Gathering Leaves Hong Kong Library Visit

Gathering Leaves Hong Kong Library Visit

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“Gathering Leaves HK” is a fixed event for HK people living in the UK to gather for books and other activities preserving HK culture

About this event

“Gathering Leaves Hong Kong” was established with an aim to set up a fixed venue for Hong Kong people living in the UK to have a gathering place. Just like its name 《一頁舟》Gathering Leaves means making friends with books.

“Gathering Leaves Hong Kong” has 3 visions –

1. Promote Hong Kong Cantonese as a language

2. Connect People from Hong Kong and the Community

3. Support the Universal Value of Human Rights

We are delighted to be supported by The Winch, a charity in London. In the Library it manages, every Saturday afternoon, we can set up a small Chinese/Cantonese library and organise activities for the community.

This space offers many possibilities. We have done film screening and seminars, and other activities.

Every week, locals and Hong Kong friends of different ages come to read and borrow books, watch movies, have a little chat with each other…. Every person we met has a story to tell, an opinion to voice and a dream to share. And the gathering place serves as a conduit for different community experiences, though each time is a new challenge to us.

Thanks to Hong Kongers and the community’s support, “Gathering Leaves Hong Kong” is materialized. By being a visitor or volunteer, with you together, we continue to grow and move on.

一頁舟 Gathering Leaves Hong Kong

成立《一頁舟》, 目的是希望建立一個固定的地方, 讓新來到英國的香港人, 有一個聚散的地方。就如英文名 Gathering Leaves — 以書會友。

《一頁舟》有3個願景 —

1. (盛)傳香港話

2. 聯繫香港人與本地社區人仕

3. 支持人權的普世價值

《一頁舟》得到The Winch, 一個在London 的慈善團體支持。在其管理的社區圖書館內, 逢星期六下午為我們提供一個可塑性的空間, 設立一個小小的中文/廣東話圖書館及活動場所。

這個空間提供了很多的可能性。我們曾經舉辦電影及討論會。每個星期, 都有不同年紀的本地人及香港朋友, 到來閱讀及借書, 看電影, 傾談等等; 隨著不同人仕在同一個時間相遇, 往往能產生不同的活動, 不同的氣氛, 可能有不同的新啟發。每次都是一個獨特的空間與社區體驗, 每天我們都迎著不同的新挑戰。

感謝有心的香港人及社區朋友, 自動請纓協助, 令《一頁舟》能成功誕生及繼續前行。