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Gulf Harbors Yacht Club - Veterans Appreciation Fishing Tournament

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3962 Marine Parkway

New Port Richey, Florida 34652

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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In Conjunction with the Joint Communications Support Element - Veterans Association (JCSE VA) and Heroes on The Water - Tampa Bay (HOW-TB). GHYC will host an inshore fishing tournament to benefit the active duty and veterans of both Joint Communications Support Element and Heroes On the Water - Tampa Bay.

Pre-registration is mandatory and all attendees must register before October 31th at Midnight. This event will be capped at 100 due to event location. Check in will be between 0700-0800 hours with all lines out of the water by 1600. Cash prizes will go to the longest (by electronic entry) Snook, Redfish, and Seatrout, with a special prize going to the largest combined weight of all three for an inshore Slam! Pre-purchase of buffet tickets will also be required to eat and enjoy the after tournament awards ceremony and fellowship, including live music following the awards presentation. Attendees must be present to receive awards and cash prizes.

We will also be raffling many prizes to include an inshore fishing platform such as a fishing Kayak or Paddleboard valued in excess of $1000. Raffle tickets will be sold at registration.

Gulf Harbor Yacht Club – Veterans Appreciation Fishing Tournament

  1. A. Species categories, Tournament entries, and Tie Breakers
  2. B. Safety and Conduct
  3. C. Registration
  4. D. Eligibility
  5. E. Prizes
  6. F. Fishing Areas, Boats, and trailers
  7. G. Tackle and Methods
  8. H. Ruling and Rules Compliance
  9. I. Liability
  10. J. Communications
  11. K. Entry Fees
  12. L. Weather Contingency

  1. A. Species Categories, Tournament entries, and tie breakers.
    1. a. This is a catch and release tournament. A picture of the catch with issued ID CARD and Official tournament measuring device will serve as each angler’s entry. Each angler will receive their ID CARD and Official measuring device at the time of check in, 10 November between 7-8PM. Electronic picture must have the following to be accepted in this tournament

i. Clear and concise picture of fish with official tournament ruler and ID card.

ii. Picture of fish, ruler, and ID card approximately 2-3ft directly above will serve as tournament entry after that species category is emailed. An example will be shown at opening ceremonies the morning of the tournament.

iii. Any electronic entry that does not meet these requirements approved by the tournament committee will not be eligible for entry.

  1. b. All entries must be submitted electronically via email to gene.ghyc@gmail.com

i. Snook; longest pictured fish that meets above requirements, minimum required length for entry is 28”

ii. Redfish; longest pictured fish that meets above requirements, minimum required length for entry is 18”

iii. Seatrout; longest picture fish that meets above requirements, mimimum required length is 15”

iv. Inshore SLAM (no Cash prize, but tournament trophy and giveaway) Length in total inches of each category submitted and accepted by tournament committee

  1. c. How to properly release catch

i. Any fish that meets the minimum require lengths, including over slot fish, for this tournament in accordance with FWC fishing regulation must be handled safely and returned to the water. This must be taken as promptly as possible as to put the least amount of stress on the fish as possible after the picture is taken.

ii. https://www.saltstrong.com/articles/catch-and-release-fishing/

  1. d. Tie Breaker will serve as follows; any fish submitted in either category will be added to total length of the tie-breaking category. The angler with the largest submitted length including other categories will win first prize. If no other electronic entries are submitted then the anglers with the tie will split the cash prize of that category. For example; if angler 1 and angler 2 submits an approved electronic picture with a Snook measuring 33” and it is not clear which entry is larger than the other; tournament officials will add angler 1 and 2's entries from the other two categories. Angler with total combined length will win first prize for the Snook Category.
  2. e. Any fish in any category can be entered; but must be returned safely to the water unharmed as much as possible, this will allow over slot fish in each category to be eligible for entry. Anglers must comply with the safe handling of any over slot fish and return that fish to the water after picture is taken.
  3. f. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED AND EMAILED BY 1700 (5PM) ON 10 November 2017. Email all entries to gene.ghyc@gmail.com
  4. g. NO CULLING IS ALLOWED; a single angler may not enter more than one fish per category. If that angler happens to catch a larger fish after category entry that fish may not be used by another angler for entry. It must be returned safely to the water and swim off under its own power.

  1. B. Safety and Conduct
    1. a. All Participants are expected to follow all applicable laws and rules for safe boating as it pertains to Florida waters in accordance with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC). Including all USCG Safety equipment and requirements.
    2. c. Willful violation of marine laws and other violation of safe and proper conduct will lead to disqualification.
    1. Participants are expected to follow the highest standards of sportsmanship and courtesy. Any participant who exhibits threatening behavior or who willfully engages in disorderly, illegal, or improper conduct of any kind is subject immediate disqualification. Violation of any tournament rules will result in disqualification.

  1. C. Registration
    1. a. Registration for this tournament will be online at the following address https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gulf-harbors-yacht-club-veterans-appreciation-fishing-tournament-tickets-37488271429
    2. b. Registration must be completed by midnight of 31 Oct 2017. A waiting list will be maintained if entries exceed the maximum allowable tournament entries. This tournament will be capped at 100 anglers. Any angler that is pre-registered for this tournament and cannot participate for unforeseen reasons may choose to donate tournament entry to the Organizations stated in Section E.
    3. c. No angler will be eligible to win any tournament prizes unless properly registered and checked in the day of the tournament (10 November 2017, starting at 7am); with payment of the registration fees BEFORE catching any fish entered in tournament.
    4. d. All entry fees are subject to full refunds should the properly registered angler decide not to participate for any reason on or before the 31st of October 2017. After that deadline, no refunds will be issued for any reason.

  1. D. Eligibility
    2. b. Snook Division; Open to all anglers with proper permanent or temporary fishing license issued by the Fish and Wildlife Commission of Florida. Recreational anglers can fish from a Charter boat so long as the Captain, crew or mate does not hook or play fish.
    3. c. Redfish Division; Open to all anglers with proper permanent or temporary fishing license issued by the Fish and Wildlife Commission of Florida. Recreational anglers can fish from a Charter boat so long as the Captain, crew or mate does not hook or play fish.
    4. d. Spotted Seatrout Division; Open to all anglers with proper permanent or temporary fishing license issued by the Fish and Wildlife Commission of Florida. Recreational anglers can fish from a Charter boat so long as the Captain, crew or mate does not hook or play fish.
    5. e. Inshore SLAM Division; Open to all anglers with proper permanent or temporary fishing license issued by the Fish and Wildlife Commission of Florida. Recreational anglers can fish from a Charter boat so long as the Captain, crew or mate does not hook or play fish. Each individual angler must of have a picture with their catch and ID CARD on the official tournament measuring device. No two anglers can combine catches for this category.
    6. f. A single angler is eligible for just one of the tournament categories, a single angler is eligible for the inshore SLAM prize by entering a catch in each division; however, he/she can only win one species category. For example, if the angler enters the largest fish in the Snook and Redfish category, they can only win one of those categories. The next largest fish entered in the second category will be the winner for that species category.
    7. g. Individuals who have been barred from participation or previous violations are ineligible to compete in any division.
    8. h. Any tournament official or committee member is prohibited from entering this tournament.

  1. E. Prizes and payout / DONATIONS
    1. a. Snook Division 10% of total tournament entries
    2. b. Redfish Division 10% of total tournament entries
    3. c. Seatrout Division 10% of total tournament entries.
    4. d. Inshore Slam – Longest total combine length in three inshore divisions – trophy and special tournament prize.




**All funds will be handled and redistributed by the JOINT COMMUNICATIONS SUPPORT ELEMENT – VETERANS ASSOCIATION 501c19 (CSM ret. David Jones, President JCSE-VA)**

  1. F. Fishing Areas, boats and trailers
    1. a. Anywhere in Florida waters – Anglers may choose to fish wherever they deem necessary to catch these inshore species. Anglers may drive to the other coast if they wish as along as their electronic entry is submitted and confirmed by tournament committee.
    2. b. Anglers with small craft such as Kayaks and Paddle boards may launch from the Gulf Harbor Woodlands Association boat ramp located directly next to GHYC properties if angler wishes to fish local waters
    3. c. Anglers with trailers and proper boats cannot launch from Gulf Harbors Woodlands property due to limited space with in our properties. Boat may be launched from Anclote River park or the Cottee River and parked at the Gulf Harbors Yacht Club to check in, but all anglers must check in and receive official measurement device and ID CARD for electronic entry starting at 7am the day of the tournament.
    4. d. The nearest boat ramps to tournament location are as follows

i. Anclote River Park, 1119 Ballies Bluff Road, Holiday, FL 34691

ii. Nicks Park Boat Ramp, Cottee River, 7929 Bayview St, Port Richey, FL 34668

  1. e. Any Anglers that do not have a boat, kayak, or paddle board; may choose to be placed on organized charters with certified inshore captains that donate their time to this event. This is a first come first serve opportunity; all fees will be the responsibility of the angler requesting service strictly between the angler and the charter captain. Please let tournament committee or director know if you need charter services. When all charter seats are committed then angler must fish from shore anywhere they deem necessary.

  1. G. Tackle and Methods
    1. a. The angler credited with a catch in the tournament scoring must have personally hooked and played the fish to boatside or shore, without assistance. Normal sport fishing practices for land a fish may be assisted. (Landing net only, no gaffing allowed)
    2. b. Fish must be hooked and landed on a single Rod and reel, pole or hand line
    3. c. Electrically driven reels on free-standing rods are NOT Permitted
    4. d. Bait nets CANNOT be used to catch or land fish entered in tournament
    5. e. Presence of prohibited gear on a contestant’s boat will be considered evidence of use and shall be considered grounds for disqualification for one or all entrants fishing aboard the vessel in which rule violations are observed by tournament officials.

  1. H. Rulings and Rules Compliance
    1. a. Rules violations, eligibility of electronic entries, disqualifications, and any other matters not specifically covered by these rules will be decided by tournament committee and coordinator.
    2. b. Decisions of the tournament committee are final and binding on all entries and entrants.
    3. c. A Protest of any nature must be submitted to the tournament committee in writing (Not electronic email) by 6:45 pm along with a cash deposit of $100 to be binding on the outcome of this tournament. An unsuccessful Protest will forfeit the $100 deposit and be donated to above mentioned charities.
    4. d. In the event of a Protest, all prize money in the fish category will be held by the tournament until the outcome of the protest in finalized.
    5. e. Protests will not be accepted after 6:45 pm 1 hour and 45minutes after closure of tournament.

  1. I. Liability
    1. a. All entrants participate in this tournament at their own risk
    2. b. Tournament officials, Gulf Harbors Yacht Club, Joint Communication Support Element – Veterans association, Heroes on the Water and all other persons or companies directly or indirectly associated with this tournament are exempt from any liability for loss, damage, injury, negligence, or harm to entrants or their companions or other participants, boat captains, crew members, vessels, or equipment which may occur during the tournament.
    3. c. By entering or participating in this tournament you willfully accept these terms as stated above.

  1. J. Communications
    1. a. Ship-to-Shore communications for safety and for periodic tournament announcements will be maintained throughout the tournament on Marine channel 72.

  1. K. Entry fees
    1. a. Entry Fees for the Gulf Harbors Yacht Club Veteran Appreciation Tournament are as follows

i. Tournament entry for all categories is $100 per angler, each angler agrees that 10% of all collected funds will go to the prize pool for each category, leaving 70% for JCSE-VA donation to JCSE proper and Heroes on the Water.

ii. All tournament entry fees will be pre-collected via online registration before midnight 31 October 2017.

  1. L. Photo and Video Release
    1. a. The participants specifically agree and consent to the use of any photograph, motion picture, video or audio recording in which they appear or are heard by the Gulf Harbor Yacht Club Veterans Appreciation Fishing tournament for any purpose whatsoever including, but not limited to resale, advertising, and promotional material with compensation or restriction of any kinds.

  1. M. Weather Contingency
    1. a. Except for a Natural Disaster as deemed by the US Government and local authorities this tournament will proceed on schedule rain or shine and in any sea conditions. All Tournament entry fees are non-refundable
    2. b. In the event of a Natural Disaster or Hurricane like weather, tournament official will decide to proceed or post a make-up day which is subject to be rescheduled up to a year from 10 November 2017.
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Date and Time



3962 Marine Parkway

New Port Richey, Florida 34652

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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