Goin' Up SXLA @ London Alley

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Goin' Up SXLA @ London Alley

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London Alley Entertainment 12910 Culver Boulevard #h Los Angeles, CA 90066

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Big ups to our special friends London Alley, Friends of Ford, Tommii Lim, Deep Eddy Vodka, Nosotros Tequila, Avista Audio Visuals, Swoop, Oragnic Celia Lager, Coco Community, and Rekorderling Cider that made this special!


Next week we are pulling out all the stops and throwing an epic party at London Alley to send off all our friends who will be making the trek out to SXSW. Will have Food, Drinks, Website Launch / Art by Tommii Lim, and some great music!

In order to RSVP you must put the company/agency you work at when signing up. We're trying to keep Goin' Up be solely for the creative/tech/marketing industry community in Los Angeles and this will only help us guarantee that. Thank you for all your support and see everyone on the 9th.

UBER is highly encouraged since there is limited parking!!! Plus we'll be Goin' Up so please don't Drink & Drive!


Goin' Up is a monthly mixer for members of the Advertising, Marketing and Tech industry to network, drink and get the creative juices flowing. Nobody likes to be out done, so it's time we embrace our community's swelling population and finally get on Madison avenue's level on industry incest.

This isn't your standard awkward networking function (sorry no name tags). Instead, think of it as a boozy brunch after work, minus the breakfast food.


London Alley is a full service production company based in Marina Del Rey, CA that specilizes in commericals, music videos, and branded content. London Alley has produced videos airing on every major media outlet. They were founded in 2007 and quickly made their mark on the music vieo industry. They have made music videos for Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran, and a ton of other amazing artist.


Friends of Ford connects agencies with production and post-production resources. We’re passionate about helping brands find creative partnerships with curated talent in live-action, post-production, virtual reality, experiential and activation.

They are people who know people. And have been fostering creative friendships between them for over 7 years. They've worked with both top-notch agencies and production companies to create groundbreaking, memorable work.

Their friends are your friends.


Tommii Lim is an artist, photographer, and director who resides and creates in DTLA. His works are minimalist depictions of the way he interprets and catalogs his life. Through the conversations and adventures he experiences, Lim draws inspiration from the beauty in the simplicity of our existence through controlled line and space techniques. His distinct style of painting has often been described as a seduction of lines through motion as the artist uses simple conceptual elements to convey emotion.

Lim’s photography and videography are also characterized by a minimalist approach to capture the small moments and emotions of his subjects. He was trained and managed under the late Karl Bornstein (charter founding member of MOCA / Mirage Editions / Karl Bornstein Gallery). Lim’s work has been featured in various exhibitions and projects around the globe, including recent wins at the Cannes Lions Awards and collaborations with Kobe Bryant, Nike, Honda, and Grammy-nominated artist StarRo. He is set to paint an array of murals in 2017 and is currently planning for his much anticipated solo exhibition in LA.

Visit Tommii relaunched website at http://www.uglyfresh.com/

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