Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

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6770 Indian Creek Dr

Miami Beach, FL 33141

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The word narcissism has become a go-to word to describe anyone that appears remotely self-absorbed, or has a difficult time with empathy, or connecting in a deep meaningful way with other human means.

For those of you that have lived with, dated, been married to, a child of, or worked with a true narcissist, you know that the level of pathology goes much deeper than simply a character flaw.

Narcissism is malignant and insidious and those that are further on the spectrum are incapable of truly loving anyone including themselves.

If you have been through an abusive narcissistic relationship, you know that no one can can really understand it unless they've been through it themselves.

Even as a Licensed counselor, with two Masters in psychology, and trained to understand and identify narcissism, it wasn't untilI I had my own experiences with narcissists, that I really understood the darker, convultuted aspects of this personality disorder.

Thanks to my own brief, yet very painful experiences, I was able to take the lessons, gain understanding and can now help my clients in a more meaningful way.

What many don't know is that Narcissism and Co-dependance are two sides of the same coin, both have "fear of abandonment" as the root of the problem.

Yet while the co-dependant is constantly seeking to improve herself to become more whole and complete (so she doesn't get abandoned), the narcissist is simply seeking more sources for validating the false self that he/she constructed at an early age because it wasn't safe to be there true self.

In a narcissistic relationship, there is only space for the narcissist to exist. The co-dependant slowly looses herself in favor of winning the narcissists approval, in hopes of securing love and safety. But in turn abandons herself and her identity.

The good news is that there is real hope to recovery from narcissistic abuse, but it starts with education, support, self-partnering and learning how to source your approval and validation needs from within.

My intention for the group:

To bring light to the parts in you that have ben susceptible to narcissistic abuse and to fill these pars with love, understanding and acceptance.

To empower each other to know and embrace your unique value and worth.

To transform family or origin wounds that keep you hooked into cycles of abuse.

To reclaim your true identity and find joy again in life.

When: Starting August 3 for 9 weeks.
You're asked to commit to at least 5 out of 9 sessions.
Investment: $270

About Inessa:
Inessa believes everyone has the ability to heal from even the deepest of wounds and the most challenging of circumstances. Sometimes, the only thing that stands in the way of living a phenomenal life is your belief in what's possible for you.

Her role as a therapist/coach is to help you remember who you truly are: a worthy and valuable individual who holds all the answers within and truly deserves a phenomenal life!

Inessa is a licensed Marriage Family therapist iving in Miami Beach where she has a private practice and teaches weekly lectued at the luxury health resort, Carillon.


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Date and Time


6770 Indian Creek Dr

Miami Beach, FL 33141

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