Ghana Food Festival U.S.A

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Ghana Food Festival U.S.A

Ghana, like any other country, is host to several cultures tha have their identifiable foods, Come let us exploit traditions, lean and meat

By First Page Promotions

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July 29 · 10am - July 30 · 6pm EDT


Tubman Garret Riverfront Park Rosa Parks Drive Wilmington, DE 19801

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  • 1 day 8 hours
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Food is an integral part of the culture of any group of people and in some cases, a symbol of unique identity. Beside serving as a source of nutrition, food exudes pride in people who find a great relationship to particular diets.

Ghana, like any other country, is host to several cultures who have their identifiable foods, some of which are traditional or festive. Such foods play many roles in the lives of the people, including tourism.

The pounding of Fufu is a spectacle to many foreigners who might have no idea what its preparation entails. Transforming rice into rice balls (Omo Tuo) is one form of rice meals that may not be known to many a foreigner.

Interestingly, with migration and infiltration of foreign foods into our culture, many of our local and traditional foods are gradually losing their importance and their very existence.

The craving for local food in a foreign land is often quenched by the high prices attached to them, leaving Ghanaians living in the diaspora with a desire only satisfied when they visit home- at times impossible.

To some of them, locating joints where they could enjoy their local delicacies albeit at a high cost is very difficult, thus the need to have a directory or guide on such locations.

First Page Foundation, together with King Ayisoba, the renowned Ghanaian traditional musician, known for his unique music genre, is organizing the Ghana Food Festival in U.S.A on Saturday, July 8, 2023, to create the avenue for various Ghanaian Caterers, Restaurants Food Joints, local food exporters among others, to exhibit various traditional Ghanaian foods for locals in the Diaspora, foreigners and others to enjoy as it promotes Local food and raises the image of Ghana high.

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