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Grande Dame Experience: The Art Of The Rich & Opulent Lifestyle (ON DEMAND)

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A LUXURIOUS AWAKENING (now on demand, so disregard the begin date)

Escape the average and basic lifestyle, and experience the exquisite!

Now on demand (but RSVP is required) is my elite and exclusive Grande Dame Experience: The Art Of The Rich & Opulent Lifestyle (21 day challenge), and I invite you to play with me on this special sphere...it's the sphere that the fabulous, iconic women, and ladies of leisure, business, and philantropy operate on. And I've taken advantage of it since my youth. My fascination with grandeur began since I was little girl participating as a contestant in the Little Miss Bahamas beauty pageant. Additionally, it pleased my mother to give me the best things in life. She taught me and my siblings very early that the best is available, and that the best was for us. Plus, since I am the youngest, I really received everything I wanted...thus, my siblings gave me the nickname, La Reine Cynthia, which means The Queen Cynthia.

Now, while it is true that the possibilities this sphere provides for a Lady is amazing, it is intentionally kept exclusive to expensive and high-end secret socities and private clubs, causing many women to be intimated. As such, they are left behind, looking from the outside and watching the 'club women' win and flourish. But today I reveal to you, that once invited and experienced, sis, you will become a different woman! Trust me when I tell you..there's just something that beauty, influence and opulence does to a woman...they have a magnetic appeal and all women deserve to acquire and cultivate it. Sadly, only a few are bold enough to require it for themselves, and then take action to move past the intimidation.

This is my 10th presenatino of my Grande Dame Experience BUT now, instead of a monthly group participation, ladies can join on demand...and it is going to be even more epic darlings!

Really!...because you will activate AND experience 21 days of actually, in real life, achieve the goal of being a Grande Dame. It takes 21 days to establish a habit, correct? For 21 days, I will immerse you in this lifestyle. You WILL be transformed IMMEDIATELY, on the VERY FIRST DAY....operating in opulence, elegance and money savviness for 21 days, and then beyond. This is total ONE-ON-ONE activation, engagement, plus accountability (see the testimonials)!!!

Sis, your oppoturnity to access and navigate this lifestyle and sphere of influence while it's benefits are added to you, is here..it's like the old saying "your network, is your networth'. Plus, I am good at this! I love the realm of beauty, glamour, and smart money people who know how to use money to get richer. As a matter of fact, you will find in my investment education for women business, I only present to our members, smart and opulent multi-millionaires...yes, I only present my friends and collegues who are actually living this lifestyle. They are some of the most brilliant money minds in the world who are a part of my network. So it's my pleasure to share my gift for attracting and accessing opulent and wealthy experiences, individuals, and environments with you. You will enjoy this experience, and the experence will change you and cause you to never be anything close to average ever again! Besides, you deserve it!

The time has arrived for you to come out of hiding and BE the Grande Dame you are meant to be. The time is now to awaken your feminity, bask in luxury, increase your sphere of influence, and tap into a greater way of being with money. Do you see yourself in this realm? Are you ready to join the glamourous smart money of the world?

Say YES and join us and alter your current reality, and the rest of your life! BOOK THE EXPERIENCE! ENROLLMENT IS OPEN NOW.

The contribution to enroll and gift yourself the Grande Dame Experience: The Art Of The Rich & Opulent Lifestyle (21 day challenge) is $1,495.00. IF FINANCIAL FEAR IS CAUSING YOU TO HESITATE, discounts and payment options are available for those of you who push past the fear and take action to get started. But we have limited the time to choose these options. Remember, this is an exclusive frequency and it requires serious action takers. You will receive details upon registration.

Don't delay. Opulence has need of you. Join us!

Questions, or should you require additional information, email mcynthiapreiss@gmail.com.

SOME GRADUATES SUCCESS STORIES (additional references available upon request):

"The 21 Day Money and Opulence Lifestyle challenge put me in a new frame of mind. Rather than fantasize about opulence and extravagance Cynthia helps you tap into actually DOING these things. No sitting at home, dreaming and visualizing. My experience with Cynthia has led me to reevaluate how I experience and interact with my surroundings and how I want to transform my business. I look forward to continued growth with her mentorship. I am making steps now to take my ventures to the next level"-- Malika

"Cynthia's 21 day Opulence challenge has helped my spirit EXPAND into a RICH, EXTRAVAGANT & EASY energy. This challenge has been the discipline I needed to synchronise me with my higher more luxurious self. Since the challenge every morning I wake up with high energy that seems to catapult me into my day. I no longer have to work up courage everyday. I just automatically challenge myself to go higher. My favorite part was the weekly phone calls with Cynthia. She's very wise and the perfect teacher! I am glad to have her as a mentor!"-- Kitzy

"For my outing this week I went to an upscale mini-mall. The experience was emotional and bitter sweet. But the food was unlike anything I had ever eaten. I actually understood what it feels like to be nourished as I ate the fillet mignon. The pasta was superb. I had never tried a cocktail before either, and it was by far the best drink I ever tasted. I believe it was called the Pretty Cosmo. The service was fantastic as well. Yes, I now know what I really want in life. I also went to purchase my opulence journal today. The selection of journals far exceeded my expectations, and I had a really hard time choosing just one. I am happy with the decision I made. One of the pictures attached is my gorgeous opulence journal"-- MJ

Terms of Membership: By clicking on the payment button, I acknowledge that I am agreeing to become a member of a Cynthia Blanc Worldwide program. I authorize Cynthia Blanc Worldwide Group to charge my debit or credit card as payment for access and membership in this program. I understand that the entire payment is to be submitted and I must participate in each of the activities of the program to see maximum results.

I understand that if I choose a payment plan option that I am responsible for the entire amount agreed upon. I understand that payments are to be submitted on or before the due date. I understand that missed payments of 3 days or more will result in removal from the program until the remaining payments are paid in FULL. I understand that results are dependaent upon me, and the work that I put in. I understand that Cynthia Blanc Worldwide Group has a strict no refund policy on this program and all other programs and services. If you, agree, continue by clicking the green payment buttons of your choice for your Grande Dame Experience.

*sponsored by the Association of Wealthy Women Entrepreneurs & Investors

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