Grande Dame Money & Opulent Lifestyle challenge (21 day experience)
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Grande Dame Money & Opulent Lifestyle challenge (21 day experience)

Grande Dame Money & Opulent Lifestyle challenge (21 day experience)

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Escape the average lifestyle, and discover the exquisite!

Grande Dame
Money & Opulent Lifestyle challenge (21 day experience)

UNBELIEVABLE!!! And I am thankful!....This is actually the 4th time that I am presenting this 21 day challenge since its launch in July. Seriously! Women are contacting me everyday and each week a new challenge begins with a new group of ladies.

Oh yes, this is epic darlings!
Really!...because you and other ladies will activate AND experience 21 days of achieving the goal of being an elegant, charming and money savvy woman. It takes 21 days to establish a habit, correct? So Imagine yourself operating in opulence, elegance and money savviness for 21 days and then beyond.

Oh yes, you WILL be transformed activation plus accountability!!!

Sis, allow me to help you navigate this lifestyle and sphere of influence!...I am good at this! Plus, I love the realm of beauty, glamour, and smart money people who know how to use money to get richer. So it's my pleasure to share my gift for attracting and accessing opulent and wealthy experiences, individuals, and environments. You will enjoy this experience. Besides, you deserve it!

So, its time for you to come out of hiding and BE the wealthy woman you are meant to be...a woman of elegance and deserve to flow within an opulent lifestyle, graciously. Yes sis, do you see yourself in this realm? Are you ready to join the glamourous smart money of the world?

Say YES sis to join me and alter your current reality and the rest of your life! BOOK THE EXPERIENCE! Starts October 3rd.

The contribution to enroll and experience the Grande Dame Money & Opulent Lifestyle challenge (21 day experience) is $247 (easy payments available). You will receive details upon registration.

Questions, or should you require additional information, email go! :)


"The 21 Day Money and Opulence Lifestyle challenge put me in a new frame of mind. Rather than fantasize about opulence and extravagance Cynthia helps you tap into actually DOING these things. No sitting at home, dreaming and visualizing. My experience with Cynthia has led me to reevaluate how I experience and interact with my surroundings and how I want to transform my business. I look forward to continued growth with her mentorship. I am making steps now to take my ventures to the next level"-- Malika

"Cynthia's 21 day Opulence challenge has helped my spirit EXPAND into a RICH, EXTRAVAGANT & EASY energy. This challenge has been the discipline I needed to synchronise me with my higher more luxurious self. Since the challenge every morning I wake up with high energy that seems to catapult me into my day. I no longer have to work up courage everyday. I just automatically challenge myself to go higher. My favorite part was the weekly phone calls with Cynthia. She's very wise and the perfect teacher! I am glad to have her as a mentor!"-- Kitzy

*sponsored by the Association of Wealthy Women Entrepreneurs & Investors 

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