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Marina Village San Diego

1936 Quivira Way

San Diego, CA 92109

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Magic Moments, or How E=L² Came to Life

In my youth, I was fascinated by Stefan Zweig’s book Decisive Moments in History which is filled with stories of everyday people who changed the world. Today, 35 years after I read it for the first time, the book is on my nightstand again. But this time, I’m not just reading it, I’m actually adding a new chapter to it.

Developing innerwise has been a life’s work and it has become something extraordinary. But the story goes on… Over the last few months, a new chapter has come to life and, in just the last few days, this new development has passed it’s first major test.

The only way I can describe this new development is to call it my legacy. It is called E=L² (energy equals the square of life and love).

The first course on E=L² has just been held with our American mentors in San Diego. At the end, we all left the course with an incredible sense of amazement that will stay with us for a very long time to come.

But let’s go back to the beginning of the story:

In January 2016, I was in Thailand where I wrote two books: Imago and Manipulations. Imago was finished and ready to be released in 2016. It flowed easily and freely. The manuscript for Manipulations, on the other hand, was simply not meant to be, and in December of last year, I threw it on the fire and watched it burn to ashes. Still, a nagging feeling remained with me that I should take a closer look at the games and tricks people play with one another.

I could envision easily turning the topic into a game. Yet, soon I realised it would be too boring and one-dimensional, because it failed to ask, let alone answer, the big questions, like “why?” “for what purpose?” or “what's next?”

In the Spring of 2017, my vision of the game expanded to include three new topics: the Now, the Here and the Self. After that, I worked through the summer on these topics in a few courses. As a result, I developed some very useful and practical graphics and images and, by talking openly about these topics instead of shutting myself away in a little room somewhere, things became clear.

That’s how one game turned into four separate games: Games & Tricks, The Now, The Here, and The Self.

The processes and discoveries I worked through over the last four weeks then turned into even a fifth and sixth game: Game Over, which deals with the subject of power, and The Call, which is about our life purpose.

All these games reveal the dualities of life: victim and perpetrator, positive and negative attachments in time, meaningless and meaningful spaces of reality, existence and non-existence, control and surrender, suffering and life+love.

It includes all the deep thought that went into the last year: Donut and Torus, original soul versus accepted soul, our own sound, power over others, allowing or living, life and something different, fear versus surrender, our life purpose and being able to accept responsibility for it…

All these topics are presented and worked through in a light-hearted, playful way. Achieving this required me to bring together for the first time special remedies which were not entirely new, but very abstract and basic. These remedies were already referred to in The Space in Between as the Thirteen Levels, and were known as the color rings in Torus.

Over the last twenty years, we had only ever manifest Level 1, in the form of the healing cards, Mind Coach and Quintessenz; Level 2 in the form of the hologram, Imago, Live, Divine Cross, The Space in Between; and Level 3 in the form of Bravehearts, which were never widely released, but given as gifts to those who used the Create app.

The ten remaining levels had never been made available. All thirteen levels will now be released in just 169 color cards.

The entire kit includes game pieces and work books all in one box. The intensive production and graphic design process is currently in progress and the kit will be ready for release in the Spring of 2018.

But I couldn’t wait that long to get started, so over the last few days I shared a pre-release version of the kit with a group of mentors in the USA who were the first to try it for a change.

Each of the six games takes around two hours for two players to complete. But time doesn’t matter: each game brings the players so much freedom, clarity and youthful vigor. It makes them ever more beautiful and clear, all while allowing them to search deeper - and laugh a lot along the way.

At the moment, I’m the only one who can really attest to the games’ lasting effects. I have been working with the combination of all six of these games over the last 84 weeks and this has seriously changed my life. All the life energy and joy of life that I had spent over the last several months is now replenished. I am in a state of inner calm, clarity and freedom. Freedom is a good way to describe it. I’m at peace with myself and energetically extremely (!!!) stable.

Another effect we’ve observed: allergies resolve themselves. But not only that: interactions and relationships become clear. Lightness and flow returns, as if they were never restricted in the first place. You feel young and you have lots of people telling you how well you look. Your biological age will drop in no time. Ok, so now I will stop gushing about it, but I think ‘magic moments’ is a pretty good way of describing it.

If you can’t wait till Spring of 2018, come join us in San Diego for the course on December 2-3.

We’ll be playing to our hearts’ content!


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Date and Time


Marina Village San Diego

1936 Quivira Way

San Diego, CA 92109

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