Go-To-Market Strategy

Go-To-Market Strategy

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You have a business, you found product-market fit, and now you need to create (and optimize) your funnel.

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You have a business, you found product-market fit, and now you need to create (and optimize) your funnel. What does that look like? What tests can you run to ensure you are on the right track? What KPIs do you measure?

Crafting a thoughtful, actionable, effective go-to-market strategy will help you define your ideal customers, coordinate your messaging, and position your product for launch. GTM strategies provide the information companies need to effectively position themselves against competitors, create scalable inbound and outbound models, and leverage appropriate tactics to achieve their goals.

Listen to our panel discuss creating go-to-market strategies for your startup!

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Cy Megnin, Moderator

Aaron Hunter

There are few entrepreneurs who have built a resume as diverse as Aaron Hunter. His creativity, work ethic, and overall innovative thinking have earned him success across several industries. Now, he brings that ambitious spirit and wealth of knowledge as CEO and Founder of Digital Amoeba. Even before starting this new adventure into Web 3, Aaron was paving his way through the tech world. He has established businesses in the fields of sports betting, disruptive analytics for football assessment, real estate, and consulting. When he’s not busy building companies from the ground up, he has spent time publishing a novel, serving as an adjunct professor, and building a successful career with a Fortune 100 company. His unique insights into sales, marketing and overall strategy for growth have taken numerous startups from untested ideas, to lucrative businesses. Aaron is excited about being part of something bigger than himself. By embracing web3/blockchain, there is so much potential and excitement for the future.

Kat Weaver

Kat Weaver is a serial entrepreneur and 22x pitch competition winner. She started her first company out of her college dorm, launched on Zulily and Good Morning America 4 times, to then successfully exit and sell the company. She's now the founder of the PowerToPitch Pitch Path Program where she helps pre-seed to seed founders learn the psychology of investor relations and the elements of a winning pitch. Her course and community set founders up to then get directly matched with investors and grants in their industry.

Clint Mally

After earning a Master Of Arts in Teaching, Clint entered the classroom as an educator. Eventually, he left the classroom to teach people how to make content that helps people, and how to help artists create art full time through valuable content marketing. Currently, he is the director of marketing at Sandstone Care helping teens, young adults, and their families overcome challenges with substance use, addiction, and mental health conditions. He's also the host of the Real Common Treatable podcast that helps behavioral health professionals stay at the forefront of adolescent mental health, addiction, and substance use treatment.

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