Harry & Snowman - Charity Screening to Benefit the MSSPA Rescues

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Smitty's Cinema

795 Roosevelt Trail

Windham, ME 04062

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** UPDATE** Over half sold! Thank you!

D O O R S : 11:30

S H O W T I M E : 12:30

The Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals is holding a special screening of "Harry and Snowman" to benefit the horses at its River Road farm in Windham.

CLICK HERE for the film trailer / preview!

About Smitty's

The screening will be held at Smitty's Cinema in Windham where your comfort comes first. Enjoy the film from your comfy, plush lounge chair.

Smitty's serves a wide-ranging comfort food menu that has everything from nachos and wings to steak tips and quesadillas. Friendly servers take your order at your seat and deliver hot and tasty food, taking great care to serve efficiently and accurately. And if you’re a traditionalist, of course they have popcorn, candy, and soda, too!

Theater will open one hour before show time.

About Harry and Snowman

The film is about Harry deLeyer and his famous horse Snowman. Harry bought the slaughter-bound horse for $80 — and Snowman repaid him by becoming one of the most successful show jumping champions ever.

From the kill pen to Madison Square Garden, Snowman appeared on popular game shows, had his own fan club and even had a comic strip. The story of Harry and Snowman inspired three best-selling books, including the 2011 NY Times Best-Seller, The Eighty-Dollar Champion.

A must-see film festival favorite, the Harry and Snowman film includes rare home movie footage of Harry and Snowman’s life together at home and in the jumping stadium. It is the classic Cinderella tale of an unwanted horse that rises to great heights once he finds that special person who believes in him. Read the Indiwire review.

Noel: Another Real-life Cinderella Tale (one of many!)

At New England’s largest horse shelter the spirit of the season just keeps on giving – in early December 2015 law enforcement officials from the State of Maine, working from many reports made by the private citizens, removed a pair of sadly neglected horses from their abusive owner in the Oxford County. In the time it took to send a couple of emails, have a phone conversation, and load the trailer, a holiday gift was given. While the buckskin mare and the dark bay gelding were traveling to South Windham, too weak to wonder what might await them at their next stop, Society staffers were preparing to receive the newest rehab patients. A thick bed of fresh white pine shavings over soft rubber mats, plenty of fresh, tepid water in clean buckets and choice hay from the Society’s loft served to welcome the bedraggled pair to the isolation barn. As the horses were unloaded by humane agents, Society staff and the existing herd members took the measure of the newcomers and agreed it was a miracle the two survived the trip.

As everyone awaited the arrival of the veterinarian to assess the overall condition of the pair and make recommendations about their immediate treatment, the discussion turned to names. It is a tradition at the River Road farm to re-name horses arriving for rehabilitation and rehoming. New names help symbolize the new beginnings that horses experience at the Society. Given the holiday season, it quickly became clear that “Noel” suited the buckskin and no one could disagree that “St. Nicholas” was perfect for the kindly older gelding who had seen many years of better times than those he was living in Western Maine. So, the gift was named!
Noel, in her mid-teens, was found to be more than 200 pounds underweight with a massive load of intestinal parasites or worms. Her teeth were in poor condition; one side of her mouth was much worse than the other and causing some confusion about what her actual age might be. Her hooves were long and cracked making it uncomfortable for her to walk and her skin was covered with painful infected sores called rain rot. Despite her discomfort, Noel was sweet and cooperative with staff who worked with the vet to evaluate her. From the moment hay was put in front of her, she did not stop eating. For days! A re-feeding program was quickly developed and implemented to provide Noel with proper nourishment while not overloading her deprived digestive system.

St. Nick wasn’t with us at Christmas. A couple of days before the holiday he let us know that he just couldn’t keep trying. He had a good breakfast; staff soaked his feet and dressed the biggest abscess any of them had ever seen. Nick received a dose of banamine, a pain reliever and laid down on those fresh white pine shavings to rest. He didn’t get up again. He received the gift of release from suffering and went on to the next world.

Twenty-one days later: Noel celebrated the holidays at the Society with plenty of food, water, shelter, necessary medical attention, and love. She has gained a significant amount of weight. Her feet, trimmed and shaped, allow her to enjoy turnout, and she makes the most of the food she enjoys every day. Take a look at the photos below and see for yourself the progress she has made to date. Better yet, visit the River Road farm and meet Noel. Her sweet and sometimes sassy spirit, which is beginning to reassert itself will charm you.

Snowman and Noel are compelling reminders that the best horses are sometimes found in at-risk situations. They both represent such wonderful Cinderella stories — and are great inspirations to all of us who love horses so much.

The Harry and Snowman screening is supporting the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals. All proceeds go to help deserving horses like Noel and Snowman.

Want to see the horses you are helping? The farm is open to the public daily from 1-4 P.M. Plan to visit after the screening for the most memorable day!

For more information about the MSSPA visit www.msspa.org

The mission of the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals is to provide refuge, rehabilitation, and placement of seized equines; support the placement of surrenders, and educate the public. Its vision is the elimination of equine abuse and neglect. The Society is a unique animal shelter. Originally founded in 1872 to protect the horses who pulled Portland’s streetcars, today the Society operates New England’s premiere horse shelter. The Society provides full-time staffing and access to all necessary rehabilitative services for the animals. Once recovered, the horses are offered for adoption.

The MSSPA is a tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) and receives no federal, state or local funding. The organization is funded entirely by a combination of donations, bequests, grants, and fund-raising activities. The Society does not charge for its services. www.msspa.org

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Date and Time


Smitty's Cinema

795 Roosevelt Trail

Windham, ME 04062

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