Ghost Capers Haunted Cape May Ghost Tour

Ghost Capers Haunted Cape May Ghost Tour

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$15 – $20

Step into the past with Cape May's most authentic walking ghost tour and uncover the hidden history of the nation's oldest seaside resort!

About this event

One of Cape May's Most In-Demand Experiences Returns!

Tickets are now available to book on select evenings now through October.

September and October Dates Available Now

Choose "Select a Date" to view our autumn and Halloween schedule! Our October tours last year consistently sold out, so while we've expanded our schedule this year, we do recommend booking ahead to secure your tickets before they vanish into the night! 🎃

Top Things To Know About Our Ghost Tours

  • We call our tour a "Ghost Caper" because we don't just tell a few spooky stories--we get up close and personal investigating the spirits central to Cape May's most famous hauntings.
  • Based on extensive research through hundreds of historical documents, our haunted walking tours are equal parts history and mystery.
  • The stories on our tour uncover Cape May's hidden history of pirate lore, Civil War captives, Victorian society scandals, Prohibition hijinks and more, while showing how the spirits of those who called Cape May home then still have a presence now . . . in more ways than one.
  • Ghost Capers tours are family-friendly and focus on haunted history, not horror, though some subjects included in our stories may not be appropriate for very young children (see below for more details).
  • Each walking-intensive tour lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on guest pace and number of questions asked, and includes around 20 minutes of active walking time broken by stops at our haunted locations (see below for accessibility details).
  • Our lantern-lit tours take place entirely outdoors on Cape May's oldest and most atmospheric streets.

Top Things To Know About Booking

  • The amount of tickets Eventbrite shows as available for either Adults OR Kids is the TOTAL amount of tickets left available to purchase for a given tour. (For instance, if there are 5 tickets left on a tour, you can select up to 5 Adults or 5 Kids to fill the spots with any ticket type, but you can only checkout with 5 total in any combination, not 10.)
  • As of August 2022, tours have been regularly selling out, often up to one week ahead of time, and we haven't had night-of tickets available for several weeks straight. We highly recommend booking at least one week in advance for best availability, especially for larger groups.
  • We make 100% of our tickets available via Eventbrite, so our availability here reflects our actual availability--we don't hold any back!
  • Our tour size is capped by our mercantile license agreement with the City of Cape May, so once tours sell out, we legally cannot make more tickets available.
  • Bottom line: if a tour sells out, it's really sold out! We aren't able to offer more tickets to those who contact us directly, and all requests we receive for more tickets will be declined!

Summer Thunderstorm Policy

During the summer months, thunderstorms are common during the evening hours, but the precise timing of these storms can be unpredictable and the forecasted probability of storms will often vary by large degrees throughout the day. Because of this, we will make the final call on thunderstorm-related cancellations at the tour start time based on current conditions and the latest information from the National Weather Service. In the event that a tour is canceled, all ticket holders will be notified by email and receive full refunds, no further action required!

Have a Question? We've Got Answers!

We're thrilled that you're interested in joining us on a Ghost Caper! This page has tons of information about our tours, including the answers to most of the questions we commonly receive by email, so make sure you scroll all the way down to check out our detailed info, policies, and FAQ to get the information you seek ASAP!

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Do You Dare Disturb the Lore of the Shore?

Join us on a Cape May Ghost Caper and uncover the love, heartbreak, glamour, scandal--and of course, death--hidden inside the historic homes and hotels of the nation's oldest seaside resort! On this lantern-lit ghost tour through Cape May’s historic district, you'll hear tales of pale apparitions, bumps in the night, and inexplicable activity along with the history of each building featured and theories about which of its former inhabitants may be the cause of the current hauntings.

What's New for 2022

  • By popular demand, we have added the Hotel Macomber--allegedly the most haunted hotel in Cape May--to our tour, as well as tales of Cape May's infamous pirates the Mooncussers and Captain Kidd!
  • Our new route takes us entirely through the oldest, most atmospheric section of Cape May, and features shorter walking times and distances.
  • Our expanded tour schedule offers more dates and times for guests to join us on a Ghost Caper, especially on our high-demand summer lantern-lit tours and sell-out October tours.

Times & Tickets

  • Our Cape May ghost tours depart from and return the corner of Washington Street and Franklin Street in front of the post office.
  • Each tour lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the size of the group, foot traffic in town, number of questions asked, etc.
  • Tickets must be purchased prior to the scheduled tour time, and can be printed or shown on your mobile device. You can also give our guide the name under which your party was booked to check in.

Meeting Place & Parking

Meeting Place

The tour starts at the corner of Washington Street and Franklin Street in front of the post office. There are public benches available if you arrive early and want to take a seat before the tour.


We do not have designated parking for the tour, so please make sure to arrive early enough to find street parking if necessary. There is also a paid parking lot, Washington Commons, about a four minute walk from our tour start location.

Know Before You Go

Comfort & Safety

  • Our walking-intensive tour covers 1 mile and includes around 20-25 minutes of active walking time, so please wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes.
  • Some of Cape May’s sidewalks are narrow and uneven due to shifting pavement and protruding tree roots, so be mindful of where you step!
  • You are welcome to use a flashlight to aid with visibility and navigation, and your guide will also alert you to upcoming hazards during the tour.


  • Our tours will proceed in light rain, so pack an umbrella or poncho if showers are forecasted!
  • See policies below for more details on weather-related cancellations.


  • Our tour pace averages 20-25 minutes per mile in stretches of 1-5 minutes, broken by stops at our haunted locations.
  • While we welcome the use of mobility aids, our tour route may not be fully accessible due to uneven, narrow pavements.
  • Our tour guide carries a lantern, but due to dark conditions the guide's lips may not be fully visible at all times to lip-readers.

Age & Content Guidelines

  • Guests of all ages are welcome on our Ghost Capers, though we believe the tour is best enjoyed by guests ages 12 and up.
  • Due to our tour capacity limits, all guests require tickets, including infants in strollers.
  • The tour does include references to topics some may find sensitive including death by natural causes, the Civil War (including battle, injury, imprisonment, and threat of execution), and a death that was potentially self-inflicted. We aim to treat these subjects respectfully and do not discuss them in explicit detail.

Tour Etiquette

  • Our Ghost Caper takes us on a route through Cape May's residential streets and stops in front of private homes, vacation rentals, and hotels.
  • We ask that tour participants remain on public sidewalks at all times and refrain from impolite behavior such as shouting, littering, or otherwise disturbing Cape May's residents and guests.


  • We do not pass by a public restroom or public trash receptacles during the tour, so please plan your bathroom breaks for before or after the tour and plan to dispose of any trash before the tour or carry it with you.
  • The closest public restroom is the Washington Street Comfort Station, which is about a five minute walk from the tour start/end location.



Our tours will proceed in light rain, so pack an umbrella or poncho if showers are forecasted! In the event of a severe weather warning from the National Weather Service, tours will be canceled, ticket holders will be notified by email, and tickets will be refunded. For all other weather-related concerns, we will make the final call at the tour start time based on current conditions and the latest information from the National Weather Service. If it is necessary to cancel due to weather, all ticket holder will receive notification by email and automatic refunds, no further action required.

If a sudden change in weather conditions in the middle of a tour makes continuing the tour unsafe, our guide will escort you back to the start of the tour or, if necessary, to the nearest sheltered location, and tickets will be refunded.


In accordance with current New Jersey guidelines, we do not require masks, proof of vaccination, or COVID-19 testing to join our tours.


For the health and comfort of all tour participants, we ask that tour participants refrain from smoking, vaping, or otherwise using tobacco and/or marijuana during the tour and while waiting for the tour to start at the tour meeting place.


We can't accommodate pets during our tours, though service animals needed for accessibility are permitted. If you are unsure as to whether your animal qualifies, please see the Americans with Disabilities Act publication "ADA Requirements: Service Animals." We do highly appreciate advance notice if you are bringing a service animal so we can mark your party as exempt from our pet policy!

Late Arrivals

To keep our tours running on schedule, we cannot delay our departure time, so please plan accordingly! Since the time spent at each stopping point is variable, we cannot give those running late a specific place and time to join us at a later point on the tour.


Ticket holders may submit a refund request through Eventbrite up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled tour start time for any reason. Please understand that refund requests received after this deadline may not be honored, so please do not book tickets if you are not sure that you'll be able to take the tour!

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Contact Information

Help with Eventbrite

For help with technical difficulties using Eventbrite to book tickets, help transferring your tickets to another day or time, or help redeeming Eventbrite credits, please reach out to Eventbrite customer service directly.

General Inquiries

Check our FAQ below first to see if you can find a quick answer to your question! Most inquiries we receive are addressed below, but if you don't see the answer you need, send us a message via Eventbrite or email us at! All requests to add additional tickets to tours will be declined due to capacity restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase tickets over the phone or in person?

Currently we only accept ticket bookings online via Eventbrite. As a walking tour we travel light and don't have the ability to accept payments in person, so please book your tickets online in advance!

I'm having trouble booking tickets. How can I get help?

Please contact Eventbrite customer service directly with technical difficulties booking tickets.

I'm trying to buy tickets, but the tour I want is sold out. Is there any way to still get a ticket?

Unfortunately, once tours sell out, they are sold out. Our tour capacity is set by the City of Cape May and we cannot make more tickets available once we reach that capacity.

I bought tickets for a tour, but I need additional tickets and now the tour is sold out. Can you add a few extra?

Unfortunately, once tours sell out, they are sold out. Our tour capacity is set by the City of Cape May and we cannot make more tickets available once we reach that capacity. Try transferring your tickets to another tour with more availability if you need to add guests to your party.

I need to change my tickets for a different date or time. How do I do that?

Please see this article from Eventbrite. If you need additional help with transferring tickets, contact Eventbrite customer service directly.

Can you hold tickets for me before I pay for them?

We cannot reserve places on the tour without the purchase of tickets. Please purchase your tickets in advance of the tour through Eventbrite if you want to join us!

Can I book for a date or time that's not on the tour schedule?

Our tours are currently scheduled and available to book through July 2022. If you don't see the date or time you want on the tour schedule, then we are not currently planning on running tours on that date or time.

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