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Gnostic Intensive

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Scarborough Community Centre

1727 14 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Calgary, AB


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It is my great honor to share with you my latest offering, A Gnostic Intensive to explore the truth about who and what we are. Join me Saturday, February 16th at the Scarboro Community Hall for a deep dive into your own spiritual development.

When’s the last time you gave yourself the space and time to explore the eternal question “Who Am I?”

What is a Gnostic Intensive

The Gnostic Intensive workshop is a way to reach a Direct Experience of Truth about Oneself, Another, Life, God. etc.

The Gnostic Intensive is a variation of the Enlightenment Intensive. It was created by Živorad Slavinski during the 1980s and 1990’s. It is designed to help participants access a direct experience of truth, distinct from their more conceptual understanding of who they are. This direct experience of truth is also called Gnosis or Enlightenment.

Vladimir Stojakovic, a student of Slavinski eloquently states “Throughout our evolution and development we gain numerous identifications or false identities, we gain impressions about ourselves and the rest of the world. These impressions consist of thoughts and emotions. They distort our perception about ourselves and the world. Whatever we experience, being that the "I" or something we perceive as non "I", is distorted by our impressions or accumulated thoughts and emotions. They create illusion that we are a separate unit. And that creates suffering.”

The purpose of Gnostic Intensive is for the participants to have the Direct Experience of Truth. It is the goal of all spiritual traditions. It is the Truth about who and what we are, what is another, what is life. Although this experience of truth is not a “permanent Enlightenment”, it’s a glimpse into what in Zen is called kensho (initial insight or awakening).

The biggest differences in the two techniques (Gnostic and Enlightenment) are:

  • The duration of the Gnostic Intensive is much shorter than the EI. A Gnostic intensive is complete within 5-6 hours and it’s non residential, unlike EI that last 3-5 days, or even a week or two

  • In some ways it’s gentler method than EI that helps people to de-identify from the mind - to be able to find their truth, to see reality as it is, and not as we perceive it through the filters of our minds. (We often define ourselves based on our past experiences, our traumas, our upbringing, our wishes and desires, our unfulfilled longings, etc.)

  • This process is easier than an Enlightenment Intensive, both physically and emotionally, and the experiences are easier to integrate into life afterwards

Who is this for?

  • The Gnostic Intensive may be more appealing to people who are just getting started with their spiritual development, who want to know their truth but maybe not quite ready or unable to commit to a 5 days Enlightenment Intensive.

  • This retreat is also great for people who’ve been doing the Enlightenment Intensives and want to come back “to the mat”, to re-immerse and also work on new questions - like What is Love or What is God.

What can I expect:

For each us the experience of the gnostic intensives can be wide ranging. Some can have very direct experiences of who they are on the first go around, others may take two or three intensives to reach a state of heightened awareness of their own truth. Even though the experience is temporary, this deep experiential KNOWING has a lasting impact, psychologically and spiritually in our lives. It opens a door that can never be shut gain.


Gnostic Intensives Dates:

February 16, April 20, and June 15 (12 pm - 6:00 pm)

Scarboro Community Hall, 1727 14 ave SW, Calgary


1st GI - $95 , 2nd GI - $80, 3rd GI - $ 65

***Group Intensives are limited to 20 people***

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Scarborough Community Centre

1727 14 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Calgary, AB


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