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If there has ever been a time to explore gratitude, it might just be now.

Graitude, the art of being thankful for what you have, has become a buzz word. People claiming they are grateful and really not feeling the true depths of what activating gratitude has to offer you.

In this 45 minute online session you'll be encouraged to explore:

>> What is gratitude?
>> How does gratitude impact our life?
>> How does gratitude increase happiness (and move us further away from numbness)?
>> How to practice gratitude
>> What activating gratitude has to offer.

Each one of us has the key to unlocking our own power of gratitude. In this workshop, you're going to find out how to find that key (it is likely in you back pocket), become familliar with the key and look at which locks and challenges in your life it can support you with.

With a personal experience through a dark time, a passion for motivating other people to expect more from life, this workshop is delivered to you by the founder of the Gratitude Habit - Brittanie Madley (@brittaniemadley)

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Focussed on encouraging people to get into action using Gratitude as a tool, not just a fluffy word, the hub is your place to connect with like minded peple who fill your cup! Open to anyone looking to explore the practice of gratitude.

Zero experience required.
Pen and paper recommended.
All ages, religions, ethnicities,

Why is the workshop free?

Gratitude Habit is a registered Trust here in New Zealand. Born from a passion to support collective mental wellbeing and increase the positive vibes of those looking for more from life than what they are currently experiencing.

The founder, Brittanie Madley, sees this as her soul work - guided to deliver something special to activate everyones super power of gratitude that may be lying dormant.

Open your mind, activate your gratitude.

You'll be sent the ZOOM meeting login details following your registration :)

See you on the inside.

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