Hack Belgium Pre-Event Workshops
€169.40 – €350.90
Hack Belgium Pre-Event Workshops

Hack Belgium Pre-Event Workshops

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1, rue de la chancellerie

1000 Brussels


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Join us on the 2nd of February for a mind-blowing exploration of the newest disruptive technologies, how they can be used to tackle society’s challenges and radically transform your business.

You’ll dive right in with lightning-fast brainstorms and an immersion in startup-inspired innovation. It is the best possible preparation for Hack Belgium, whether you already have an idea that you would like feedback on, or whether you are just looking for inspiration.

Following the workshops, you’re also welcome to attend the Hack Belgium launch party which follows immediately after the last workshop. A great opportunity to meet kindred spirits in Belgium’s innovation landscape.

Don’t miss it, register for the workshop program today - there is room for only 100 participants!


13:00 Welcome Coffee & Snacks


Experts from across Belgium’s top universities, research institutes and fab labs will introduce recent developments and the cross-sectorial implications of the 12 most disruptive technologies today.

You’ll learn about new practical applications for advanced materials, artificial intelligence, genomics, robotics, energy storage, Internet-of-Things, additive manufacturing, virtual & augmented reality, renewable energy technology, blockchain and drones.


Five simultaneous workshops (you’ll have to choose one) will dive deep into technology-driven opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

One workshop will be an interactive technology-focused session that flows out of the earlier “12 technologies” session (ideal if you already have an idea for Hack Belgium) and the other four will focus on a specific theme or sector: Food, Cleantech & Circular Economy, Health, Work, and/or Transport (we will pick 4 out of these, depending on interest from participants).

Each of the latter workshops will explore the opportunities (and the dangers) in a sector. The workshops will be supported by a panel of experts representing science, startups and large businesses. You’ll learn a lot, but most importantly you’ll generate new ideas together with your peers – and you’ll get instant feedback from the experts.


If you have an idea that you would like feedback on from a technology and prototyping perspective, then this is the session for you. A panel of experts in robotics, machine learning, 3D printing, VR, drones, bio-materials and blockchain will answer your questions and help you assess your idea’s potential. For example, does my idea have potential? Is this an idea I should take to Hack Belgium? How can you best prepare for Hack Belgium - and what can we, the Hack Belgium team, do to best support you with specific expertise and prototyping materials?


How do we tackle the rising tide of obesity, reduce the environmental footprint of food production and manage the mountains of food waste? And how do we keep delighting consumers with healthier, more sustainable and yet ever more tantalising and convenient food?

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the explosion in food-related data and how such data will change market dynamics and open opportunities for healthier, tastier and more personalised diets. You’ll learn about new protein sources, production methods and business models that are challenging long-established industrial practices.


We still face a huge task of cleaning up our air, soil and waters; we have to create a more sustainable, circular economy.

In this workshop, you’ll explore the potential of smart energy networks, energy storage, solar technology and blockchain to revamp the energy system. We’ll look at biodegradable and other advanced materials. And we’ll learn about eco-design methods and other initiatives to boost eco-innovation.


Our healthcare system will come under increasing strain as it tries to cope with the challenges of an ageing population, increasing prevalence of chronic illness and a shortage of healthcare workers.

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the technological advances in biosensors, artificial intelligence and genomics that will enable a radical transformation of the way we, as a system but also as individuals, manage our health.


More than 8% of the working-age population in Belgium is unemployed and 18% of young people aged 20-24 are not currently working or unemployed, described by some as a “lost generation”. Such high unemployment rates also exist among older people and people with a migrant background. And this while there are acute shortages in some areas of the labour market. Belgium is clearly struggling with severe skills mismatches and our lack of interest in entrepreneurship isn’t helping either.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how new learning technologies, matchmaking intelligence and entrepreneurial incubation models can transform the world of work.


Daily gridlock in every major city in Belgium and we’re still arguing about the Oosterweelverbinding. We’re the so-called cross-roads of Europe but the movement of goods and people remains hobbled by congestion, inadequate infrastructure and unacceptable emissions. According to the EU, Belgium is Europe’s most congested country in terms of hours wasted and delay. Transport is also a major contributor to air pollution and is responsible for approximately 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. And we still have to mourn more than 700 road fatalities per year.

In this workshop we’ll explore new technologies and business models for improving both goods and people movement in every dimension: speed, convenience, sustainability, etc.


Hackathons and Design Sprints are hugely popular among startups, and increasingly among corporates too. With good reason, since these startup-inspired methodologies deliver outstanding results fast.

In this session, Belgium’s top corporate innovators and Hackathon/Sprint facilitators will show you how they apply these methodologies to solving a wide range of problems – from new product development to business model innovation and culture change. It’ll be the perfect preparation for Hack Belgium, Belgium’s most ambitious hack fest ever.


The doors open for the Hack Belgium Launch party, attended by all the speakers, experts and partners. As a workshop participant you're more than welcome to join the party. Expect a short keynote explaining the "Why" behind Hack Belgium, experimental foods and out of this world music and entertainment.

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1, rue de la chancellerie

1000 Brussels


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