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Growing With Children 2017

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Central Community Church

6100 W. Maple

Wichita, KS 67209

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Growing With Children provides the opportunity for local child care professionals to join together to learn, laugh, eat, shop and celebrate all they do!

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The New Frontier: Interpersonal Neural-Biology and its Implication on Early Learning

Michael Duxler, Associate professor of Social Work - Newman University

There is a robust and mounting scientific evidence that focuses on the relationship between care-giver and how a child’s brain organizes. We are learning that there is no such thing as neutral relationships; every interaction is either positive or negative. Learn how YOU can make a significant impact on a child’s well-being by enhancing their own well-being.

Session 2 (after keynote) (10:30-12:30)

Experiences Not Experiments

Susan Drewelow-TDC's Little Explorers Learning Center

Science can be fun and exciting while being informative. Come learn how to add hands on child guided science experiences into your preschool curriculum. Gain an understanding of the principles behind the fun experiences that you can share with the children. There will be lots of easy and fun ideas to take back to your classroom.

Let’s Get Physical

Beth Reeder-Make a Difference Training & Consultation

During this workshop persons attending will learn useful, practical ways of getting kids up and Physical. We will address the benefits of movement to students not only physically but socially emotional and having an ability to attend to learning in the classroom.

Parent Engagement

Regina Miller-Princeton Children's Center

Come learn active ways to involve parents in their child’s day to day education. Tools given in this training will ensure that administrators, teachers, and caregivers can relate the importance of parent’s involvement and how to access its value.

Art: A Creative Expression

Jill Kleinkauf-Trinity Daycare Center and Preschool

Learn about the power of art and how it links to physical development, observations skills, social skills, and creativity! We will learn ideas and techniques to foster children's creativity and provide guidance for choosing age appropriate art activities.

Stupendous Story Times

Anne Harris-Wichita Public Library

Have your story times gone stale? Do blank stares and disinterested wiggle worms have you questioning your methods? We’ll discuss tried and true ways to keep children actively engaged and interested while exposing them to essential early literacy skills. A variety of songs, book, and games will be demonstrated, as well as tips for managing children’s behaviors in a large group setting.

Time Tips for all Types of People

David Norris MD, MBA

Personality styles have strengths and blind spots that help and hinder us in being more organized in our lives. Come learn more about your personality style and learn how to best manage your time and avoid procrastination. Ultimately, learn how to accomplish and implement YOUR goals, plans and ideas.

SESSION 3 (1:30-3:30)

Cut It out!

Susan Drewelow-TDC's Little Explorers Learning Center

Come and receive tips to learn how to teach children to cut with scissors. This complicated task is broken down into several sequential steps that lead to mastery of scissoring skills. Exercises and activities to strengthen the muscles needed for using scissors will be offered along with some helpful classroom tips.

Children and Their Behavior

Beth Reeder-Make A Difference Training and Consultation

Does it ever feel like the students are out to get you? Are they holding private meetings after their preschool session and plotting ways to get at you? They are not out to get you but what are their behaviors telling us?

Building Bridges with Love and Leverage

Rob Simon-Positive Rhythm Productions

It has been said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. That’s an invitation to LOVE. It has also been said that for many of us, the TO-DO list never shrinks; it just changes. That is an invitation to create LEVERAGE from the effort we DO put forth. So what does LOVE & LEVERAGE mean? Build and use RELATIONSHIPS and TOOLS! This presentation exposes participants to some of the best tools for achieving leverage in educational missions … recognizing that a good RELATIONSHIP is one of the BEST tools for MOVING and EMPOWERING people, and building bridges rather than walls.


Jill Kleinkauf - Trinity Daycare Center and Preschool

Pre-Math skills for children are basically problem solving skills. Learn how to recognize math in everyday occurrences and how to draw children's attention to them. Also learn how to plan and direct experiences for introducing math to children, integrating number recognition, sequencing and more in to ALL learning areas of the classroom.

I’m An Author

Gail Carter-Central Community Church

I'm an Author lays the foundation for preschoolers to become writers. Learn how to SPARK ideas in your preschool classroom and daily routines that encourage and promote writing in the classroom.

You, Your Oganization, and Your Clients

Pamaline King-Burns-Sedgwick County Health Department

We will explore the relationship between the professional, the organization and client perspectives on program outcomes through the lenses of communication, workforce development and social determinants.


Superpowers that Take your leadership and your team to the next level

In this dynamic and interactive session, attendees will assess their leadership abilities and discover ways to turn their strengths into “superpowers” that not only develops them professionally but also ignites the “superpowers” of their team. We will explore what the best leaders do best and how those qualities can be integrated into early care and education programs. This superhero strategy will equip each attendee with immediate action steps that result in a stronger and more unified Administrative Team.


Are there minimum age requirements to enter the event?

In order to attend the conference we ask that all participants be 16 or older. No children, other than exclusively breastfed infants. A breastfeeding area will be available.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Call us at 316-682-1853 for any questions you may have regarding the conference.

What's the refund policy?

Unfortunately no refunds will be issued at any time. Transfers to another participant is available, but only within the conference of initial purchase (Growing With Children or Directors Chair).

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?


Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

No. Please call us to update the attendee information. See refund policy above.

Will breakfast be served?

Please do not plan on breakfast being served. If we end up with a donation we will surprise you!

Can I attend only a portion of the day?

Yes. However, you will still need to purchase a full conference pass and you will only receive training credits for sessions you attend.

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Date and Time


Central Community Church

6100 W. Maple

Wichita, KS 67209

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