience relief, venture into new states of consciousness...

Hypnotherapy expands your awareness and has the capacity to help free you, heal you, and even cause significant physiological changes in the body.

Experience the Benefits and Healing from Hypnosis and Guided Imagery for Yourself

Gain an understanding of and a personal experience with hypnotherapy and how it works. Learn what guided imagery is and why it’s important for self-awareness and self-regulation. And most importantly, experience it for yourself.

Join me for a life enhancing opportunity for 3.5 hours of your time, while creating lasting benefits for your mind, your body and your spirit.

  • RELAX in a small group where you will experience a quieting of your mind.
  • Learn tools to build and maintain presence of mind, regardless of what is going on around you - so you can stay calm and focused.
  • Discover highly effective strategies and techniques for staying centered, and grounded in the midst of a range of challenging situations.
  • Gain the strength and resilience to further optimize your life, and the insight to heal.

Only 6 spots are available for each workshop.

Tickets are REQUIRED.

You'll be safely guided by me, Lisa F. Geiger, MN, ARNP, FNP, BCH, Board Certified Hypnotherapist with over 14 years of clinical hypnotherapy experience, and 24 years as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

“Being in Lisa's presence feels like having a kind family member in the room with me. She has a way of exploring what is really going on in my life from psychosocial issues both past and present to physical challenges. Her style integrates both natural and western medicine while utilizing tools readily available to me in the community. Lisa is a treasure.”


Hypnotherapy is so much more than what you might think it is...


Join me to discover how hypnotherapy really works, what to expect, and experience for yourself the remarkable realm of healing it can bring you to.

All in a 3.5 hour workshop.

Get a powerful peak into what hypnotherapy can do for you in a small, intimate group experience.

With over 30 years of extensive mind body education and clinical experience, I realize the most vital elements for healing come from within YOU through willingness, trust, open communication and a desire for self-empowerment.

“My experience of hypnosis with Lisa has been very helpful. I found that my thoughts were more organized and that I got a significant amount of things finished within a week of my first workshop. It has a subtle and yet powerful effect.

Lisa makes sure that all the elements are in place to make sure her clients feel comfortable with the process, and her science-based background has given me a lot of confidence in her knowledge and skills. I highly recommend this experience!”


What to Expect

We'll start by exploring the mind body related effects of hypnotherapy (about 45 minutes) that are backed by neuro-science and clinical expertise.

You’ll learn how it can facilitate a shift of internal patterns, and can heal mind, body and spirit.

Then we begin the relaxation tools, along with establishing quiet place imagery. And subsequently, I'll facilitate and invite you into deeper awareness through several hypnotic imagery sequences.

You'll have time to take a break after each sequence for tea, water, or perhaps reflection, and writing or drawing in a journal.

Join me for a meaningful and memorable hypnotic experience of relaxation, healing insight, and optimal living.

Each workshop is limited to only 6 participants... so grab your spot before they fill up.

Multiple dates available.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of human complexity, there are no guarantees as to specific results you will receive through hypnosis or this workshop. Each individual has their own experience and their own unique results. This is not a replacement for conventional or allopathic medicine.

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Date and Time


Lisa F. Geiger Hypnotherapy

406 Main Street, Suite 117

Edmonds, Washington 98026

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