Healing the "Chucky" within: How your inner child causes chaos with the LOA

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The Quiet Room, Hinde Street Methodist Church

19 Thayer Street



United Kingdom

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"The Law of Attraction does not work for 99.9% of people" - John Assaraf

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The Secret has sold 30 million copies across the world yet here is one of the partners of the film stating in a recent video that it does not work for 99.9% of people.

No other business could have a 99.9% failure rate and still be going strong after 10 years. This video attracted over 50,000 views yet no-one is saying "ENOUGH. We want results".

Are YOU one of the 99.9%?

Is it because many of the people attracted to LOA are:

- Found to be intuitive

- Excessively conscientious

- Perfectionist

- Hold themselves to high standards

- Overly responsible for others. They are found in high numbers to be involved in the caring professions – medical, therapy, coaching, counselling

- They do not like conflict and confrontation. They do not want to “rock the boat”.

However, many are also:

- Highly sensitive

- Anxiety ridden

- Emotionally dependent

- Indulge in addictive/compulsive behaviours across the spectrum from drugs to workaholism

- Co dependent

- Prone to depression

WOW!! Things have suddenly got dark. These issues are never addressed in the LOA community. But my work mixes the vision boards and fairy dust of LOA with some vital, inescapable reality. Life is a mix of light and dark and I evidence that until we address squarely some bleak facts, we cannot prosper and thrive.

Is this the key to why YOU are one of the 99.9%.

Have you considered your "dark" side may be because of issues latent in your psyche due to your childhood? Could there be that there is an angry little child inside - your inner "Chucky", throwing a tantrum at the most inappropriate time and thus sabotaging your best efforts?

Perfectionism, work holism, addictions, compulsive behaviour,have been found to be symptoms of childhood trauma. However, these symptoms could be caused by the resentments, anger, fear, shame or "fear of shame" stemming from childhood experiences. Childhood trauma leads to brains wired for fear - Bessel van der Kolk

So if at your core you are radiating resentments, anger, fear and shame - what will you attract to yourself?

You can go to those rah-rah seminars, feel great for a day or two and then...back to square one.

You can imagine your problems smaller, in black and white and locked in a box all day long ...but in your quiet moments, when you are being real....?

Until your inner "Chucky" feels safe, you will not get the results you seek from personal development modalities or in your life. Chucky will overturn any benefits sooner or later. You will keep repeating the "terrible twos": wasting time and money.

Chucky's needs must be addressed. Doing this work - and it will be hard work - effects permanent, positive changes in your life, This is the first stage, clear away the debris, then you will be ready to respect yourself and you will automatically attract abundance and joy into your life.


You need to make peace with the past to prosper - Join us


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A donation of £10 is payable at the event so no refunds are needed. It is free to RSVP and there is no charge for cancellation. The money goes towards paying for the event and the cost of printing handouts.

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Date and Time


The Quiet Room, Hinde Street Methodist Church

19 Thayer Street



United Kingdom

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