Fundamentals of Value Investing Using the Ultimate "B.O.S. Strategy"

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10 Anson Road

International Plaza, #20-08

Singapore 079903


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Shocking: Many Singaporeans Are Using This Strategy To Accumulate Wealth From The Stock Market


... and how this helped many Ordinary Singaporeans create a source of "additional income".


  • ​Discover how we can find undervalued stocks just like Warren Buffett with a systematic and step-by-step approach to effectively propel our investing profits by buying the right stocks.
  • ​Apply the simple and easy strategies on how to analyse the intrinsic value of stocks within minutes without spending hours of our time reading complicated financial statements and annual reports.
  • ​Market timing is key. Not only do we need to know when to buy the right companies at the right time, but also to know when is the right time to exit.
  • ​Learn how to value companies in the industry we are looking at. Examine the intangible know-hows of companies whether they possess strong management, knowledge-base or technological assets that can give us insights of the future-growth of the companies before making our investment.
  • And much, much more…

Why "B.O.S. Investing Strategy" Is The Proven Methodology To Succeed In The Stock Market?

Simply because unlike most other trading strategies...

That's Why Even Beginners Like Them Are Able To Follow. Here's What Our Students Are Saying...

Wei Jie, BOS Graduate

"Wei Jie is one of our students at BOS and has used investing as an additional source of income so he can spend less time working and more time with his family."

Dashka, 11, Student

"Dashka is one of our youngest student at 11 years old. He is still a student and has already started investing. Watch him flaunt his investing knowledge in the video!"

Jackston, 40, Sales and Marketing

"Jackston does sales and marketing as his full-time job. He is a recent Graduate of Buffett Online School. Watch him make 6-7% in just 15mins using the strategy we taught him."

Here’s the REAL challenge…

Resh is an international speaker and the best-selling author of "Six-Packs Investor". He has shared stages with financial gurus such as Robert Kiyosaki, Mary Buffett, Sean Seah and Brian Tracy.

And while he doesn’t have to do this because he is already financially successful, he chooses to continue sharing as his way of paying it forward and leaving a legacy.

If you’re seriously interested in building a successful stock portfolio as well, register now and turn up for our Introductory Workshop.

Seats are on a first-come-first-serve basis and we reserve the right to turn away any participants who are not serious about Resh’s "B.O.S. Investing Strategy".

The Team Of B.O.S. Investing Strategists

Reshveen Rajendran

Resh started investing at the age of 18. He knew that working for someone else at a typical office job wouldn't cut it for there are other people out there literally making millions of dollars.

And by 19, he grew his portfolio to a 6-figure sum starting with just $5,000. Resh's portfolio comprises of stocks, properties and commodities.

Today, Resh is an international speaker impacting millions of lives globally.

Sean Seah

Trained in finance and economics in university, Sean’s earliest mindset about investing was that it was a loss-making proposition.

He was stuck with that mentality until his army colleague showed him a $250,000 trading profits. He became intrigued by his colleague’s success and decided to try and start trading on his own. However, he quickly lost $60,000, monies pooled from his and his friends’ savings.

He realised he wasn't truly investing but gambling. It was only later that he was introduced to the concept of "B.O.S.S. Investing" through a book written by Mary Buffett and things took off from there for him.

Mary Buffett

Mary Buffett is a best-selling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, political and environmental activist. Ms. Buffett’s first book Buffettology, co-written with David Clark in 1997, was an immediate New York Times and Business Week best-seller.

Ms. Buffett appears regularly on television as one of the top finance experts in America including CNN Business News, CNBC’s Squawk Box, Power Lunch with Bill Griffith, Bloomberg News, Fox Business News, MSNBC’s Headliners and Legends and BBC News.

Her influence and methodology on how to invest in the stock market, are imparted from Warren Buffett. Today, she continues to educate the world on the proven "B.O.S.S. Investing Strategy" to investing on the right companies to profiting from the stock market.

Date and Time


10 Anson Road

International Plaza, #20-08

Singapore 079903


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