Games Night at Tea Talk café, 7pm-9pm Fridays

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Tea Talk cafe

no. 16, lane 100 Tran Duy Hung street

Cau Giay district

Hanoi, Hanoi 100000

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Hi guys and gals,

Are you looking for a place to socialize and spend time with other people?
You may want to join our Games Night every Fridays 7pm – 9pm
at Tea Talk cafe no. 16, lane 100, Tran Duy Hung street, Cau Giay district.

We normally finish 9:15pm due to the coffee shop closes that time.

You also can bring your own game and introduce to us, we prefer something easy to play and everyone can play it.

Tea Talk café is a not-so-noisy place, offer food and drink range from 25,000 – 60,000 VND. There isn’t fee for joining, you only need to pay for what you order.

(All of us speak English)

This activity has been organizing for 2 years, founders are Bernard and Lilian – Singaporean.

This activity is for people who are open for new things and new experiences, and to have fun.

An evening usually start with an introduction: your name, where do come from and tell us something about you. (That something varies every night). We usually play 2-3 games a night, sometimes we were divided into 2-3 groups, sometime as one group.

Organizer will select the games based on the number of people join, characteristic of the group of people. We also try to introduce new game regularly. I personally try to include 3 types of games:

(1) physical games which you stand or sit outside and need to move around, such as: human knot, “Honey, do you love me?”, 7-up, …

(2) board games and card games, such as: UNO, scrambles, spoon, ….

(3) paper-based games, such as: fishbowl, “Who am I?”, “anyone who?”, …
(You are advised to bring pen for paper-based games)

The combination of the games will help everybody to: get to know each other without the pressure of too much talking and conversation, go out of your familiar zone (example: come to someone and ask “Honey, do you love me?”), …

Each evening there are between 7-15 people join, the dynamic and people of each evening can be very different from the others.

Due to Games Night currently doesn’t have a fixed group of people joining yet, people come in and join, then leave, and new people come in, so many games are new with new people. It takes time for each new person to really understand the game and remember the rules, and it’s totally ok to not play correctly right away.

I hope each Games Night will be a chance for you to meet new people, make friends, have fun and express yourself. I always hope that from Games Night, there will be people befriend, help and ask help from each other.

I’m always welcome all the ideas/suggestions/recommendations to make the Games Night better and serve you better.

We keep in touch after the Games Night by email and Facebook Messenger.

Feedback from people after joining the Games Night:

John Wagner (from USA) after several Games Night: “The Games Night is good, it helps to get me out of my house. I’m very slow but I don’t mind to make fool of myself”.

Huong (from Vietnam) after her 2nd Games Night: “Before I joined the 1st Games Night, I thought that I would come only one time to experience, because I’m not interested in games. But only after 5 minutes of the 1st Games Night, I understood that it’s not about the Games, it’s about the laugh, the moment we share and the connection we make”

Alex Horne (from South Africa) after his 1st Games Night: “It’s better than I expected. I expected it’s full of Europeans playing games like Monopoly. But this is good, everyone has chance to participate”.

Let me know if you have anything want to ask via my email address

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Date and Time


Tea Talk cafe

no. 16, lane 100 Tran Duy Hung street

Cau Giay district

Hanoi, Hanoi 100000

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