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African American Civil War Museum

1925 Vermont Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC 20001

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[Cover photo is from museum entrance and first exhibit. Photo credit: Stan J.]

"Without the military help of the black freedmen, the war against the South could not have been won." ---President Abraham Lincoln.

Photo is of the model replica in museum of Camp Barker, the origins of 'U Street.' (Photo credit: Morten Andersen).

I will be your guide for a tour of the African American Civil War Museum located just steps from the U Street Metro station. Guided museum tours are growing in demand. These are great for residents and tourists. This is also great for families as they visit during the holidays. This is a world-class museum and a great addition to learning history at any of the other local Smithsonian museums. This museum is visited by people from all over the world and families of all nationalities.

This museum also features live re-enactment.

Did you know that the United States Colored Troops (USCT) captured Richmond, Virginia to end the US Civil War? They were the first to enter the city and shocked the world with their triumphant march down the main street.


The museum was dedicated with ceremony on July 1998 by founder Dr. Frank Smith, in the photo above giving salute on left and Colin Powell (retired four-star general, and former U.S. Secretary of State) seen above giving salute on the right.

Currently located in the historic Grimke school auditorium. The museum will expand to include use of the entire historical school within the next two years.

"Frank Smith, Ph.D., during his four elected terms with the District Council, Washington, DC, laid the basic groundwork to establish a national memorial for African American troops who served in the Civil War. Fulfilling a lifelong dream to honor African Americans who fought for freedom as USCT." [From]

(Photo credit: Ransom Poole).

(Photo abovecredit: Lashunda Booker).

(Photo credit: D'anna Veasley).

(Photo credit: Eunice Durden).


The museum tour will answer such questions as:

  1. Were African Americans forced to fight the US Civil War?

  2. What role did African American women play in the war?

  3. What was life like for African Americans in Washington, DC before and after the war?

  4. How did the war actually end?


The U Street community came about as a result of the freedmen from the US Civil War.

"Slaves and runaways held religious services in tents during the Civil War— some tents later became churches. Many post-Civil War contraband camps were established in the “U” Street neighborhood – Camp Barker, the Campbell Hospital, and the Wisewell Barracks – as well as the Freedman’s Hospital, which later became part of Howard University’s Medical School."

"The “U” Street neighborhood community of Washington, DC, which has been revitalized, throughout recent years, as a center of African American history and culture. At no other time, since the 1950s, has the “U” Street district seen such energizing forces as those that are seen today—it is a neighborhood of eclectic and diverse cultures, an artistic hub of music, theatre, and art, and is highlighted with a plethora of new businesses and restaurants with an international essence." [From]


  • Parking is available in the back of the museum. When you arrive we will check-in at the main desk and begin

  • Bus lines that run the closest to the museum: 63,64,70,79, 90,92,and 96

  • Train lines: (Green Line) U Street Metro Station

I hope to see you there!


African American Civil War Museum

1925 Vermont Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC 20001

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