Gender Hurts: The Feminist Fight Against Gender

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A panel discussion with Sheila Jeffreys and Chiara, Jesse, and Helena.

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Transgender activists have seen massive success in the United States and across the globe; unfortunately, they have done so by trampling the rights of women and girls. With female-only facilities, scholarships, sporting events, and activist groups under increasing pressure to abandon their principles or simply disappear, we need bold and uncompromising women’s voices willing to speak the truth: Transgender politics are anti-feminist, anti-woman, and anti-reality.

On March 15, WoLF (Women's Liberation Front) will be hosting radical feminist Sheila Jeffreys in New York City at our panel, Gender Hurts: The Feminist Fight Against Gender. This is a rare chance to see this tremendous author, activist, and educator speak in the USA. Jeffreys has spent more than forty years fighting for women and girls. From critical looks at the global sex industry to documenting lesbian-feminist history, her trailblazing perspective on sexual politics, feminism, and women’s liberation has influenced radical feminist thinking across the globe.

This event will also feature Chiara, Jesse, and Helena, three detransitioned and desisted women from the Pique Resilience Project. They will share their stories and speak about the specific dangers young women and lesbians face from the gender-identity movement. These four women will have a candid, thoughtful, and eye-opening conversation about the harm done to women and girls by transgender politics – and, even more importantly, what you can do to fight back.

Gender Hurts will take place in midtown Manhattan. Due to transactvists' harassment and threats, the exact location of the event will be released two hours before it starts. At noon on March 15, ticket holders will receive an email with the address.

This event is open to all ages.

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