GW Online Healthcare MBA: Begin with the End in Mind 2019

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The healthcare sector is shaped by many business and technological enablers that have not yet translated into lower-cost, higher quality, more accessible services across the sector. In part, we need only look at the prevailing business models to understand why we have not seen further economic and successful business gains in the sector. The delivery of care model has been encumbered by two business models – that of the general hospital, and that of the physician practice – both of which were designed a century ago when almost all care was in the realm of intuitive medicine.

As potentially a new GW Healthcare MBA student, we want you to “begin with the end in mind” as Stephen Covey would say. Understanding the dynamism of the healthcare sector will better prepare you for situating the learning that will occur throughout this program and applying it to driving change beyond current practice in the healthcare sector.

We invite you to join an online class with Dr. Tarabishy and see the topics being covered.

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