Healing through the Elements: A Sacred Journey for Women

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4050 Northeast Broadway Street

Portland, OR 97232

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This Earth Day weekend join Becky, Laura, Marissa and Luz Helena in sharing potent practices of restorative yoga, group sharing, expressive dance, sound healing, kirtan and ritual as we heal with the support of the four sacred elements!

The earth carries within it elemental energies that support its wholeness. Cultivating a relationship with the sacred elements of earth, fire, water and air offer us a path to our own wholeness in connection with our purpose and potential, our community and Mother Earth. Strengthening our connection and relationship with the elements brings profound healing, growth and possibility.

This workshop is for individuals who identify as female who have experienced any kind of wounding that has created a disconnection with body, mind, heart, soul, community, earth and Spirit to:

-Learn practices that work with the elements to establish connection, heal, express and create

-Release and transform old patterns and attachments that no longer serve you

-Experience a deeper connection with your soul’s power and potential

-Nurture embodied wholeness, spark creativity and enliven Spirit with the support of community


Earth Element: Grounding, Nurturing, Foundation, Connection.

Becky will create a compassionate space for us to connect more fully with our bodies. We will be guided through a gentle restorative yoga practice that will ground and center our body, mind and spirit. This practice will draw upon the nourishment and the support the earth provides us to support safety and ease in our body, clarity in our mind and connection with our spirit.

Fire Element: Purification, Creation, Passion, Expression.

Laura will guide us through a practice of mindful, compassionate, embodied awareness to explore what we are holding within that is ready to be released. This will support transformation and growth as we create new pathways of potential with the light of our awareness and breath of fire in our bellies. We will connect in shared discussion to move toward inspired, heart-centered expression and ecstatic dance to to transform the fire within into creative outward expression.

(30-minute Lunch Break)

Water Element: Balance, Boundaries, Flow, Emotion

We will lie down and receive as Marissa takes us on a journey of sounds and vibrations as seven crystal singing bowls, chimes and rain sticks wash over us. Sound waves, much like ocean waves can support us in cleansing and purifying all that no longer serves us. The medicine of the crystal bowls is grounding and clearing, helping us quiet our minds and open our hearts. This allows space for our body, mind and spirit to return to harmony.

Air Element: Spirit, Communication, Movement, Growth

We will embody the element of Air through the practice of Kirtan which is the singing of ancient mantras using the power of our breath and our throat chakra. Mantra is a powerful tool that brings our mind into stillness and silence which allows us to more directly feel our connection to Spirit. We will focus our minds and open our hearts together as Luz Helena leads us in freeing our voices and spirits in this healing practice.


We would be so honored to share this day of learning, connecting, opening and healing with you!

Exchange: $99
Early Bird Special: $79 when you register before April 9!

Some scholarship options are available, please e-mail Laura at coalescecounseling@gmail.com for more information.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/176045719701718
For any questions please contact Marissa at healingwithmarissa@gmail.com

Please bring:

Your water bottle
Your journal and a pen (if you have one, paper will also be provided)
Wear layered clothing as we will be alternating between movement and stillness
A light lunch and/or hearty snack as we will be taking a short lunch break
Any sacred items you would like to place on the altar (you will bring these home with you at the end)


Rebecca Macy brings the healing powers of nature and trauma-informed yoga together in her private practice, The Art of Balance. Because it’s been so transformative in her own life, she’s passionate about making yoga an accessible, enjoyable, and healing experience for others,
especially those who might not think yoga is for them.
To contact Becky or to learn more: rebecca@theartofbalancepdx.com / www.theartofbalancepdx.com

Laura Riley is a holistic, trauma-focused, licensed psychotherapist certified in EMDR and trained in level I Sensorimotor (body-oriented) Psychotherapy and Reiki I/II and harmonic soud healing. Laura's passion is to empower the wholeness and potential in the people she works with on their journey of healing, growth and recovery of mind-body-Soul-Spirit.
To contact Laura or learn more: coalescecounseling@gmail.com / www.coalescecounselingservices.com

Marissa Leigh is a Reiki Master Teacher and sound healer with a deep passion for supporting others on their unique healing journeys. She works to provide people with with a restful and nourishing space to be fully present with whatever is alive in the moment for them. She provides
gentle guidance for individuals to open fully to themselves to allow their bodies, minds and
hearts to heal.
To contact Marissa or to learn more: healingwithmarissa@gmail.com / www.healingwithmarissa.com

Luz Helena Florez lived in Nepal and India for two years, immersing herself fully in the culture, traditions and teachings of all things Yoga under the guidance of a Nepalese Yoga Master. She is an intuitive facilitator and has a natural gift for creating a safe nest in which people can open their hearts and voices. Luz Helena teaches Yoga, Kirtan, and Intuition Development through classes, retreats and long-term programs to help people awaken their highest potential.
Contact Luz Helena: luzhelenaflorez@gmail.com
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Date and Time



4050 Northeast Broadway Street

Portland, OR 97232

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