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Global Goals Jam Cologne


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Wertheim Apartment

Hansaring 12

50670 Köln


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Global Goals Jam Cologne

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The Cologne Global Goals Jam (GGJ) is a day and a half event to engage the local community to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by creating short-term interventions with long-term impact.

More than an event, the GGJ is a network of cities and organizations that are excited to engage their local communities to create real impact for the Global Goals. Let’s #design2030now #Act4SGDs


Do you have a passion for solving social challenges to improve lives? Join us in the first edition of the #GlobalGoalsJam in Cologne, Germany, where local innovators, creatives, and people from different backgrounds will join teams around the world in designing actionable interventions toward achieving The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

You are invited to expand your Social Innovation network and learn-by-doing methodology from Design Thinking and Service Design. Furthermore, this is a chance to develop and share your ideas in real-time with other participants from 85 cities worldwide!


The Global Goals Jam in Cologne focuses on the global theme of Migration. During the weekend we will work with the support and exchange of local partners (more details below) and experts working on the topic of migration from whom we can learn and develop solutions with.

Teams will be focusing on the 2 following Sustainable Development Goals:


Challenge 1: Education with/for migrant children

Challenge 2: How does inclusion look like in the job market? Finding a fulfilling job as a migrant.

Challenge 3: “Being a local citizen” - overcoming the challenge to find a home in Cologne.


The Jam is an event to engage with the local community interested in co-creating solutions based on participation and teamwork. The teams will consist of people from different backgrounds, experiences, experts in the topic, interested, and experts by experience (people with migration lived experience).


DAY 1 : Saturday, September 21st. (10-18h)

Networking and getting to know each other

1. Discover: Participants will attend keynote presentations and guest speaker lectures from local community members and/or industry partners. Dive into your challenge, fall in love with the problem, learn about the problem, and find and talk to real users.

2. Ideate: After collecting insights from your research, you will be able to better understand the challenge and start synthesizing the information into potential concepts together with your team and our support you will ideate solutions for the challenges.

3. Prototype & test: After collecting insights from the day before, you will create a first draft of the solutions, a first prototype, you will test it and get feedback from potential users.

[Day closing: Zusammen Bierchen]

DAY2: Sunday, September 22nd. (10-13h)

Day opener: Zusammen Frühstück:)

4. Pitch: We will support you with prepared templates so you, together with your team, will be able to pitch your concept and solution in a master presentation. Experts on the topic will also be there to give you the feedback you need and learn from it.

[Wrap up!]


The workshop will be held in English & German, but you can make questions in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.


We ask participants for a fee that will cover for snacks, refreshments & office supplies during the two days. Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary requirements or allergies.

Would you love to come but cant afford it? Contact us at ggjamkoeln@gmail.com.


We are Abigail Schreider, Filipi Dias, Stephanie Helou, and Vanessa Espinosa Ureta. We are always ready to help!

ggjamkoeln@gmail.com | Visit our Instagram


About our partners

UNDP, Since 2016, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been collaborating with the Digital Society School to create a global community around the Sustainable Development Goals. As a result, the Global Goals Jam was created to empower people to create direct impact for the global goals, solving local challenges relevant to their own context.

Art Asyl is an organisation working Since September 2015 with a focus on the integration of refugees in Cologne under the motto "Art connects cultures". Through regular courses and activities in the field of art, Art Asyl creates points of contact both in school and leisure time and at the same time offer distraction from the often dull everyday life in the refugee homes. The first pillar of the association work is the project area, they organise art projects, workshops and courses by putting the project ideas of creative people into action.

design with others is a group of designers interested in working on urgent systemic issues. We design and facilitate processes that ensure the participation of minorities because we believe that inclusion should be more than just a quota.


About our Sponsors

Wertheim ist ein Business- und Kulturcenter in der Rheinmetropole Köln. Das Business Center bietet moderne Bürolösungen, die ein produktives Arbeiten ermöglichen. Die vom Wertheim ins Leben gerufene Creative Couch gehört zu einem der beliebtesten Networking-Events im Rheinland – Arbeiten. Leben. Erleben. Werde ein Teil davon.

Yello is originally an energy and gas provider that has recently changed its motto to provide #merhalsdudenkst. Its goal is to supply its customers with the best possible service at a fair price. Said and done. Today, Yello has around 1M customers, making them one of the top 10 electricity companies in Germany. Yello Strom has established itself as THE power brand on the German energy market.

Heilandt - Direkt lecker

Kaffee von der Rösterei Heilandt bedeutet Spezialitätenkaffee von höchster Qualität, nachhaltiger, direkter Handel mit den Produzenten und eine angemessene Preiskultur für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben aller Beteiligten in der Handelskette.

Der Rohkaffee wird im Trommelröster schonend geröstet. Jede Bohnensorte einzeln. So ist es möglich, in jedem Kaffee die interessantesten Geschmacksnoten zum Vorschein zu bringen. Das Ergebnis ist frischer, leckerer Kaffee fürs Büro, für zuhause oder an den vier Standorten in Köln.


Disclaimer: there may be a photographer or film-maker present during and after the event and these images may be used publicly to promote the Global Goals Jam, the SDGs and/or any of our local sponsors’ marketing and communications efforts. By signing up and attending the event you consent and grant permission to create, save and distribute such footage.

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Wertheim Apartment

Hansaring 12

50670 Köln


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