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Get the Guy Bootcamp & Life Changing Night Out

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Amba Hotel Marble Arch

Bryanston Street



United Kingdom

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Turn off Tinder and try an old school face-to-face approach of meeting men - with a twist.

Why is it so hard to find the right guy! The Get The Guy Bootcamp is the secret to getting immediate results in your love life. Learn how to meet and keep great men in one day…and then go out with wing women that night and practice what you’ve learnt.

Our dating advice is designed specifically for women. We know how men work, their thoughts, their feelings and what makes them tick and how to hook them in for good.

  • If you’re tired of meeting the wrong men…
  • Confused by guys who disappear on you…
  • Sick of guys not taking it to the next level…
  • Wonder if you’ve left it too late…
  • Feel your confidence and happiness sapping away…

…then, this is for you.

Dating can be confusing and exhausting. Imagine if there was a fun, enjoyable day that helped you find and keep great men. Your Get the Guy Bootcamp will do just that with 6 hours of immersive coaching followed by an exclusive night out to put what you’ve learnt into practice.

From the moment you step into the event, this Bootcamp will start transforming your love life. You deserve extraordinary, long-lasting love, with someone who loves and understands you, who lights you up, who adores you, with fantastic sex, great rapport, and makes you laugh like no other. You’ll learn how to find that extraordinary relationship during the Bootcamp. This event is for ladies only.

In just one day, our Bootcamp teaches you how to attract, understand, and keep your ideal man, all without playing games or memorising outdated rules.

In just a few short hours you’ll learn all about the male mind, break through barriers, and get insights you could never have on your own…

…all the while letting loose, laughing, relaxing, and meeting amazing women who are going through the exact same thing as you.

Then, you'll have a night out like no other. You go out and practice what you’ve learnt on real guys...and if you're one of the 10% who think that sounds awful…after a couple of hours with us you’ll be itching to go out and try this stuff.

You'll meet new men, have some fun conversations, laugh with your new girl friends, perhaps a hot guy will take your number, and as you start to trust in the new skills you've learnt you'll feel your confidence go through the roof.

In fact, the new friends you’ll meet alone will be worth coming for (just think, instant friends to go out and try your new techniques with).

Yes, for less than you might spend on coffee in a month you can learn the exact steps to quickly find the man of your dreams and keep him forever.

12-5pm - Get the Guy coaching Bootcamp

Your day with us will be jam-packed with must-know secrets. You’ll learn our best tried-and-tested secrets with you that will transform your love life. From men, dating and why they blow hot and cold, to texting and when to have sex.

We’ll share the 4-Part Attraction Formula (yes, there really is a formula for creating attraction), reveal the secrets of the male mind and answer the questions that men won't answer.

The presenter does most of the talking and you’re welcome to hide on the back row if you want. No scary role-plays, we promise. You’ll laugh, have a few light-bulb moments, make a few notes, chat to a few of the other women, dance a bit, and generally have a really enjoyable day. This event is for women only, and has such a supportive, honest camaraderie as a result.

5-6pm - Briefing for Night Out (optional)

During the final hour of the day we’ll coach you on your night out. You’ll learn how to deal with the fear of rejection and fear of failure, how to be playful, and how to work a room. We’ll share with you the secret of how to have great conversations with men that you are attracted to that leave him begging for more.

We’ll brief you on the logistics of the night out. You’ll meet your group and we’ll give you a list of suggested places to go. You’ll say goodbye to us at 6pm. Most groups then head off together for a bite to eat before regrouping at the venue at 7.30pm.

The night out is optional. You are welcome to leave before the briefing at 5pm or stay and listen to the briefing and leave at 6pm.

7.30pm - Night Out Starts (optional)

Now you get to put what you’ve learnt into action. You’ll go out with your new group of friends to normal bars in central London to try out everything you’ve learnt. After a day with us, you’ll be itching to get out and put your new skills into action, even if the thought of it is scary right now.

You’ll take a few risks, do something new, mess up a bit, meet new men, have a couple of great interactions and have a huge amount of fun. When you’ll realise you can create conversation and attraction with any guy you’ll start feeling incredibly liberated. You’ll see that you have the ability to meet great men any time you want.

The reason our nights out are so life changing and a completely different experience to what you’ve had before is during the Bootcamp we’ve removed most of the things that hold us back - fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, fear of rejection. You're free to be your best self. You'll discover talking to people in the Get the Guy way is an incredible amount of fun and you’ll feel your confidence growing throughout the night.

During the evening, you’ll also realise how great the women in your group are and you’ll create incredibly strong friendships with them, some of which last for years. You’ll be beaming and be full of stories in the morning that you’ll want to share.

>> Why you have to come

Maybe you've been hurt, maybe you've focused on work, maybe you've never kissed a guy or maybe you've been divorced 5 times...whatever your situation it doesn’t matter because you can change it right now. Don’t wait any longer, nothing is worth more than love.

Confidence or lack of it can be the biggest barrier to finding love. If you’ve lost confidence, feel unworthy, or don’t feel good enough then it has a big impact on how and who you date. We’ll share with you the 3 layers of confidence and show a clip of people’s core confidence being transformed on our Retreat program.

Thousands of women have found long-lasting love with extraordinary men after coming to one of our live events. Every day we get emails (and wedding invites) from women like you who we’ve helped find love. Love is worth the risk, tickets are £20, grab yours now.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what one attendee said recently “This was not about 20 tips to get a guy, this was about how to become the best version of myself, a confident and radiant women who would attract opportunities and great men. I feel a huge shift in my confidence and energy already, I can’t thank you enough.”

If your love life is non-existent, if men keep blowing hot and cold on you, or maybe you just feel time is running out - then don’t put this area of your life on the back-burner any more. Don’t settle for second-best. Make your love life and finding Mr Right your priority right now.

We’re one of the world's most acclaimed relationship coaches and our book is a New York Times best seller. We’ve helped over 85 million women and many have found long-lasting love through what we teach.

This last year, our events have been packed with such energetic, enthusiastic women (and a fair number of absolute cynics too) and you could feel the power of their love lives being transformed in just a few short hours. Cynical or not, we can’t wait for you to be one of them :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Wear something that you'll feel comfortable in throughout the day. We recommend going out in the same clothes you’ve worn that day, you’ll want to freshen up but not dress up. After all we want you to see that guys are responding to your new skills not to what you are wearing.

What should I bring?

We provide pen and paper for notes. There is a Starbucks in the hotel so you can grab a tea, coffee or snack if you want to.

Where do we go out?

We suggest 10 places and you decide.

I can't attend the night out, can I still come to the day?

Absolutely, all the important information and tips will be shared with you during the day. It doesn't matter if you can't attend the night out, you can practise what you have learnt with your friends when you next go out.

Can I just join the night out?

No. You have to have attended the Bootcamp that day to be part of the night out.

What are the timings?

The Bootcamp is 12-6pm (the final hour is optional).

The optional night out starts at 7.30pm and we suggest you finish at 9.30pm.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are £20. Watch out for Early Bird tickets and other special offers too.

Who’s presenting?

Steve Hussey presents the Bootcamps. He’s an incredible speaker and is passionately committed to helping every woman find love.

Is this a singles event?

This is not a singles event. We only coach and empower women. In the evening you’ll go out with a group of women from the Bootcamp and meet and chat to unsuspecting men in normal bars around London.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can get a refund and transfer dates through Eventbrite before the event.

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Amba Hotel Marble Arch

Bryanston Street



United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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