Given When Gherkin : Camille Bell

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Given When Gherkin : Camille Bell

Given Gherkin, When Doing, Then Get Better (Software Requirements)

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About Camille

Camille loves to build software, working software, useful software.

Camille has a passion for agile practices. Whether formally coaching agile practices to technical and business people or heads down working in a team, Camille’s agility is infectious causing those around her to become agile, if not already or reinforcing existing agility within an agile team.

Camille is a constant learner. She isn’t satisfied with her degrees in computer science. Camille is active in user societies, open source projects, and a regular participant in conferences and advanced training. Camille brings back what she’s learned to improve her products and share with her teams.

Bring Camille into your team and together we will create great things.

Specialties: eXtreme Programming, Certified Scrum Master, Lean/Kanban, Team Leadership, Agile Coaching and Management, Ruby and Rails