Healing the Pain Between Us: Intro to Compassionate Communication

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Dharma Center of Chico

120 Three Oaks Court

Chico, CA 95973

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"These new skills I have learned have helped me confront conflict much earlier, making it easier to move through. Jonah is confident and professional."

- Stephanie Elliott

You’re caring, compassionate, and only want whats best for everyone and yet..,

Sometimes you are ready to rip your hair out.

When conflict erupts with a partner or loved one it can be not only frustrating but confusing.

Communication challenges are often the cause of breakups/divorce, distancing from a loved ones, as well as trouble sleeping, difficulties succeeding at work, and even a lower immune system.

Fortunately, it is possible to quickly heal the pain and confusion that arise between you, your partner, and loved ones.

Through learning Compassionate Communication, thousands across the world have changed their unhelpful communication patterns, reignited their struggling relationships, reconnected with estranged family members, and started living a more empowered, peaceful, healthy, and loving life.

In this 3 hour introductory workshop you will learn:

---- 3 common behaviors that lead to unnecessary hurt and conflict and what to do instead.

---- How to reconnect when you find yourself feeling distant and separate.

---- Why you often make things worse when someone you love is hurting, and how to truly help.

---- How to experience more love, trust, and intimacy.

Through experiential exercises and live demonstrations, this free workshop will teach you the basics of Compassionate Communication and how it can be used to heal the pain that arises between you and those you love.

Are you ready for deeper and more satisfying relationships?

Register today!


Jonah Richman’s Compassionate Communication workshops have changed the lives of hundred of people and have been instrumental in healing relationships and empowering individuals. Before Jonah found Compassionate Communication, he was in the midst of depression following a breakup. He was introduced to Compassionate Communication and quickly discovered that the root of his pain and relationship struggles was due to the way he handled conflict. After his life and relationships drastically improved from implementing Compassionate Communication, he knew he had to share it with others.

Jonah is a certified counselor through the Interchange Counseling Institute and offers business consulting to holistic practitioners and coaches, helping them to lead workshops. He integrates Compassionate Communication into everything he does.


“Compassionate Communication taught by Jonah Richman helped me reach a higher understanding of my family members and peers, but especially of myself.

– Lucas Brister

“Jonah really created a sense of community and safe haven for me to learn how to more effectively and compassionately connect with others! 5 Stars!”

- Yangbin Wu

“I know now how to check my anger and pain. A main epiphany is recognizing emotions and needs of myself, while also honoring other’s emotions and needs by listening to them in empathy. Not overriding them with a response, but truly listening. People need to be heard, nothing more.”

- Piper Josephine

“Jonah has a friendly, easy style of teaching. He senses how the class progresses as a whole and fine tunes the pace of learning”

- Bob Fleming, M.F.T.

“Going through this class not only helped me personally but I can see what I’ve learned actively aiding my interpersonal connections. A real community builder :)”

- Phoebe Sager

“I thought I knew what to expect when I signed up for the 2-day NVC workshop with Jonah, but the experience totally blew my mind and was super transformative.”

~ TamRa Wich’Ma

“This class helped me become more aware of my world and helped me learn to better connect with the people in my world.”

- Claire

"Jonah’s NVC class has helped me deepen my self-awareness and skills in putting NVC principles into practice."

~ Charlene

"I feel grateful for Jonah’s presence and his teaching style. He is so patient and stays connected with the class. I appreciated the safety I felt."

~ Sierra Chik

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Date and Time


Dharma Center of Chico

120 Three Oaks Court

Chico, CA 95973

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