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Gamification Europe 2019

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Hotel Mercure MOA

Stephanstraße 41

10559 Berlin


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About Gamification Europe

Harness the power of games. Gamification Europe is the 2 day gamification conference that gives you all the necessary tools to use gamification in your organisation. So far we've announced the location, the venue, the theme and we're announcing new speakers every week.

If you want to connect with gamification practitioners, CEO's, service users and world-wide brands in an intimate setting; and learn from leaders who have successfully delivered gamification research or projects then you are in the right place!

We are proud to have the support of:

Logos of Gamification Europe 2019 sponsors (so far) includes: Growth Engineering, Gamification Academy and Brand New Game

Our official media sponsor:

Gamification Europe 2019 official media parter is Professor Game podcast

'Super Early Bird' ticket sales are over, get your 'Early Bird' tickets now

The third edition of Gamification Europe will take place in Berlin, Germany on the 9th-10th of December. We are releasing new information about the conference regularly on our social media profiles. Find the links to these at the end of this page.

Speakers at #GEU19 (more being announced every week)


Adrian Hon - Lessons for the Present and Future of Gamification from Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is the world's most popular smartphone fitness game, with over 5 million downloads and 200,000 active users, and also one of the most cited examples of successful gamification in action. Learn how Zombies, Run!'s design and continuous pipeline of new stories and gameplay has helped keep the community engaged over seven years – and about the thing we've tried that haven't worked. Adrian will also share preliminary results from a joint research project into Zombies, Run! players with UCL, and his thoughts on the future of gamification on AR and VR devices.

Betty Adamou - Changing the Data-Giving Mindset Using Games: From Chore to Score

Market Research is the lifeblood of many businesses. Yet research participants are now chronically disengaged in the survey-taking process. It is increasingly difficult for organisations to make business decisions off the back of data that is given in a disengaged way. The landscape of market research is changing and Betty Adamou has been a leader in bringing gamification to surveys. Her research games increase focus, attentiveness and engagement in the research experience. We'll hear case-studies from Fortune 500 brands that provide an eye-opener and inspiration to everything research can now be. She won't stop there and will also let us know what is the future for games and gamification in market research.

Dr Xavier Bellekens - Cyber-Security: Deception and Gamification for Criminals

With the ever growing networking capabilities and services offered to users, attack surfaces have been increasing exponentially, additionally, the intricacy of network architectures has increased the complexity of cyber-defences, the use of gamification has recently been trending both in academia and industry. Blended with Deception, Gamification enables to create proactive defence systems, luring attackers in order to better defend the systems at hand. Current applications of gamification and deception, only rely on static, or low interactive environments. This talk will explore gamification and deception techniques than can be used to increase human-computer-interaction to lure malicious users into selected traps while piquing their interests.

Nicolas Babin - Gamification and AI – a More than Human Future

Nicolas Babin, and his robot Aibo, will explain how AI will challenge us to get our attention and increase engagement. How AI will then drive loyalty through gamification techniques and towards optimal engagement. Not just for marketing campaigns and entertainment purposes. He will show how gamifying the digital transformation at a Chinese chemical company has ensured employee engagement and changes adopted. But is it all about data driven AI, how important is human empathy, intuition and conscience?

Gianluca Sgueo - Beyond Playfulness - The Use of Game-Design in Governing

All over the world, governments, public bodies and international organisations are using technology to transform the exercise of public power into a game. Civic value is evolving into a game played by everyday citizens, sometimes in competition, other times working in harmony towards a common goal. Winners are celebrated (and losers blamed) collectively. Gamified public power is much closer to reality than it may first appear - and as Eugeny Morozov ironically points out, it looks nothing like ‘your average Tetris’.

​Robert Newry - Game of Science: How Game-Technology and Neuroscience are Shaping the Future of Recruitment (and No-one Dies in the Process!)​

Robert Newry, CEO of Arctic Shores (pioneers in the use of game technology in psychometric assessment) delivers an interactive and informative session on gamification in recruitment. He'll tell us how game-like tasks can tell you more about a person in 30 minutes than in a year of conversation. A short time to find out if your candidates are suitable. Robert also provides live examples of how major companies like Deutsche Telekom and Siemens are using gamification in recruitment to assist in their digital transformation strategies.

​​​Tania Vercoelen - Project Ninjas

Are you ready to show off your ninja skills? During this session you'll get the opportunity to work together with other ninjas in a race against the clock. Project Ninjas is a collaborative board game where you'll work together with 4-5 other ninjas. Your mission is to complete a project on time, while mitigating the risks and challenges coming at you. But that's not all, you'll also be racing against other ninja teams who are trying to complete the same mission. Will your ninja team come out on top? Well that depends on how well you communicate, plan ahead, collaborate and demonstrate leadership in your team. Do you have what it takes to be a Project Ninja?

Kerstin Oberprieler - A New Lens for Enterprise Gamification: Cultural Historical Activity Theory

Designing in workplaces can be challenging, especially when those organisations are large. How do we as gamification designers deal with this complexity to create meaningful gamification experiences? The activity system view of CHAT is a lens we can use to accurately map the system. Want to hear where CHAT is positioned in relation to Self Determination Theory and Goal Setting Theory and what it means in a practical sense for gamifiers? Kerstin will tell you! Drawing on her PhD research, where she looked at cases including a restaurant, a school and a government department, Kerstin will present emerging theories and practice for gamification design that is meaningful and effective.

Dr. Philipp Busch - Gamification for Social Good – and How to Use it in MOOC’s

The use of Gamification and Serious Games in Development Cooperation is increasing. But what are the differences and what are the overlapping points? How can you improve the digital learning experience of your user? In this presentation we will talk about a Serious Game, a failed gamified MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) and a gamified MOOC that succeeded. What then does the future of Gamification in Development Cooperation look like?

​Roman Rackwitz - How Game Thinking Can Become the Operating System for a Whole Organisation

The context of Game Thinking contains many different approaches. We have Gamification, Serious Games, Simulations, Game-based-learning and more. Each individual approach has its own advantages and disadvantages. The approach chosen should depend on the customer's context and desired outcome.

But what if some (or even all) the approaches are already used in one organisation? Usually they are run as separate projects. Could it be possible though, and more effective in the long run, to handle them like one bigger organism? Relying on each other in the macro but being specialised and separated in the micro?

Let me give you an introduction into my vision of Game Thinking as a whole, and how we are helping our customers move in this direction.

Anna Orosz - One Way Ticket to the Fun - The Networking Game

How do you generally feel about networking events? Have you already experienced that awkward moment when you stay alone with the fourth coffee in your (shaking) hands? Or the one when you walk to somebody with your prepared small talk to engage conversation? What if you had the opportunity to discover networking in a new, more fun and more constructive way? Collock is launching its gamified networking event 'One Way Ticket to the Fun' at Gamification Europe! In this collaborative 1-hour-experience, you will have the chance to bond with your peers, build a project together, and share your vision of 'Future Fun'.

​​​Will Jackson - How Gamification Saved My Life

During this talk Will Jackson will take you on the emotional journey of how he has developed Playphysio. Inspired by his daughter and her daily struggle managing her respiratory disease, Will explains how gamification is transforming daily life for sick children and their families. In fact, Playphysio gamification works so effectively, users tell us that they forget they’re actually doing treatment! This case-study is motivating, unique and expertly gamified.

Arkadiusz Siechowicz - Not Another Shiny Thing – Realistically Customers Want Gamification That Is...

If you'd just learnt to ride a bike, would you immediately dump it and pick up a motorbike because that looked more exciting? The gamification industry has moved from being players to professionals. We may have made some rookie mistakes to begin with. Basing gamification on PBL's only anyone? Or nagware trying too hard to change our everyday habits? But isn't it a bit too early to ditch our learnings and follow the next shiny thing - AR/VR/MR? Yes, it would be exciting to be pioneers again! But there are millions of people waiting for us - seasoned Gamification designers - to make their every day a bit brighter. Just a little bit, because that's realistic. And to them this future could still be mind-blowing.

Gamification Europe Hosts

We are incredibly fortunate to have gamification industry veterans, Ercan ​​​Altuğ Y​ilmaz and Rob Alvarez, acting as Masters of Ceremonies over the two days of the conference. Both will lead one day each: introducing our speakers and providing commentary across the day.

The Theme - Future Fun: Where is Gamification Headed?

We will have talks, workshops and experiences that help us explore this theme. Particularly, you can expect to hear about:

  1. New use cases for gamification
  2. How emerging technologies will affect and improve gamification, specifically:
    * Augmented Reality (AR)
    * Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    * Internet of Things (IoT)
    * Virtual Reality (VR)
  3. How science-based research in gamification can be made to work in practice
  4. How the gamification market is evolving

Attend our gamification conference and continue your journey to gamification mastery

Answer the call to adventure, and you will receive all the benefits below. Attending this conference will:

  • Be able to attend a pre-conference introductory gamification workshop

  • Allow you to ask the speakers questions after their talk (YouTube comments aren't the same and you know it)

  • Boost you into presence of industry leaders who are building the future (e.g. hear it here first)

  • Help you to reimagine what gamification is and isn't, through best practice, case studies and insight from industry leaders

  • Expose you to new ideas (You go to conferences to learn something new right?)

  • Upgrade your understanding of gamification through new perspectives

  • Expose you to other industry leaders and innovators. (This is more than just a convergence of great minds, this is a chance to find new partners, solve your business problems and experience dozens of 'aha' moments.)

  • Put you at the epicenter of gamification knowledge

Book your spot at The Mercure!

If you are going to be going to the conference, perhaps you'd like to book your stay in the hotel we are hosting the event at?

We have some guaranteed rooms reserved for you at The Hotel Mercure MOA at €121 per night (including breakfast). You can visit this website to enquire about availability: https://hotel-moa-berlin.de/abrufkontingent-gamification_07-12-14-12-19/


Speak to Kira, 'kira@gamification-europe.com' if you would like more information about #GEU19.

Thank you

Pete, Kira and Vasilis

(The Organising Team)

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Date and Time


Hotel Mercure MOA

Stephanstraße 41

10559 Berlin


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