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Get Good First Virtual Speakers Club: Learn from John Maxwell

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Looking to improve your ability to engage, inspire and influence others?

Join us and learn to be a more effective communicator directly from John Maxwell every week!

Every Monday at NOON Eastern Time

This weekly online master class will teach you to skills you need to overcome any fears of public speaking, maximize your communication, and learn to craft content for the most effective presentations.

Join us every Monday at noon! (First session is free, register now).

You will also learn to:

  • Keep your composure and confidence when communication;
  • Develop your listening skills to build credibility and trust;
  • Communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings and confusion;
  • Develop stories to enhance learning;
  • Motivate, influence, develop rapport and gain instant respect throughout your organization;
  • Effectively communicate with difficult personalities and end the tug-of-war;
    Connect with your audience and hold their attention;
  • Tactfully communicate constructive criticism and bad news;

    "The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has actually occurred".

As you participate each week you will see your influence grow and see your ability to communicate and connect with others soar in every situation.

This program is for you if...
  • You communicate direction, information, and critical messages to your team or stakeholders.
  • Your message is not always received well in front of an audience (or even a conference table full of coworkers).
  • You feel awkward about how you look and speak on camera.
  • You hate watching video of your presentations because you fixate on the mistakes you've made.
  • You want to become a stronger spokesperson, but you're not sure how to become one.

Join Us: Monday's at NOON Eastern

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