GBE Big Data Marketing with Facebook, Wechat, Whatsapp, SMS

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36 Hongkong Street

36 Hongkong Street

Singapore, 059675


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Dearest entreprenuers,

How do you get Marketing Automation Grant from Singapore Government up to 60k?

Facebook, Wechat, Whatsapp, SMS precision marketing tactics exposed。

Biz Owner Alert,
We are approved vendor and consultant for marketing automation grant from government. If you want to automate your Biz, will you love to have up to 60K for your biz marketing automation. (CASE BY CASE SUBJECT TO GOVERNMENT APPROVAL.)

+ Telemarketing
+ SMS broadcasting
+ Email Marketing
+ Whatsapp Marketing
+ Wechat Marketing
+ Outdoor LED advert in 100 Locations
+ Exhibition booth in SG/ MY/ CHINA/ KOREA

We do the following Services:

Facebook Precision Marketing

Case Study 1: (Base on Competitor)Do you agree, those people who bought and ”like“ in your competitor page is your most likely prospect。Cos your competitor has already spent money to attract them and educate them about product and services that you are holding to。They can be convert to become your prospect, if you know how to contact them, and bait them。This is laser sharp leads , warm leads that can be convert。 How to do this。

SMS, Whatsapp Precision Marketing

Case Study 2: (base on wealth, assets)To find 100 millionaires that stay in District 9 to come for a cup of coffee at Bukit Timah Starbucks Cafe. Who can resolve this marketing problem?

Case Study 3: (base on vocation)Reach out to 1000 TCM physicians and ask them for a conference within 2days。

Location Base SMS, Whatsapp Precision Marketing

Case Study 4: (base on geolocation,block by block and age, and house type) To find Blk 660 D Jurong west street 64 , aged 50years old, lives in 4room flat ,to come for a party at the void deck within 3 days. Who can resolve this marketing problem? without sending leaflets and knocking doors one by one.

Case Study 5: (base on commerical building, and status)There are 3400 biz owners in International plaza, How do you get hold of 500 biz owners to come for a free massage at international plaza, without going door knocking and leaflet sending. Who can resolve this marketing problem?

Pyschographic Marketing

Case Study 6: (base on behaviour) There are 40000 BMW car owners, how can you contact these BMW fans directly via email, phone and invite them for party?


For example, jason is an insurance agent, he needs to find target audience with
1. 2million assets
2. male
3. chinese
4. lives in toa payoh
5. lives in landed property
6. own a business
8. AGE : 40 to 50years old

Who and what solutions are available in the market to get these database?

In Singapore, do you want to find precise and targetted audience for your services and products。

Do you ever want to market your product like a sniper。 Find your targetted audience according to your specific conditions?

For example:
Philip is selling spotamin a vigara similar product
health supplement。

He needs audience that are 40 to 70 years old, and have some money, that can afford few thousand dollars, and he want them to be chinese male singaporean, located near red hill。

In the past, he will go to networking session or via giving leaflets to attract his customers

but if there is a way to attract the customer, and ensure 9500 strangers handphone will ring。and it adhere to PDPA, DNC ruling。

“Hi bro, last nite i tried this product known as SPOTAMIN, it is superb natural vigara similar,made in JAP。you want try for free。”

Tell me, how many person will respond from this message。

Selecting only 10 person each session to learn this NINJA secret。Shhhh。 Dont you let your competitor know about this。

Take away:

  1. Access to our 1.9million precise targetted database。
  2. Precision marketing via wechat,whatsapp,sms, facebook

  3. Learn the various ways to receive marketing grant up to 60k from the government

  4. Learn the ways to filter through database, identify your potential customers

  5. Learn how to get the right message out for REAL action, REAL result。

Location: 36 Hong Kong Street

Clients Include:

Uncleringo, Most of the Property Agencies, Insurance Agencies, MeiZhenXiang, GinYip, OBOR Associations, PIF Capital, and many more.

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Date and Time


36 Hongkong Street

36 Hongkong Street

Singapore, 059675


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