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Good Sex, Better World: 8 Ways Your View on Sex Can Improve the World+ Q&A!

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If you ever want to know how somebody feels about freedom, start talking about sex.

Talking about sex and sexuality pushes people to the limits of their moral, ethical, and political frameworks because it’s all so highly individualized. What one person enjoys sexually - an act, a type of person, a set of features - is unintelligible to another.

For instance, have you ever been attracted to someone and pointed him or her out to a friend, only to have your friend make a repulsed sound?

Him? your friend says, incredulously. The one with the belly and big ears?

Meanwhile, you can’t take your eyes off of him as he walks by, talking on his phone.

Or maybe you like a sexual act or type that you fear is "abnormal." You like fat men in their fifties, you like almost non-existent breasts, you like anal sex, you like sex with people dressed as stuffed animals, you like being urinated on, you like wearing a leather mask shaped like a pony’s head, you like dressing like a baby, you like…

The list goes on and on. It starts with what features you’re attracted to and ends with how you live your life...and how you think others should live theirs.

At some point or another, everyone comes across a sexual act or attraction that makes them cringe. How we think about and deal with that offense will tell us how deeply our principles about freedom go.

That’s why sex - so individualized, so active and reactive - is the perfect sphere for political and cultural progress! It's also why sex is so over-legislated and controlled by people and institutions in power.

In other words: If you want a better world, get your perspective on sex - the sex that you and others have - worked out.

In this live, one-session-only online course, Conner Habib will tell you 8 ways to improve your views of sex and how those new viewpoints extend into a better world.

Together, we’ll investigate:

  • How sex and culture intertwine in the realm of individual freedoms and political rights
  • The current sexual landscape and not find what’s “natural” or what’s “normal,” or “real,” but what would would be ideal, what would allow the most cultural space for everyone to understand what they’d like, without restricting that access for others.
  • Why not talking about sex is so damaging
  • The benefits — and problems — of consent and boundaries
  • Why immersive and connected sex isn’t “better” than a casual, anxious hookup
  • What sex workers have to teach us about sexuality and politics
  • Some messy sexual gropes of history, the unwelcome and forcible restricting grip of power, and the pleasurable moments where we seemed to get it right
  • and more!

The 45 minute talk is followed by a 45 minutes sex (and sex advice!) Q&A with Conner, where you can get in on the conversation and uncover your own sexual ideas.

You’ll leave the course with a deeper understanding of sex’s role in our cultural psyche, a whole host of sexual stuff to think about (aside from the usual sexual stuff you think about!), and strategies for a new approach to sex and politics.

And you'll get exclusive access to a recording of the course for 30 days after the course ends!


The course is ticketed and donation-based, so you can buy a standard $20.00 ticket, or you can donate at whatever level you feel best reflects your financial situation and will commit you to really engaging with and absorbing the content (Of course, you can always pay more than 20.00 too!). It says 20.00 in the corner up there, but there's a donation option as soon as you click.

Your tickets and donations go a long way to support my writing and research. They also help me utilize better softeware and keep courses like this donation-based, which means more people can access them!

Almost everything I do is available somewhere for free online - so donations support that, as well as my activist work, as well as my ability to publish critical online content, including my seven-part series on sexually radical thinkers.

This Saturday, before the course starts, you'll receive a link to the live webinar and instructions on what to do when you get to the site. It's simple, and all you need is your computer, the internet, and a few clicks to get started! When the course starts, I'll go over all the Q&A stuff. It's pretty simple.

For more information on me click here, hiring me as a writing coaching click here, and my lectures click here.

See you Sunday!


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