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FUN & FREE Public Speaking Workshop: Play Games & Speed-learn Techniques!

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Public speaking is a muscle and this event is designed to be your presentation gym. Get ready for fun and highly-actionable takeaways!

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If you ask the question:

What’s the difference between a viral TED Talk and an everyday conversation where people forget over 90% of what they hear?

The answer is: engagement.

Specifically, the brain's ancient survival mechanisms are designed to engage with information that’s presented in a specific way.

Otherwise, listening is a huge energy demand and the brain instinctively preserves energy by minimally engaging.

If we think about our conversations from last weekend, we start to realize how true this is and yet capturing a listener’s attention in our low-attention-span world is crucial for professional and personal success.

Inspired by Steve Jobs and viral TED Talks, you’re invited to participate in a learn-by-doing public speaking training session designed for busy people.

International speaker and Chief Happiness Officer, Shannon Dolan, has devised an innovative way for busy people to practice public speaking that maximizes engagement and memory.

All skill levels are welcome. If you’re like most people and have a fear of public speaking, this is the perfect setting to improve!

When looking at how the brain works, there are 3 reasons why people forget what we say:

1) listening is physically hard work for the brain - this means our brains are designed to stop listening whenever possible

2) technology is changing the way we process information. For example, within the past 2 years, our attention spans have dropped below that of gold fish (8 seconds)

3) instinctively, we grew up learning how to communicate in a way that registers as "boring" (not memorable or interesting) to the brain

When we're lounging in the park, it's relaxing and natural to speak in our normal (but forgettable) stream-of-consciousness way.

However, there are crucial moments during professional conversations, presentations and pitches when words determine our future - and this is when it's essential to master engagement

We’ll explore techniques that are like sticky-sweet candy for listeners' brains - found to be common to all viral TED Talks and Apple keynotes. Even though words are less impactful than body language and voice (topics we explored in previous workshops), they should not be underestimated.

As always, we learn in a way that is literally designed to build new muscles and create a muscle memory for these techniques. Therefore, we'll be doing lots of hands-on-activities.

What to expect:

-Sticky-sweet techniques that are like candy for audiences (and all listeners), maximizing our memorability and ability to persuade, entertain and inspire

-How to transform every conversation with the elements common to viral TED Talks and Steve Jobs' Keynotes

-How to strengthen anti-boring muscles that empower our genuine voice in any social setting

-How to spice up words with emotional and tactile elements

Can't wait to see you there!

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Organizer Shannon Dolan - Chief Happiness Officer

Organizer of FUN & FREE Public Speaking Workshop: Play Games & Speed-learn Techniques!

Shannon is a Chief Happiness Officer that puts the grin in the daily grind. She founded Happy at Workouts to create a radical new approach to wellness at work that encourages not only happiness in the workplace, but also high-performance via the good kind of stress. Shannon has worked as corporate trainer in both the United States and Germany, consulting companies like Deutsche Bank, Starwood Resorts and Hotels & Universal Music.  She uses her 8+ years of experience to make the corporate world a happier place and unleash the unlimited potential of teams, with a sprinkle of fairy dust from science.  Learn more or connect with her on LinkedIn:

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