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Grt Hot Glass Studio

6400 South Brookville Road


Indianapolis, IN 46219

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Refund Policy

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Glass Blown Ornament Sampler at GRT Hot Glass Studios

Welcome to all who are either experiencing the GRT Hot Glass Studio for the first time or are repeat visitors. We are delighted to have you join us for what we hope is a very enjoyable and educational experience.

Your instructor is Mr. Matt Kenyon, please follow his instructions at all time as his primary concern is your safety, especially when handling material that is 2000°+ F in temperature! If you have questions or you would like to sign up just contact Matt Kenyon at kenyonscreations@gmail.com

What to expect:
This Sampler class will be around 2.5 hours long where you can create a glass blown colored sphere that you can hang anywhere all year long. This is a wonderful experience that no one will forget. This hands on Sampler is a quick test taste to get you to understand the properties of working with molten glass. There will be two demos then students go two at a time until everyone has created one item. Students are welcome to leave after they create a piece, although part of the enjoyment is watching everyone figure out this wondrous and fluid medium. This class is mainly focused on is how to work with this molten liquid and how to keep it under control. Each student will be getting glass out of a furnace that is over 2000 degrees with our assistance. Students will be introducing their choice of color to it The students will have control over the glass until the end when the instructor shapes the orb while the students blow out the bubble. This class is more about the instructor controlling the glass while you blow the bubble. The main focus in this class is to show how easy it is to blow out a bubble when the glass is the right heat. Students will get enough practice to figure out the properties of the medium, but it takes a private lesson to feel comfortable. (See below for a private lesson option.)

A private lesson will be less intimidating and less overwhelming than a full sampler class. Everyone should start with a private lesson if they can swing it. The glass studio is an intimidating setting for beginners and the instructor will do his best to help get you to feel as comfortable as possible by explaining the properties of the glass and how to stay safe handling molten glass. There is a lot of information so please come on time. The Glass studio is hot and it is more serious than most people expect. If you touch the wrong part of the pipe you will burn yourself and every part of the demonstration is done slow so the students to go slow. If after experiencing a sampler you have the desire to continue working with glass, a private lesson offers the most effective way to further develop your skills.

For Your Safety

1. Do not touch anything that might be hot. Blowpipes, puntys, tools etc… will glow red when super-heated but can still burn a person severely even when they are not red. The silver portion of the blowpipe will be cool enough to touch so keep your hands near the mouthpiece end.
2. Do not pick up glass off the floor. It might have sharp edges and/or it might be very hot. The maintenance team will sweep up at the end of the evening.
3. Do not look into the barrels where glass is cooling. As heated glass cools, it cannot release the stress in it other than to explode. You will hear it snapping against the sides of the barrels as it sheds itself from the pipes or puntys.
4. Be aware of your surroundings. If you are not making a piece you are welcome to watch others as they do, so please give them ample space in which to work.
5. Proper Attire for a Glass Hot Shop. Please wear closed toed shoes and cotton comfortable clothes. It will be hot. We offer eye protection, your own sunglasses might fit you better than ours.

6. We welcome anyone to the hot shop that has a mentality of a 10 year old that is healthy and has the ability to focus and follow directions. This is a serious environment. If you are questioning if the loved one that you are bringing maybe a demonstation might be in order. Contact Matt with questions.

Picking Up Your Pieces After Class

Your glass items will need to anneal for a period of time before they are ready to pick up. This allows any latent stress in the glass to dissipate without the piece breaking and is an important part of the overall creation process. The items will be available one week after the class and may be picked up in the office of GRT Glass Design, located at the other end of the building from GRT Hot Glass Studio between 8:15 and 4:15 Monday through Friday, if you cannot make those times available contact Matt Kenyon to coordinate. Please be nice, patient and respectful when picking up your work.

Options instead of this Sampler
DO A PRIVATE LESSON INSTEAD OF A SAMPLER !!! You will not be disappointed!!!

Class Listings and Options

There are a variety of ways to learn about glass – from single session samplers to private lessons – all tailored to your individual level of interest in the medium. The following is a list of options from which you may choose or mix and match them to create a unique curriculum just for you.


For beginners who have no experience in working with glass, a sampler is a terrific way to immerse yourself in working with the material without devoting significant amounts of time or money. Think of them as topical surveys geared to impart the maximum amount of exposure in a minimum of time. Of course we suggest doing a private lesson, but this option has the budget in mind. These samplers were created to give someone enough of a a test taste to get them excited about doing a private lesson.

Samplers are built around themes often tied to times of the years. In the fall, pumpkin making is featured; at Christmas, ornaments are the focus; in February, hearts for Valentine’s Day are very popular; flowers and paperweights can be created at any time of the year.

You can register for a sampler as an individual or should you have a group interested in doing this together, a private sampler may be arranged for you. Corporate “team building” sessions, birthday parties, family outings, and other gatherings have all been held successfully in this setting and when it is over all participants, will have a unique item they created as a reminder of their time in the studio.

Pricing for bringing your own group in

Sampler pricing is based on the number attending and what is being made.

Ornaments, Paperweights, & Pumpkins

7 or less is $50 per person or 8 – 15 for a discounted rate of $45.00

Colored Flowers Up to 20 at $35 per person, clear flowers are $35

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the way to go, you get more time to figure out the medium and it is a calmer, less stressful setting where it is easier to focus on the properties of the medium.The setting is generally limited to one or two persons and the smaller class size allows for more individualized attention than a sampler as well as the opportunity to make more items during the class. The standard class length is 2 hours and during this time most students make between 4 and 7 items. The type of items made in the first lesson include solid work. We start with a snowmen or blob, flowers, and paperweights .

Class Length usually 2 hours for solid work, but if we do 3 hours you get into blowing a couple vessels. If you get done with a 2 hour lesson and want to schedule a second lesson to learn how to blow glass that is the next step. Consecutive lessons after that will focus on what the student wants to create. You can create your own gifts and unique one of a kind artwork out of glass.

A Date Night class can be arranged for 2 persons and includes helping each other make a glass heart or sculpture for the final product among the other pieces you create. $200

Private Lesson Pricing:

2 Hour – Standard

1 person is $60 an hour, multiple people is 50 per person per hour

Finally, if your group is interested in a glass blowing demonstration at GRT Hot Glass Studios please contact Matt Kenyon to set up a memory that will not be forgotten. The price is $3 per person if you have 20 to 60 pepople.

Portable Glass Blowing Studio

Matt Kenyon has a portable furnace he will bring anywhere on the earth. This is an ideal way to break the monotony of monthly meetings for associations, professional groups, or students and is guaranteed to thrill and amaze attendees. We can set up a demonstration or hands on lesson to show how exciting and wonderful this medium is.

To register and contact Matt:

To register for a sampler, lessons, or a demonstration, log onto contact him at https://www.eventbrite.com/o/matt-kenyon-at-kenyonscreationscom-6169064267 or http://kenyonscreations.com or see and Like Matt Kenyon and his business page at Kenyon’s Creations page on Facebook

Matt Kenyon received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Furniture Design from the Herron School of Art and Design. He has been blowing glass for 17 years and teaching for more than 10. Aside from teaching private lessons, he exhibits his work at The Harrison Center for the Arts located at 16th and Delaware Streets in Indianapolis. The Center conducts a “First Friday” event each month and his work is offered for sale at these as well as by appointment.

A gallery of his work is shown below to provide a brief illustration of the depth and breadth of items he produces. Work is also offered on a commission basis. Matt may be contacted at https://www.eventbrite.com/o/matt-kenyon-at-kenyonscreationscom-6169064267 or contact him at http://kenyonscreations.com or see the Kenyon’s Creations home page on Facebook.

Thank You!

Thank you for choosing to learn about glass and its many attributes and uses here at GRT Hot Glass Studio. Sharing our experience and seeing class members catch the bug when working with glass is a very rewarding activity and we hope you feel the same. Like any skill, it is improved with practice so if you think you might like to become more deeply involved in this as a hobby, we are ready to assist. Please remember to “like” us on Facebook and feel welcome to post pictures there or on Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platform.

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Date and Time


Grt Hot Glass Studio

6400 South Brookville Road


Indianapolis, IN 46219

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