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Gamification Europe 2018

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Boom Chicago

117 Rozengracht

1016 LV Amsterdam


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Refund Policy

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Harness the power of games. Gamification Europe is the 2 day gamification conference that gives you all the necessary tools to use gamification in your organisation. Our exceptional speakers will do more than just inspire you: they will motivate you to design better, to embrace failure with grace (which is far easier to learn from), and finally they will help you avoid making the mistakes that they made.

Organised by GAMIFICATION+

Our Speakers

  • Dr Marigo Raftopoulos Has Gamification Failed?

  • Michiel Van Eunen A Day at the Beach: Engaging Large Organisations with Physical Gamification

  • Manuel Pimenta We are all Winners! How to Celebrate Employee Participation in Large Organisations

  • Karen Sikemma Lost in Time: Bringing Digital and Physical Gamification Together Through Narrative

  • Bernardo Latayf From Player to Professional: Applied Gamification Mechanics 101

  • Samantha Clarke Curiouser and Curiouser! Mystery Boxes and Intrinsic Motivation

  • Bart Hufen Improve your Routine! A Loop to take you from Player to Professional

  • An Coppens The Importance of Playtesting: How to Make Sure Your Game is Fun to Play

  • Dr. Zac Fitz-Walter We’re off to see the Wizard: How Prototyping can Improve your Gamification Design

  • Will Stuart Jones Selling Ice to the Eskimos


  • Andrzej Marczewski Using Limitations to Drive Great Design

  • Steve Bocska Getting the "Game" Back Into Gamification: A Veteran Video Game Designer's Perspective

  • Juliette Denny Unleashing Mobile Superheroes! Creating a Gamified Learning Strategy for the Modern Workplace

  • Pau Yanez How to get from Research and Development to the Market: The PlayVisit Case Study

  • Willem Jan - Renger Beyond the Medieval Bible Problem: How to Create Re-usable Gamification

  • Dr. Michael Wu Do Androids Play Games? Where Does Gamification Fit in a World of Robots and AI

The Theme - From Player to Professional

Gamification has evolved. It is becoming a profession, whereby the individuals who practice and preach it are helping to define what is and more importantly what isn’t, gamification. In this conference we are curating successful and unsuccessful case studies and experiences to help define a more definitive set of common practice standards and rules. This should aim to influence more accessible gamification to the masses, without simplifying it to the point where it’s no longer gamification at all. The reach gamification has achieved in such a short time is awe inspiring, but we believe that this reach includes some massive respsonsibily.

In fostering a greater understanding of the opportunities and threats that the gamification profession faces, we can tackle the adversities head on and innovate and improve the qualities of tools and frameworks from the inside out.


Become a gamification master

Leading innovative firms and startups bought their tickets AGES ago. Attending this conference will:

  • Allow you to ask the speakers questions after their talk (YouTube comments aren't the same and you know it)

  • Boost you into presence of industry leaders who are building the future (e.g. hear it here first)

  • Help you to reimagine what gamification is and isn't, through best practice, case studies and insight from industry leaders

  • Hear talks you've not heard anywhere else (You go to conferences to learn something new right?)

  • Expose you to new ideas

  • Upgrade your understanding of gamification through new perspectives (we lead this industry from the inside out)

  • Expose you to other industry leaders and innovators. (This is more than just a convergence of great minds, this is a chance to find new partners, solve your business problems and experience dozens of 'aha' moments.)

  • Put you at the epicenter of gamification knowledge

You should Enter into the Awards

Our team is proud to present The Outstanding Gamification Europe Awards 2018. We have curated these awards with Dr. Michael Wu to highlight the fantastic work that gamification practioners have engaged in. We aim to highlight:

Answer the call to adventure now!

Buy a ticket for both days of the conference, and be at the epicenter of gamification knowledge.


The organising team,

Pete, Vasilis, Kira and Sofia

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Date and Time


Boom Chicago

117 Rozengracht

1016 LV Amsterdam


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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