Garifuna Street Fest & Food Extravaganza 2019

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Casa Honduras Restaurant Huge Parking Lot

9131 South Vermont Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90044

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Garifuna Street Fest and Food Extravaganza 2019 - Children 10 and under FREE!! All welcome (323) 628-5403 *Tight security! For booth information please ask for Cheryl L. Noralez

“Keimountia Wabaraguoun, Magibiha Wamá” – Let Us Move Forward, Let Us Not Complain"

We at Garifuna Ameican Heritage Foundation United, Inc. are dedicated to producing top notch events in a safe family friendly environment by working with city officials and showcasing the best of best during our annual Garifuna Street Fest celebrating Garifuna Heritage Month in Los Angeles. During the GSF2017 we headlined the talented Socie GCK. The GSF2018 featured the outstanding Budari DanceCompany, the entertaining Aziatic, and the legendary Aurelio Martinez . GSF2019 will be spectacular with the one and only Paula Castillo, Nuru, Cocoman backed by The Garifuna All Star Band, Awahaya PuntaRockers Band, the magical saxophone of Pablito Guerrero plus Wanaragua Dancers, Wàrini, Charikanari (Two-Foot Cow), and Indio Barbaro. In addition to many other special guest appearances. Also note, due to public concerns and requests, the GSF2019 location has been relocated to a more welcoming and safer environment. Save the date Sunday, November 17, 2019 and spread the word. Reminder discounted tickets will be available online only.

GAHFU petitioned from the City of Los Angeles' Mayor Garcetti a Proclamation making Paula Castillo, the International Garifuna Woman Cultural Ambassador and a Proclamation making Dayaan Ellis Nuru, the Belize Music Ambassador! These Proclamations will be presented to both Paula and Nuru during the GSF 2019.

The month of November is significant because Garinagu from Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua celebrate their settlement day during this month. Only Honduras observes it on April 12. Also, November is the original Settlement month established by Thomas Vincent Ramos for all Garinagu. In recognition of Garifuna Heritage Month, Gahfu Garifuna will host the Garifuna Street Fest 2019 to celebrate all Garinagu from the diaspora. Mark your calendar and save the date Sunday, November 17, 2019. History will be made again!

Come and celebrate the 3rd Annual Garifuna Street Fest 2019 and Food Extravaganza with us. It’s a FREE ENTRY for children age 10 and under, $15 advance ticket sale online or, $20 at the door. It’s a family event for all ages that you can’t miss. Thousands of Garinagu from Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala plus other people from many nationalities will enjoy a full menu of Musical extravaganza: Paula Castillo, Dayaan Ellis Nuru, Cocoman (from Garifuna Kids), backed by The Garifuna All Star Band, and Awahaya PuntaRockers Band. There will also be a variety of Garifuna Food Extravaganza so arrive early and enjoy the menu. Attendants will also enjoy Garifuna Arts & Crafts, Garifuna top-notch Musical groups, Folklore / Culture, Commercial Products, Children’s Games, Marketing & Promotions, Services & Information provided by all type of exhibitor companies.

We are having a Festival in South Los Angeles under the approval from the County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning' Special Events. All are welcome to feel the love, enjoy the music, live the culture, and eat the amazing food.

Main Stage Program: Stage Manager Cheryl Noralez

11:50am Araceli & Mark (Brief Welcome & Intro for Blessing of this year’s event)

12:00 – 2:00 pm Contest: City Citation Awarded to original best outfit male/female

2:00 – 2:30 pm DJ Music

2:30 - 3:50 pm Araceli & Mark introduce Garifuna Cultural Performances:

Wárini (opening of the Wanaragua) - Wanaragua dancers - Charikanari (Two-Foot Cow) - Indio Barbaro

3:50 - 4:00 pm Araceli & Mark intro of Awahaya PuntaRockers Band

4:00 – 4:55 pm Awahaya PuntaRockers Band

4:55 – 5:00 pm Araceli Allié, & Mark Martinez, Hosts present Pablito Guerrero

5:00 – 5:30 pm Pablo Guerrero & his Saxophone

5:30 – 5:35 pm Araceli Allié & Mark Martinez, Hosts present Proclamation to Paula

5:35 - 6:30 pm Paula Castillo – Top Female Labugana Punta and Paranda singer

6:30 – 6:35 pm Araceli Allié & Mark Martinez, Hosts present Proclamation to Dayaan Ellis Nuru

6:35 – 7:30 pm Dayaan Ellis Nuru live Backed by Garifuna All Star Band

7:30 – 7:35 pm Araceli Allié & Mark Martinez, Hosts present Proclamation to Cocoman

7:35 - 8:35 pm Cocoman from Garifuna Kids live Backed by Garifuna All Star Band

8:35 - 9:00 pm Closing remarks


Hudutu (fish soup with coconut milk and mashed ripe & green plantain), Tapóu (fried fish soup with green banana & vegetable), Búndiga (coconut milk broth with fish and grated banana), Darasa (green banana tamale), Dúkunu (sweet corn tamales), Fried fish, Tamales, Salbutes, Garnaches, Pulali (porridge), Saháü (cassava porridge), Coconut Bread, Boil-Up (ground food with pigtail or fish), Fish Panades (fried corn and fish patties), Counch fritters (fried counch meat in a flour batter), Wángula. There will also be a Lemonade stand, Chidlren snacks, hotdogs & drinks, etc.

*VIP section available with private table, chairs, restroom, 2 drinks, plus souvenir $30 per person purchase it via PayPal here: http://garifunaheritagefoundation.org/id10.html

*Live Broadcast & Official Videography by Alma Garifuna TV from La Ceiba Honduras

*The Garifuna Street Fest 2019 Live Broadcast by - made possible in part and co-sponsored by Freda Sideroff's www.garifunafilmfestival.com

GAHFU is partnering with all entities like-minded as we continue to move forward!

*Master of Ceremonies are made possible in part and co-sponsored by Kulcha Buck and Dr. Cadrin E. Gill

*Marketing & Video Documenting by TBA

*Official photography by Louis Reyes LDR Visions

*Main Stage Hosted by Araceli Allié and Theodore Mark Martinez, Master of Ceremonies

*Profesional Sound & lights by 4 Star Quality Sound System - Mark Trapp


Wárini (opening of the Wanaragua) Wanaragua dancers Charikanari (Two-Foot Cow) Indio Barbaro

The Garifuna are a Central American people of West African and Native American descent. One of their most popular rituals is wanaragua, a three-fold system of masked Christmas processionals commonly called Jankunú. This ritual is a unique blend of African, European, and Native American (Arawak and Carib) art traditions in which social and cultural identities are expressed through music, dance, and costume. As dancers adorn themselves in colorful regalia to mimic past foreign oppressors, they symbolically affirm their identity. They perform stylized movements to the accompaniment of drums and social commentary songs composed by men. Descriptions of the three processions and dance styles are interspersed with interviews by Garifuna singers, drummers, dancers, cultural advocates, and scholars on the significance of rituals.

Rare footage of wárini, the now extinct ritual that is the Africanized predecessor to wanaragua, is accompanied by commentary on the significance of the ritual. Examples of wanaragua drumming and dance styles demonstrate how drummers rhythmically interpret the unique movements of each dancer. Translations of song texts show the Garifuna language on screen and reveal themes commonly found in songs. Gender play and role reversal become part of the revelry as Garifuna men mimic European women. Occasionally, Garifuna women, disguised as male wanaragua dancers, join in the festivities. The antics and songs of Charikanari, a ritual featuring stock characters such as the Two-Foot Cow and Devil, are also presented. Images of similar processionals in other locations include photos of Masquerade in St. Kitts-Nevis, Gombey in Bermuda, Jonkonnu in Jamaica, John Kuner (now extinct) in North Carolina, Junkanoo in the Bahamas, and Fancy Dress in Cape Coast, Ghana. https://store.der.org/play-jankun-play-p517.aspx


Pablo Guerrero “El Toro”. “The Greatest Entertainer Alive” Pablo El Toro Guerrero, as described by his brother Abelardo Guerrero during a performance that Pablo was invited to appear in New York. “Pablo El Toro Guerrero hit New York like a storm!!! Legacy Gifted”. “! He's A Living Legend!!!” wrote Mr. Raymond Martinez, a retired friend of his who currently living in Honduras. He migrated to

the United States at the age of 13 years old. Pablo lived in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Los Angeles, California over 36 years ago. He is married to his wife of 42 years, Mrs. Jennet Guerrero. Together they have a daughter named Shirley Guerrero. Pablo enjoys playing his saxophone. Playing the sax is one of his greatest passion. Pablo /rst music debut was with the Junior’s Band in New York. The next band he joined was Trabadores in Boston, Massachusetts. The third band was the Satellites in New

York. When he arrived in Los Angeles, he performed at various Garinagu’s event as a drummer (Anita Martinez, Mr. late Mena, and the Settlement Day Committee). He made himself available to participate at many events, when needed. Needless to say, Pablo continued to pursue his passion here in Los Angeles. He joined Danny and the Boys band, Raiders Band, Sound City Band, and Paul Ibayani Band. His greatest accomplishments was when he started recording music with the Ibayani Band. The band recorded many hit songs. Pablo also traveled to Belize with the Ibayani Band. That was an invaluable experience.

Today, Pablo has added Gospel music to his resume. He currently plays his sax to perform praise and worship at church. This is something that brings joy to his heart as well. Playing music at church has its own reward and it serves a higher purpose.


Paula Castillo is a Garifuna author, composer and singer. She is very popular because she has been able to bring some of the most traditional Garifuna music to the forefront with outstanding musical arrangements. She is also known as "La India Garifuna". Paula has recorded the following albums: Nugura Narutabus, Bungiu Seremy, Milenio 2000, Lida Wamari, Caos Causando Desolación, Daranguilu, and Waka Waka.

Castillo’s popularity has taken her to perform at different cities around the United States and to her native Guatemala in Central America, promoting Garifuna music and culture. Paula Roberta Castillo Álvarez, artistically known as Paula Castillo hails from Livingston, Izabal. She arrived in New York in 1986 where she developed and mastered her musical style. The City of New Orleans, presented her a proclamation declaring her an Honorary Citizen; she received a Citation from the New York Assembly, a Proclamation from the of Brooklyn Borough President, Casa Yurumein presented her a Barauda Award, and the Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United – GAHFU - through the City of Los Angeles will be presenting her with the Proclamation naming her as the major tradition-bearer of the Garifuna culture and music and as the International Female Cultural Ambassador of the Garifuna nation.


Singer-songwriter, guitarist, DAYAAN ELLIS "NURU" Acclaimed as a “Punta Rock Jewel” Dayaan “Nuru” Ellis is a Garifuna Punta Rocker and Parandero from the legendary Garifuna city of Dangriga in the heart of Belize in Central America. His charismatic, nonchalant and professional demeanor has earned him the respect from the music industry not only in Central America but also around the world. In his twenty-one years in the music industry, Nuru has taken his career as an institution where he has combined what he has learned from the many aspects of music and its pundits to incorporate it in all his musical works. His albums to date are: The History of our Roots, Reality-Realidad, D experiment, Punta Cartel Mete Y Saca, Believe, and Reflections, and he has also produced the albums Lidan Dan by Ideal, Lufuluri Papa and Garifuna by Georgette Lambey, and Lovaboy. Nuru began his career with an all-guitar band called Belizean Adventures. He then moved to play with Sound City Band and made history when he joined the Punta Rock magnet band of the 90’s Garifuna Kids, Garifuna Legacy. He has played with bands such as New Generation, Ibayani, Punta Cartel and Griga boys. In addition, Nuru has collaborated with Garifuna artists like Andy Palacio, James Lovell, Mimi and Mohabob Flores, Titiman Flores, Ivy Queen, Aziatic, Bella Carib, Chico Ramos, Adrian “Doc” Martinez and Paula Castillo. Known for his electrifying on-stage performance in the U.S. and around the world, Nuru has staged performances in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Cari-Festa in Trinidad and Tobago, Afro-Caribbean Festival in Veracruz Mexico and Belizean Summer Park Festival in New York. His musical talent landed him on the same stage with international musical characters like El Rookie Junior Ranks and Aurelio Martinez. Recognized as a hard worker, Nuru pursues a solo career where he intends to promote and maintain the wealth and richness of the Garifuna culture through his music, lyrics and electrifying performance that has won the hearts of thousands around the globe. His belief is in educating people about the Garifuna culture and music is essential to maintain the strength of the culture.


Jorge Guerrero AKA Cocoman is a Garifuna musician whose family is from San Antonio Colon Honduras. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised by his mother and father (May they Rest in Peace); his father was a musician. Jorge grew up around music all his life. His father knew since day one that he had a special talent. His father would let him get in the middle of the dance floor to entertain a crowd; he was also offered money to do so. He was also known as the hype man of the family. He was known for dancing wild and being loud since a young boy. While in Junior High School he participated in a marching band. There he felt more comfortable entertaining for a bigger crowd. He then realize that he loved being around a crowd, also performing in front of one. Jorge lived in California for 5 years, that's where he accomplish to get his High School Diploma. Then attended College in South Carolina. Jorge wanted to be known in the Garifuna world as a musician, that's when he decided to move back to New York. There he realizes that he wanted to join a Garifuna group. So that's when he joined Grupo H in 1986. He started playing the trumpet, congas, and ended up singing reggae songs for them. After playing for them for 2 years, he then wanted to form his own band. He gathered a few of his close friends and decided to actually do it. They didn't have a name yet for the band but they wanted to get known some how. The band would crash different parties to get playtime. The lead singer of Grupo H then named them Garifuna Kids. In 1994 that's when Garifuna Kids made their first album "Baila, Baila". Cocoman contributed a lot to that album. They traveled all over the US and Central America and did a lot of performance in New York as well. While dealing with Garifuna Kids, he learned a lot regarding the Garifuna music business. He went through some ups and downs while dealing with the group. But over came all that and decided to become co-owner of one of the most popular bands in the U.S and Central America (within the Garifuna community). Enter Garifuna Legacy. Some of the members of Garifuna Kids joined the newly formed band called Garifuna Legacy. They had two hit albums, "Unfinished Business" and "The Dynasty- Hated by many, Loved by many more". While performing with Garifuna Legacy he also traveled and did what he did best, entertain a crowd. He was known for doing different stunts, again he was known for being a hype man. You had no choice but to dance and party with them. After performing for a couple of years with the group, he learned to become more independent. They also went through their ups and downs but Cocoman always managed to handle different circumstances and overcome them. Then he decided to go solo, which he has been doing for many years now. Cocoman is an excellent performer, he's known for his music, voice and his energy. He has been known for performing in Apollo Theatre, Lincoln Center just to name a few famous places.


Awahaya Punta Rockers is one Los Angeles cultural band founded by seasoned musicians such as the multi-talented Bootsy Rankin, Dua Faltas Nolberto, and Kelsy Bernardez. This amazing cultural band has very talented individuals who have come from other popular bands like Penn Cayetano and The Turtle Shell Band, the Mighty Wagia, and Libaya Baba. The Awahaya Puntarockers Band is under the leadership of Dua (Faltas) Nolberto and Bootsy Rankin, with four other members that play the Shacka (sísira / maracas), Turtleshells, primero and segundo Drums, and the keyboard. Their music is called "HUDUTU MUSIC", ARABU (FARM) directly from the roots and culture plantations. AWAHAYA means (We are here). Awahaya punta rockers is a recent creation from the minds of some Dangriga's most recognizable face in most traditional puntarock music genre....The band has been togather since 2014...playing in L.A. venues, clubs, wedding, birthdays, chugu, and concerts. Awahaya captures the spirit of Dangriga's original Turtle Shell band in Belize in its early days.


Nuru from Dangriga, a professional singer-songwriter and well-known musician from the culture capital of Belize, Dangriga; Martin Mejia, son of the legendary conga player Jacho Mejia from Honduras. Marlon Alegria is a well-known musicia whose specialty is playing keyboard. He is the founder and owner of Caribbean Dynamics Band. Yung Chriss Arana is a product of Wagia Kids Band from Los Angeles and son of the most popular bass player Sonny D. Chriss works his magic behind his keyboard. Dayton Bernardez “D-Bone” is one of the original members of “Libaya Baba” cultural drummers in Los Angeles. D-Bone has performed at many local cultural and social events among Belizeans, Hondurans, and Guatemalans in Los Angeles. Glen GARCIA "Q" is also the multi-talented musician singer, promoter, and producer behind the early Mr. Garifuna Contest, Umalalistudios, Wadabu Garifuna Kitchen, drum making and repair, and member of Pal's Ibanyani Band, Punta Cartel, etc. Bernardo Higgins Higinio is the legendary turtle shell player and original member of Pen Cayetano's Turtle Shell Band. He is now a member of Punta Cartel / Puntamania Band.


The origin of this masked dance dates back to the epoch in which the Garífuna inhabited Saint Vincent Island (XVII-XIX century). In those days, the British colonizers infiltrated the island, setting their sight on the huge expansions of land and the local work force, the Black Carib. These Garífuna ancestors resisted imperialist attacks and engaged in armed conflict with the British. This dance readopts the disguise that the Garífuna warrior utilized as a strategic defense against British forces. It is a celebration of their military victories. According to Garífuna oral tradition, Barauda, the wife of the legendary Garífuna chief, Satuye, insulted her husband for not “being enough of a man” to avenge the British. The British were invading their communities and burning their cassava fields. She says, “Women, we are going to have to dress as men and fight against the British. Meanwhile, men, you had better dress as women. Because the only thing you do is flee each time the British come near our villages.”

In response, Satuye developed a strategy whereby Garífuna men disguised themselves in women’s clothing. The British entered the Garífuna towns unprepared, not expecting male resistance. They assumed that only women were at home in the villages. Dressed as women, the male warriors assaulted the British and took the troops off guard. That is how the Garífuna cleverly deceived the British.

Source: https://www.wilderutopia.com/traditions/caribbean-garifuna-disguised-warriors-dance-wanaragua/

Master of Ceremonies ARACELI ALLIÉ

Garifuna Street Fest 2019 Master of Ceremonies Araceli Allié (aka Araceli Nuñez) was born and raised in a remote Island in Honduras named Riotinto. She is the seventh of ten siblings and she refers to herself as the “lucky seven”. Her mother was well rounded in Garifuna culture and worked the land by farming, making and selling casave. She made Garifuna food with everything and anything that yuca produced, including ereba, giju (gihu), aru, morumoruti, farina and dumari. Araceli inherited from her mother the love of cooking Garifuna food and enjoys making hudutu, bimekakule, dani, dugunu / dúkunu, and letu (atol).

Araceli migrated to the United States when she was 14 years old and lived in New York City for over 25 years, where she attended Metropolitan College and Adelphi University, obtaining her master’s degree in Social Work. She earned her credentials as a Licensed Master in Social Work (LMSW) and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has worked in the mental health field for over 15 years, providing individual, family, group, child and adolescent psychotherapy and supportive counseling, as well as evidence-based trauma and depression intervention. She is currently the Center Manager at an Altamed PACE program in Southern California, a program of all-inclusive health care for the elderly.

In the Garifuna community, Araceli has been active in community events as a member of Hondurenos Contra El Sida/ at Casa Yurumein in Bronx, New York and as a sponsor of the Dometila Flavia Ferndandez Essay Contest in conjunction with the Garifuna Coalition. She has hosted the Garifuna Heritage Awards and Cultural Night in New York.

Araceli has had a passion for acting and performing since childhood, participating in plays, comedias and coronaciones since she was four years old. As an adult, she studied at the Steller Adler School of Acting in New York City and the Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio in Hollywood, and also trained at the improv school The Groundlings. She has appeared in a reality show pilot, corporate training videos and as the character “Yanisi” in the feature film “Garifuna in Peril.” She is now writing two scripts and plans to direct her first film soon. In addition to her professional and creative endeavors, Araceli is an avid runner and has competed in multiple 5K and 10K races in Southern California along with her husband, Ali Allié.

Much appreciation to our supporters: Casa Honduras' Jose Alvarez, Dr. Cadrin E. Gill, Guatemalteca Bakery, and others to be added.


Mark is Garifuna born in Dangriga, Belize. As a SAG-AFTRA member, Martinez has been seen, in the theater, in Dream Girls, Intimate Apparel, Julius Caesar, The Colored Museum, Tempest, and To Kill A Mockingbird to name a few. While doing so, he's graced the stages of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Morgan-Wixson Theatre, Stage 52, the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center and more. Martinez even had the esteemed privilege of working with Executive Director, Plácido Domingo, in Moby Dick. He described it as one of his most brilliant opportunities.

In addition to theater, Martinez can be seen, on screen, in such films as "All The Way" where President Lyndon B. Johnson (Bryan Cranston) endures a tumultuous first year in office while trying to launch a civil rights bill and "The Five-Year Engagement." He can also be seen in Independent films such as "The Voice" and the award-winning "The Jew."

Martinez' versatility is evident as he performs in the voice over realm in such animated films as "Animated Film #1", "Animated Film #2" and "Animated Film #3." Even in these performances, Martinez displays a wide range of emotions that are pulled from his personal experiences.

Martinez aspires to perform in positive, inspirational pieces where he can bravely tell the story of those who have been silenced and to speak for a population that Mainstream America fails to properly portray.

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Casa Honduras Restaurant Huge Parking Lot

9131 South Vermont Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90044

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