HEAL & RELEASE DC 2019 at Marvin Gaye Park

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Marvin Gaye Park

Washington, DC 20019

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Cultivating wellness & community through holistic disciplines, art, movement & music, GetOpen Sessions & Urban Sanctuary join MOJUGBA to present HEAL & RELEASE, DC!

HEAL & RELEASE DC brings to the people a day of holistic advisers, yoga, visual arts and movement therapies featuring all-ages activities and unique vendors in an incredible outdoor atmosphere with an eclectic blend of music & drums as your soundscape. Prepare for a family day outdoors with positive vibes, positive people, creative and healing energies. You are all invited to picnic, sun, lounge, shop & (especially) DANCE!!

At your service throughout the day will be YOGA & QiGong (tai chi) sessions, House dance workshop; holistic advisors, local vendors & more! Your presence & energy round out the day as music fills the air for a festival that closes with an open air dance party for 'children' of all ages and fitness levels. All are welcome to enjoy our healing village.

So Dig out & dust off your DANCE SHOES, picnic baskets, blankets, tents, chairs, open hearts and minds and above all, POSITIVE ENERGY!

Program (times are subject to change)

12:15 - 1:45 Deep House Yoga with Hermione Rhones
2:00 - 3:15 Qigong by Deep House with Nicole Jackson / Healthy Soul Wellness
3:45 - 5:00 Class of J.O.Y. Dance Workshop with Leesah Pitts / The Joy Sessions
12:00 - 8:00 Release Dance Party

Through the day...
Holistic consultations
Local Vendor Marketplace
Music by GetOpen Sessions, MOJUGBA & special guest DJs CL Journey & David Chatelain


Hermione Rhones is a native of Washington with twenty years of experience as a teacher and performing artist. Since childhood she has studied various forms of movement including: ballet, tap, various modern dance techniques, jazz, and West African dance. She has performed with Adrain Bolton, Tony Powell Music & Movement, Images in Cultural Artistry (directed by Sherrill Berryman Johnson, Carla & Co. (Directed by Carla Perlo) and Coyaba Dance Theater (Directed by Sylvia Soumah). Hermione’s solo works have combined her love of spoken word artistry with her passion for movement and she has enjoyed performing and/or teaching at various performance venues, schools, community centers and churches throughout the area.

She has written a book of poetry entitled Naked, published in 2013 and she is also an advocate of the healing arts. She teaches yoga, meditation, water aerobics and loves to up-cycle garments and create original crochet accessories which she occasionally sells under the alias, "Accents by H."

Hermione feels compelled to live and love artistically every day and strives to be an uplifting force in her family, community and in the world at large.


Nicole Jackson
is a Holistic Health Coach, Massage Therapist, and Energy Healer. Her goal is to educate and elevate her clients while helping them discover a higher level of wholeness, happiness and personal well being. Whether its emotional clearing, nutritional coaching, stress relief, or energy balancing, she can help remove blockages that keep her clients' stuck in old, unhealthy patterns; helping them to understand that they are where they are and how they can get to where they want to be.
Contact Nicole at (240) 206-1122 or email at

Nicole Jackson


Leesah Pitts is a dancer from Yonkers NY. After attending her first NYC house party in 2003 she quickly earned the name, "Don't Sleep." It was Leesah's unexpected flow, play on movements; stamina and grace that her unsuspecting dance partners would never saw coming. She was a fresh face with a style of her own. Leesah would spend countless hours inside her favorite clubs shaping her style, building her vocabulary and exchanging with nearly every dancer willing to play. Now with 16yrs under her feet, Leesah is very proud and humble about her accomplishments. She's the co-founder of two dance collectives, Mawu and AfroMosaic. Leesah has also served a judge for the House dance battles, Kings of NY, Chicken and Beer and 7 to Smoke: House Edition.

Leesah is now the host and founder of The Joy Sessions NYC; a weekly session geared toward helping dancers expand their knowledge and movement. Leesah helps guide her students by assisting with the connection of thought, movement & emotion; learning how to connect the dots & completing the dance sentence in order to have that flow.
Leesah Pitts / Joy Sessions NYC on facebook, website

Class of J.O.Y (Just Open Yourself) with Leesah Pitts
Students will learn the foundation steps of house dance; transitions from footwork to groundwork; connecting and exchanging with fellow participants while changing with the variety of music .


Aphrosoul (Lukumi People; MOJÙGBÁ, BKNY/DC) is a Disc Jockey, Spiritual Guide, Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Indigenous Bohemian of Eclectic Soul Music taking you on a beautiful, sensual, thought provoking journey through Soul, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Deep House, Afro Rhythms and beyond. Lukumi People, is a manifestation of that journey. Aphrosoul Lukumi has spun along side and shared billing with DJ Spinna, Rich Medina, Quentin Harris, Danny Krivit, Tony Humphries, Barbara Tucker, Dawn Tallman, Julie Dexter, Donnie, Amel Larrieux & Grammy Nominated sister duo Les Nubians to name a few.

Aphrosoul Lukumi is a conduit, an instrument, a musical messenger whose lifelong connection to the music transcends mind, body, soul, spirit. He tells stories with with his selections; conveying feelings and taking you on a journey with music that comes from deep within.

Connect with Aphrosoul music here...

Deep Just aka DJ AQuaBeaT is a DJ/Producer and the founder of GetOpen Sessions. He is a veteran of the NYC house music scene with over 25 years behind the turntables and even more on the dance floor. Deep Just is known for his technical approach, thoughtful selection and passionate sets. His productions, like his playing are a soul filled blend of afro inspired rhythms and deep tech beats rooted in musical exploration.

Deep Just has shared billing with some of the most influential house dj's and producers in the business; Boddhi Satva, Dhundee, Op, Jihad Muhamad, ?uestlove, Josh Milan, Julius the Mad Thinker, Fred P (Black Jazz Consortium), Hallex M, Dj Qu, Oscar P, Spider (NYC), E-Man, Jose Marquez, Dj Disciple, Salah Ananse, Hard Hittin' Harry, Master Kev, and Sabo to name a few. He's played in NYC, New Jersey, Washington DC, Omaha, Boston, St. Louis, Denver; Atlanta, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba and at such festivals as The Winter Music Conference; Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Atlanta Weekender and Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday.

Deep Just's productions have been globally released on imprints such as United Music Records, Soul People Music, Heavy, WhasDat Music, Sound Designers Recordings, Soundmen on Wax, Boards and Open Bar Music,

Connect with Deep Just music here:

Deep Just

David Chatelain is a founding member of the music producing/Dj duo DZgot, originating from Haiti and inspired by the fast rising Afro House movement and the golden years of haitian kompa music. He was introduced to the techniques of mixing in his early teenage years when he fell in love with house music ad started developing his own style. In 2013, he started to take on music production and projects where the international dance scene meets the haitian culture halfway on the dancefloor, opening a new world of possibilities where ethnic sounds and EDM tendencies unite.
Nowadays, he is a well know producing power house in his home country under the DZgot banner with published track across every digital platform.
Check out DZgot music here;


CL Journey has 35+ yrs in the House Music Dance scene dating back to Paridise Garage, Zanzibar, The Loft and Choice along with many other ledgendary N.Y.C Clubs. CL Journey is a Brooklyn born Dancer/DJ promoter as well as a former afterhours club owner in Atlanta with DJ/Producer Kai Alce of NDATL fame.
Nowadays CL is based in Las Vegas where he continues to spread the joy he still feels sharing his craft and sound.



MOJUGBA is a DC based party originally founded in Brooklyn as a sacred place, an oasis where like minded spirits could come together in love, tenderness, devotion and celebration completely free from the social restrictions of the outside world.

Urban Sanctuary was founded to bring healing &wellness disciplines to individuals and communities in an open, family-friendly and socially conscious atmosphere.

GetOpen Sessions is a free form facilitator of dance, music and community building events seeded in Brooklyn but rooted in global soul.

The GetOpen Sessions Park Tour's mission is the realization of the GetOpen Sessions vision in a community friendly and family oriented outdoor environment by teaming with local events, community groups and holistic service providers.

HEAL & RELEASE DC is a collaborative initiative.
Powered by Washington Parks & People
Healing sponsored by URBAN SANCTUARY (New Jersey)
Release sponsored by GetOpen Sessions (New York)

Show your support and look good with the latest from the GetOpen Sessions shop.


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Marvin Gaye Park

Washington, DC 20019

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