#growtogether | Wind down after work

#growtogether | Wind down after work

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Join our online session on "Winding down after work". Learn techniques to decompress after a hectic day.

About this event

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Join our session on finding better ways to calm down after a hectic day.

In each session, you'll learn relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and other ways to ground yourself and calm down a racing mind.

You'll also meet & befriend other humans and exchange stories.


Bring a friend: If you feel comfortable, feel free to bring a friend along :)

This is an online event running from 18h00-19h30 CEST (Berlin, Germany time).

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What's included in the price?

  • Guidance by a trained Art Therapist to help you explore your emotions & relate to yourself and others more harmoniously
  • Guided meditation by a Meditation Teacher
  • 90 minutes of a collaborative session with other participants and experienced host(s)
  • Individual guidance by our trained Art Therapist and / or Meditation Teacher during the session via breakout rooms

Accessibility: Please reach out to us if you cannot afford the price - we're happy to find a solution to ensure accessibility regardless of income!

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About your host:

Hi, I'm Ben. For a very long time I lived my life by logic and reasoning. I did the things I thought I should be doing to "be happy". The thing was - it didn't make me happy. It was actually in stark contrast to my student days, where I mostly didn't do the things I thought I should be doing, but instead went with the flow and my heart.

That insight made me wonder: what is this thing we call "mind"? Why does my mind have the ability to make me suffer? How do we combine analytical, logical thinking with our sensate experience, gut feeling and all the things we cannot see yet but that already have an effect on us? What's the relationship between my understanding of the world, myself and my actions in the world?

One of the ways for me to engage with these questions is to meditate. Meditation for me is a way to increase the range of experiences in which we are free & happy and a system to break free of all systems. It's also a powerful tool to map out our mind and thus our experience of the world. I've done several week-long retreats, lived in a Buddhist monastery as a layman (Upāsaka) for a while and have a daily 2h meditation practice.

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About your host:

Hi, my name is Maxi. When I was a teenager, I often wanted to simply draw or paint by myself. When I grew up, I started more and more appreciating the honest exchange with other people about life, love, all and nothing. So I became an art therapist, an occupation that allowed me to combine art with honest, true-hearted reflection.

When I became a mother, I went through a process of questioning my identity, my self-worth, the way our society works, as well as the so called work-life-balance. Ultimately, I was wondering how all of this can be combined with being human and a human life.

I've got a Bachelors in Arts in Cultural Education from the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein and a Masters of Arts in Art Therapy from the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin (Weißensee Art University of Berlin). I've led art therapeutic group and individual sessions with children, refugees, adults, and the elderly for over 10 years.

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About Deep Breath:

Everyone is human, and everyone has problems. At some point in 2020, some of us humans - who, it turned out, had vast experiences in a vast array of problems - came together to try and help other problem-having humans. So here we are. Are you a human, and do you have at least 1 (one) problem? Maybe we can share our experience, maybe you can share yours, and maybe we can all help each other into a less problematic existence.

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