GOVERNMENT PANEL: Strategic Leadership in the field of Democratic Defense

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A government to government panel, to discuss how we can foster transatlantic
cooperation to bolster election security and counter information influence activities together.

Keynote Speaker
Sweden’s Minister of Home Affairs, Mikael Damberg

These high priority questions will be discussed by a panel consisting of US and Swedish government
leadership, including:
- Director General Dan Eliasson from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
- Principal Deputy Coordinator Daniel Kimmage from State Department Global Engagement Center,
- Deputy Under Secretary for DHS Science and Technology André Hentz
as well as representatives from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the
Department of Defence.

Given the rapidly changing security situation in the world, and the increasing complexities of the threat
landscape, building resilient societies is more important than ever. Age old tactics are being adapted to a
new, quick paced technological environment. Loyalties are shifting and the lines between public and private,
military and civil, war and peace are becoming blurred. Many are saying that the cyber realm will be the
arena for the next war, but our democratic institutions are already being targeted. Elections, and an open
and diverse debate, are the cornerstones of our societal structure. An attack on the election system,
including undue influence on the voters and functionaries of that system, is an attack on democracy.
Threats in this domain from state and non-state actors challenge our fundamental values.

So how do we fight back? What can likeminded states do to build new knowledge, to create a solid
scientific underpinning for a concerted effort in this field? Instead of admiring the problem, we need to
create awareness, establish resilient societal systems and build the capacities we need to defuse this threat!
Elections might be considered the play-offs of malign interference and foreign influence, but the
understanding of these issues, and capacity to mitigate the effects of undue foreign influence, are built over
time, and must be sustained 365 days a year.

ID and security check required upon entry.
Coffee and registration from 1:30 pm.


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