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Golden Rhinos at the Black Joy Parade

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Black Joy Parade

344 Thomas L Berkley Way

Oakland, CA 94612

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Sponsor or join the Golden Rhinos at the this year's Black Joy Parade in Oakland. Leading the charge for healthy manhood and mental health.

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Golden Rhinos at the Black Joy Parade

The Golden Rhinos will be leading the charge for healthy manhood during the 2020 Black Joy Parade in Oakland by engaging the parade attendees with practices for optimal mental health. We would love your support.

Which Mental Health Practices?

Our practices include: emotional literacy for personal healing, deep breathing for emotional regulation, and silent meditation for inner peace.

What is the Black Joy Parade?

The Black Joy Parade is a hyper-positive, family-friendly turn-up that celebrates the Black experience and attracts over 14,000 attendees and 80+ vendors.

Date: Sunday, February 23rd, 2020. Location: Oakland, California.


Is the Black Joy Parade Feb 23rd or Jan 31st?

The Black Joy Parade is Sunday, February 23rd. However, January 31st is the final day we will accept new sponsorships or new Golden Rhinos through the Eventbite platform. If you would like to sponsor the Golden Rhinos after January 31st, please contact Jewel Love directly at jewel@blackexecutivemen.com.

What is Black Executive Men?

Black Executive Men is an Oakland-based psychotherapy company started by Jewel Love, MFT that helps black men in corporate America find inner peace.

While many black men in corporate America find themselves feeling like they are on an island, Black Executive Men provides them with a welcoming community to build bonds of friendship while optimizing their mental and emotional health.

The symbol for Black Executive Men is a Golden Rhino.


What Are Golden Rhinos?

Like Unicorns in Silicon Valley which are billion dollar startups, Golden Rhinos or Black Executive Men, are just as valuable and equally as rare.

The Mapungubwe Kingdom and the Golden Rhino

According to historians, Mapungubwe was the first kingdom in Southern Africa (c.1075-1255 CE).

The kingdom of Mapungubwe was formed by Bantu-speaking peoples who were pastoralists. The area controlled by the rulers of Mapungubwe had at its heart a large sandstone plateau, easily defended due to its inaccessibility. As with later kingdoms in the region of southern Africa, agriculture, especially cattle herding and the growing of sorghum and cowpeas, brought plenty of food and a surplus that could be traded for needed goods.

The presence of glass beads, almost certainly from India, and fragments of Chinese celadon vessels indicate there was certainly trade of some sort with other states on the coast who, in turn, traded with merchants travelling from India and Arabia by sea.

A particular type of decoration in Mapungubwe, was to beat gold into small rectangular sheets which were then decorated with geometrical patterns made by incision and used to cover wooden objects using small tacks, also made of gold. One such covered object may have been a sceptre, while additional evidence of local gold-working is a rhinoceros figurine made from small hammered sheets. These objects were found at a king's burial site dating to c.1150 CE.


Why Healthy Manhood?

There is a currently a positive groundswell in the movement for healthy manhood and healthy masculinity. In response to the 2nd wave of feminism in the 1960's-1980's, which broadend the debate to include sexuality, family, the workplace, and reproductive rights, men began gathering and exploring emotional literacy alongside their gender role in society. This culminated organizationally with longstanding men's communities such as the Mankind Project and the National Compadres Network which have supported 10,000's of men with male emotional intelligence trainings, spiritual cultivation, and supportive accountability.

However, our recent #MeToo movement has set off a whole new round of men's conversations and gatherings designed to support men in gaining greater emotinal intelligence and authentic connections, while adapting to the rapdily changing landscape of LGBTQ rights and gender equality. Organizations such as Black Executive Men, Urban Healers, Sacred Sons, Everyman, The Gentleman's Factory, Brothers and Briefcases, Henry Health, The Man Cave, Dismantling the Patriarchy and many more are quickly rising to meet the needs of men today.






Why Black Men?

The longstanding psychological impacts of US slavery and racial segregation, alongside the social devastation from the crack epidemic in the 1980's, have shattered many African-American communities to this day. Lacking culturally accessible tools for mental and emotional healing, many black men now replay the intergenerational trauma that has been inflicted upon them and their communities for centuries. As Black Executive Men who have already achieved professional success and value optimal mental health, we are now harnessing the power of black manhood itself to inspire community healing.






Sponsorship Opportunities

We would love to have you sponsor us. If your company or you personally would like to promote the mental health of African-Americans in the SF Bay Area, please consider sponsoring us this year. For our Gold-Community sponsors, we will happily promote your company to the 1,000's of black professionals and community members at this year's parade.

Please click on the ticket links to learn more about the marketing outreach your company can access at each sponsorship level.

Golden Rhino Participants

If you are a Black Executive Man who wants to help lead the charge for healthy manhood during the 2020 Black Joy Parade, please purchase your Golden Rhino ticket today.

What's Next?

You're welcome to sponsor us or register today using our ticket links on this page.


Jewel Love, LMFT

CEO, Black Executive Men l www.blackexecutivemen.com l 510-320-3150

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Date and Time


Black Joy Parade

344 Thomas L Berkley Way

Oakland, CA 94612

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