Goldie & Craze in Miami

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Goldie & Craze in Miami

Culture, Minimax, and Jezebel invite you to experience a night with the legendary Goldie along with DJ Craze in Miami.

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1-800-Lucky 143 Northwest 23rd Street Miami, FL 33127

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The first superstar produced by the breakbeat jungle movement, Goldie popularized Drum n Bass as a form of musical expression just as relevant for living-room contemplation as techno had become by the early 90s. Goldie became one of the first personalities in British dance music, his gold teeth, and b-boy attitude placing him leagues away from the faceless bedroom boffins who had become the norm in intelligent dance music. For the first time, England had a beat maestro and tough-guy head who could match the scores of larger-than-life hip-hop stars America had produced, and the high profile of drum’n’bass as the first indigenously British dance music made Goldie a figure of prime importance.

The beginning of the millennium ushered in a new era for Goldie’s musical production. He produced several releases during this period, the likes of which further established the rough yet similarly emotive sound with which he and Metalheadz were best known. Examples include Say You Love Me, Malice In Wonderland, and Breakin Glass, each of which was instrumental in the development of Goldie’s own personal style. So too was the output of Metalheadz’ during this period: the label amassed just shy of sixty releases throughout the decade, nurturing the likes of now-globally known drum and bass artists such as Alix Perez, Noisia, and S.P.Y to name a few.

Miami, you are in for a treat as Metalheadz boss Goldie makes his way for a rare occasion along with Miami's own super DJ Craze.

Presented by Culture Productions, Minimax Events, and Jezebel.